Hurting This Way: Sweating Through Friendly Fires @ Summerstage – 8/7/11

Sure I had back sweat, front sweat, side sweat, and butt sweat, but today’s FREE Friendly Fires + Naked and Famous + Cults show for Summerstage at Central Park was SO FUN.

I was dancing up a storm, making a fool of myself. If you were in the crowd, you may remember me from such things as screaming really loudly and terrifying The Music Slut at the start of “Hurting,” or doing a whirlwind dance past you on the way to the front of the crowd during the performance of “Hawaiian Air” during the encore.

Never ever before have I seen this, but guitarist Edd Gibson actually had REVERSE sweat stains on his denim shirt — as in, the entire shirt was drenched with sweat except for this 2-by-3-inch space under his armpit. SWEATMASTING! Ed Macfarlane was of course wearing a hideous printed shirt and dancing like a possessed samba instructor. There was a sax player and a trumpet player. I SAID, I SAID, I SAID THERE WAS A SAX PLAYER. Sax at a show = Brilliant. <3 [caption id="attachment_9254" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="I'd like to buy a "F" for $200..."][/caption]

Openers Cults were perfectly dreamy as per usual, and New Zealand’s own Naked and Famous were no where near naked, but good times nonetheless.

"So hey, I'm going to this show, do you want to come?" "Sure!" "OK, well just MAKE SURE you wear all denim. It's kinda a thing."

SETLIST: Lovesick, Jump In Pool, Blue Cassette, True Love, On Board, Chimes, Skeleton Boy, Show Me Lights, Live Those Days Tonight, Hurting, Pull Me Back to Earth, Paris ENCORE: Hawaiian Air, Kiss of Life

CMJ 2010: Three Acts I’m Excited to See

So tomorrow is the first day of CMJ 2010 y’all! Here are three acts I’m going to try to see this year…let’s see if my stamina and liver can keep up:


Local Brooklyn music maker Elizabeth Harper has been heating up the blogosphere with her sexy brand of synthy dance tunes and upbeat romantic pop songs seemingly influenced by Madonna, The Smiths, and the Cotton jingle “The Fabric of Our Lives.” It’s the music world equivalent of Cover Girl — easy, breezy, and beautiful.

Her song “Journal of Ardency” is slinky and sultry. It will make the girls dance with a sassy shimmy:


“Go Outside” was pretty much my summer theme song. This NYC-based duo are pretty much going to put a dreamy, xylophone-heavy spell over the audience:

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