I’m Totally Obsessed with Bruno Mars

Yes, a bit late to the party on this one (hello, I live in a cave), but I checked out Bruno Mars performance on SNL this weekend. He and his band were dressed in a purple-blueish suit jackets with skinny black pants and ties a la The Temptations, and Bruno’s hairdo — or should I say coiffure — was in a pompadour, reminiscent of 1950s doo-wop singers. A bit like the male response to fellow B.o.B collaborator Janelle Monae‘s signature rockabilly look.

The first song he did, was his current hit, “Just the Way You Are,” which was good, but not particularly captivating (see below), but his second jam, a double-whammy of a performance with a “Nothin’ on You” intro segueing into a hypnotic rendition of “Grenade,” that instantly made me take notice. And just like Elvis’s “Hound Dog” performance on the Ed Sullivan Show before him, Bruno’s song about cold, heartless lover who did him wrong was punctuated by a few well-placed hip swivels:

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