Random Photos/Emails I Found In My Gmail Account

Currently my Gmail account is at 97% full–I know that seems humanly impossible, but it’s true.

So I’m taking some time this weekend to go through and delete some of the old stuff I have on the account, and I came across some things that I thought some of you might enjoy.

Check it out:

Sept 24, 2004: Scans of a Sondre Lerche interview in Interview magazine.



October 11, 2004: An image of Julian Casablancas taken at the Ramones Tribute gig at Irving Plaza.

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Former Hot Messes Lily and Britney Clean Up Nice

Ok, so sometimes I’m a bit slow to catch on the things happening on the internets, but I semi-try to keep informed… here are some new music videos that have sprung up in the last week from some notable people who at one time could have been described as “hot messes” or “trainwrecks” but have seem to cleaned up their acts for the time being:


Ultragrrrl linked to a video of Lily Allen’s new song “The Fear.” I think Lily looks AMAZING. With her jet black hair hanging long, and the bangs going across her face, I think she looks like a white Gogo from Kill Bill walking through a Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers TV commercial. It was directed by Nez.

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More Odes to Boobs

To continue the boob-themed month… Britney Spear’s Breasts via Saranwarp.

Anyone else feel like Bowlmor after reading about the resurgence of bowling in the US?

Every time I pass the Remote Lounge I ask, “hey- isn’t that that place with the video cameras?” Then I walk away.

BTW locals- The Faint @ Bowery is sold out. If you don’t have tickets, try the N6 show. Also, let it be known that The Faint, Clinic, and …Trail of Dead are teaming up next month for the NME Awards show.

All my friend keep emailing me from London and depressing me, making me wish I was there to. YOU ARE ALL BASTARDS! (Y’all need digicams, I swear to god) But look how nice I am to you, I give you the Rules of the Tube via Vodkabird.

We love photologs… especially ones that have recent pictures of the Manneken-Pis. Too bad he’s not wearing the Elvis suit.

Why aren’t you buying me stuff?