Beach Fossils Bring Their Sunny Sound to Williamsburg

Last Friday I braved the rain and headed over to Bruar Falls to check out an up-and-coming Brooklyn artist Beach Fossils, the brainchild of one Dustin Payseur.

Photo by BSB

While Payseur’s Beach Fossils songs sound dreamy and spacey on tape, when the tunes are played live, they take on a new, edgier dimension. Playing to a crowd of sweaty young kids in the tiny Bruar Falls’ concert space, IMHO the modest setup added some advantages to the overall sound — Payseur was forced to sing he lyrics a little louder into the microphone, the drums sounded sharper, more thunderous (and a lot like Joy Division) and stronger, and Payseur and the band played faster, fiercer, and with a lot of energy. (The bassist was wielding his guitar back and forth so violently, some folks cautiously backed away from the stage as they walked by to go to the bathroom.)

Check out this awesome video the BSB shot at the show:

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