The Dead Weather Sit Down to Another Interview

Last Wednesday MTV sat down with The Dead Weather to chat about the new album and their upcoming tour schedule. Not surprisingly, Mr. Jack White did most (ok, all) of the talking:

Hilariously DW frontwoman Alison Mosshart spends the first portion of the interview acting as Jack’s microphone stand, holding the interview mic with two hands propped up on her knees. Later she swaps the microphone for a rust-colored plastic cup, and even later she ditches hand props all together.

In the interview White contends that everything about The Dead Weather happened organically and naturally in a go-with-the-flow sort of manner. “If you sit down and write on paper, ‘OK, …this is the kind of band we’re going to be and it’s going to look like this and sound like this,’ I mean, forget it, man,” explains White.

The Dead Weather @ Bowery Ballroom, 4/14

It’s only fitting that it was gloomy and rainy on the night of the first ever public performance by music supergroup The Dead Weather. And while the cold clammy weather was bummer for those hovering by the entrance of the Bowery Ballroom in hopes of snagging an extra ticket to the sold out gig, for the lucky folks who made it inside the outlook was positive.

Tonight The Dead Weather showcased a collection of songs that made it apparent that they are all about straight on rock ‘n’ roll–plenty of electric guitar, big resonating bass lines, and thumping drum beats to go around. Layered on top of that were Alison Mosshart‘s snarled vocals, producing a dirty (but somehow not grungy) sound that somehow comes off as being sexy, not sleazy. With seasoned vets Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age on guitar/keyboards, Little Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs and The Greenhorns plucking away on bass, and of course Jack White on drums, guitar, and occasional vocals, it’s not hard to understand how they were able to full off such a feat.

Judging from the pre-show audience chatter it seemed as though the major draw of the night was to see Jack White strut his stuff with his new side project, but as soon as the band came out on stage and started in on the first rock-fueled tune, all eyes were on frontwoman Alison Mosshart.


Known as the female half of the rock duo The Kills, Mosshart is familiar with being in the (shared) spotlight. But where The Kills’s energy comes from the push and pull between Mosshart and her bandmate Jamie Hince, the dynamic of the Dead Weather is hinged upon Mosshart’s role as the ferocious, fearless leader and the rest of the band acting as her dutiful, capable soldiers.

With three outfit changes (skin-tight black leather jacket on; jacket off, revealing a perfectly hanging black tee with the word “SEX” printed on the back paired with pencil-thin black jeans; shrunken blazer with sequins in circle shapes thrown over the shirt), an onstage swagger, and a brazen disregard for the smoking laws in New York City, Mosshart was clearly the star of the evening.

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Tickets: The Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom

The tickets went on sale this morning… did you snap some up? They seemingly all got bought the moment they went on sale.

Unfortunately I was denied. Anyone want to help a fellow fan out? Email edit @ 🙂


The Dead Weather Play Bowery Ballroom, April 14th

Jack White‘s newest supergroup, The Dead Weather, will play their FIRST EVER public show next week at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, April 8th, at 10 am EST on Ticketmaster. There is a 2 ticket limit per person.

As previously revealed, The Dead Weather is fronted by The Kill’s Alison Mosshart, and includes The Raconteurs‘ Jack Lawrence on bass, Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age on guitar and Jack White on drums and vocals.

Wishing everyone luck!!

UPDATE: Read my review of the show!

Jack White Teams Up with Alison Mosshart

Some people obsessively like to paint, others like to create a plethora of websites, Jack White likes to create musical supergroups. Mr. White’s record label, Third Man Records, has revealed its latest band- The Dead Weather, which is fronted by The Kill’s Alison Mosshart, and includes The Raconteurs‘ Jack Lawrence on bass, Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age on guitar and Jack White on drums and vocals.


The group recently christened the opening of the new Third Man Records in downtown Nashville by performing songs from their upcoming album, Horehound, to a crowd of 150 people.

Weren’t lucky enough to be one of those folks in the crowd? The album, which is scheduled to be released in June, features the song “Hang You From The Heavens,” which can currently be downloaded off of iTunes.

More info over at Stereogum.