Albert Hammond Jr. and Agyness Deyn Call It Quits

Ok, ladies. So we lost newly married Ryan Adams, but it looks like the dating world has gained back another New York-based musician.

According to New York Magazine‘s Jada Yuan, the romance between Albert Hammond Jr. and model Agyness Deyn has officially ended.

The couple in happier, more photoshoot-y times.

Yuan reports that it was soon after posing for a Valentine’s Day Vogue pictorial that they started drifting apart.

According to the article the two remain friends.


Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Pose for Vogue

In honor of Valentine’s Day (tomorrow), I present you a story that has been out for a little bit, but will perhaps inspire some romanticism in your life… Recently Albert Hammond Jr. and his lady love, model Agyness Deyn, posed for a fashion spread in Vogue magazine (you know, like you do).

Check out some of the glamorous pictures below:




For those that are a little less inclined to appreciate the gooey nature of the spread, a bit of conflicting news. Although it is stated in the Vogue piece that Al and Aggy are engaged, a more recent NY Magazine interview with Agyness reveals something a bit different.
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