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The L Magazine: 2012’s 120 dB Concert Photography Group Show

Concert Photographers Take Center Stage at Bushwick’s Fort Useless

Miss Modernage’s well-composed shot of Jack White in Union Square and Gabi Porter’s washy, ethereal Iggy Pop at United Palace are very compelling for the immediate recognizability of their subjects. They remind of iconic images by Ron Gallela, the once despised paparazzo and recently esteemed photographer, whose commercial tabloid shots now adorn gallery walls.

2008 Shockwaves NME Awards: WINNER “Best Music Blog”

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Shockwaves NME Awards 2008: The Modern Age wins Best Music Blog
US-based site takes the honours in new category

February 28, 2008

Popular music and culture blog The Modern Age has won the Best Music Blog award at the Shockwaves NME Awards tonight (February 28).

The other nominees in the Best Music Blog category — a new award this year — were: The Hype Machine, Nothing But Green Lights, Spinner and Stereogum.

NEW YORK PRESS: “Best of Manhattan 2004” cover story

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Who cut the sound? Crazy sexy cool Miss Modernage, proprietor of, used to be known as the funny gal who updated local music fans about everything going on with the Strokes and White Stripes. These days, she’s a semi-retired blogger and her postings are sort of private, but if you sign up for her online mailing list, you can still find out her secrets. These days, she’s feeling older and antisocial and although she still reviews music, she spends a lot of time telling us about the Olsen twin with the eating disorder and who Paris Hilton’s fucking and her pal who claims he can blow himself. Unlike and and all those sites that try entirely too hard to impress, Miss Modernage is always funny, simultaneously bemused and obsessed and fed up with our city’s shallow pool. We’re a little pissed that she’s not really around anymore to help us plan our social calendar, but at least she’s still here to make us laugh.

VILLAGE VOICE: “Best of New York 2003” cover story

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Best Scenester – MISS MODERNAGE

Remember when you moved here and just had to go to a rock show every night, sometimes two or even three? That’s MISS MODERNAGE. Just keeping up with her blog is exhausting: She posts pics from stageside of every new band worth seeing (and then some), along with the latest news about, say, Jack White’s hair. Even when she acts jaded, it’s clear she still cares. -Josh Goldfein

2003 Bloggie Awards: Nominated for “Best Weblog about Music.”

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