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The Strokes and Guided By Voices with David Cross

December 30, 2001 @ The World Famous Apollo Theatre, NYC

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Ticket for GBV/The Strokes, Dec 30, 2001

THE CROWD: Hipsters, hardcores and other people who just happen to be in NYC near New Year's.


  • WTF was up with the $25 dollar T-SHIRTS?!??!
  • Julian Casablancas jumping off the stage and running down the aisle straight off the bat.
  • The almost instantaneous bum-rush of people jumping out of their seats and running toward the stage.
  • Julian and the spiffy leather Converse.
  • Julian pointing to some guy in the crowd and saying, "I'll fuck you up!"
  • Bob Pollard singing, "My girlfriend she don't understand/ My Converse they don't understand."
  • Bob saying, "I used to wear Converse [something alluding to the fact that he doesn't anymore- he wears New Balance] no support."
  • Meg White seemingly falling asleep during the second GBV set.
  • Ryan Adams mysteriously leaving for quite a long time only to return and leave in the middle of the GBV set, around 11 PM.
  • Bob also saying, "Get The Strokes out here. They're good looking boys." Also something about "Those boys look like they're headed down the same path [as GBV] they can drink." Then when Julian comes out, and falls on the floor, Bob says, "You're so cute I want to fuck you." (Something like that?) Then mock fucking proceeds and Julian spreads his legs.
  • Julian taking off the Sgt. Pepper jacket to reveal the gray V-neck and his pear-shaped physique.


Set list, part 1

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