Conan O’Brien and Jack White Perform “Twenty Flight Rock” on CONAN

If you didn’t catch it from last night, the video of White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather front man Jack White and ex-Tonight Show host/new basic cable network star Conan O’Brien performing on Coco’s new eponymous show on TBS is now up.

The two performed a cover of “Twenty Flight Rock,” which was featured on the LP of “Live at Third Man,” which is issued by Jack’s record label, Third Man Records.

Both were sporting facial hair, which Jack accessorizing his all black ensemble with a little newsboy cap, and Conan had a personalized guitar strap on for their duet:

School of Seven Bells Proposal @ Santos Party House, NYC

Towards the end of their set at the Windish Showcase @ Santos Party House, School of Seven Bells touring drummer Zachary Saginaw asked his girlfriend Marie to come on stage.

After a little over two minutes she finally appeared and he got down on one knee and proposed. She said, “oui”!

Witness the magic!

I’m Totally Obsessed with Bruno Mars

Yes, a bit late to the party on this one (hello, I live in a cave), but I checked out Bruno Mars performance on SNL this weekend. He and his band were dressed in a purple-blueish suit jackets with skinny black pants and ties a la The Temptations, and Bruno’s hairdo — or should I say coiffure — was in a pompadour, reminiscent of 1950s doo-wop singers. A bit like the male response to fellow B.o.B collaborator Janelle Monae‘s signature rockabilly look.

The first song he did, was his current hit, “Just the Way You Are,” which was good, but not particularly captivating (see below), but his second jam, a double-whammy of a performance with a “Nothin’ on You” intro segueing into a hypnotic rendition of “Grenade,” that instantly made me take notice. And just like Elvis’s “Hound Dog” performance on the Ed Sullivan Show before him, Bruno’s song about cold, heartless lover who did him wrong was punctuated by a few well-placed hip swivels:

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The Strokes Return to NYC Stage at Hilfiger Party @ The Met

Like many peeps who weren’t able to make it to The Strokes hometown return at the ultra-exclusive Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary party at the Metropolitan Opera House night, I had a super-intense dream I was seeing the Strokes (in some dingy LA club for some reason).

But alas, the dream wasn’t true…but what did happen was that 1,200 invited guests (including folks like Neil Patrick Harris, the cast of Gossip Girl, and J. Lo, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, according to and NYLON) were treated to an 8-song set on the terrace level of the venerable opera house.

I’ve scoured the internet, and these are the top things I think you’ll want to know that went down at the gig:

1. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, always a snazzy dresser, was wearing a black leather jacket, a (yellow?) baseball cap, and white sunglasses.

Cory Kennedy’s Twitter

2. They performed their first US single, “Last Nite,” and someone did a video:

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Best Coast and Wavves: The New Courtney and Kurt?

It’s probably been said before, but it just came into my mind yesterday as I was listening to “Honey” by Best Coast at the behest of the BSB — Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino loves Hole, and boyfriend Nathan Williams of Wavves loves Nirvana.

Does that equal Best Coast and Wavves being the new Courtney and Kurt with the self-destructiveness behind them (hopefully)?

Here are some things in their favor:

Smoking massive amounts of weed is less risky than shooting up massive amounts of heroin.

Referencing your boyfriend’s previous on-stage meltdown shows an awareness to what is and isn’t bad behavior:

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The Morning Benders Help Beautify The Beach @ Governors Island

Saturday night The Morning Benders headlined the free Converse “Gone to Governors” concert series at The Beach on Governors Island.

Against the beautiful backdrop of the waterside beach, the quartet hit the stage after 10pm and played an easy breezy set that pleased the crowd. One special moment was when the band did a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s awesome song “Dreams.”

See video:

Some photos from the gig:

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Can Someone Please Destroy All Vuvuzelas?

Hey folks — for those of you who watch some of the first two matches of the World Cup, is it just me or are those damn vuvuzelas (those plastic horns everyone has) making the most AWFUL non-stop buzzing sound throughout the matches?

I know that the horn has a 15-year history as THE defacto noise maker of South Africa, but to the rest of the world it’s the tool that makes the horrible sound of a giant swarm of bees buzzing over and over and over. It’s pretty much the most annoying background sound during a world sporting event. Will FIFA please put an end to the constant honks of the vuvuzelas and ban the damn things from the stadiums from now on?

Anyone else POed about the vuvuzelas?

Other people who hate vuvuzelas:
Wall Street Journal writer Robb Stewart
Tons of people in this New York Times article
The folks at really hate the vuvuzela and present data that states that the horns are more detrimental to your hearing than an air-horn.
South African Times Live writer Mondli Makhanya
Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press