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“Never Went to Church” by The Streets

Shot in black and white, Mikey Skinner rides a railtrain and thinks about his dad in the snowcovered Lake District.

“But It’s Better If You Do” by Panic! at the Disco

“I Love Lucy” meets Eyes Wide Shut meets Dick Tracy meets Moulin Rouge. Campy and over the top and does not feature the “hot groom” from “I Write Sins…”.

And one non-video…

“You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

Originally scheduled to air May 24th in the UK, the video was delayed and never aired. No new premiere date scheduled.

julian yolo


Forever Young: New Music Wednesday

I’m devoting today to great songs, bands I just discovered I like, and anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

First up, the totally awesome cover version of “Forever Young” by Youth Group which was featured on one of The OC soundtracks (number 5…apparently). This weekend, during our drive up to Montreal I discovered that 1) The OC has soundtracks and 2) I want to die to this song. It’s so incredibly beautiful–like in the way that it makes me feel like crawling into a corner clutching a teddy bear and crying because it’s so pretty.

LISTEN: “Forever Young” by Youth Group

I also need to point out that Patrick Matthews is the bassist in this band. You’ll remember him as the really hot bassist from The Vines, where he spent a good majority of his time shaking his head in disbelief while dealing with Craig Nichols’s antics.

Next on my list is The Futureheads. They’ve got a new album, News and Tributes, which features their new single, “Skip to the End”, which has delicious harmonies and a fabulously catchy chorus. Check out their new video for “Skip to the End” featuring Barry and the lads outdoors dressed in formalwear. What more could you want?

Also you have GOT to check them out when they come to your town, The ‘Heads give a fantastic live show. I remember seeing them at the Canal Room in 2004 and being BLOWN AWAY like you wouldn’t believe. They play here in NYC on June 30th at Webster Hall. Tickets are still available.

WATCH: “Skip to the End” by The Futureheads

Going back to the youngster theme, I gotta mention Young Love right now. Yesterday, after seeing The Upwelling at Mercury Lounge (more on that later) Peter kept telling me about them and how Sarah totally loves them. Then it JUST so happens I got a listen of their new song, “Discotech”, and I can confirm that Sarah and Peter are right for saying they’re a band to watch. “Discotech” is totally Bloc Party’s “Banquet” 2006. By that I mean you will soon see hipsters from coast to coast (probably clad in leggings) rolling their shoulders back and running in place to this song on a dirty dance floor for the next 6 months. Act like you heard.

Ok so last night I went to go see a local band called The Upwelling. I think we can all agree that it can be pretty weird seeing bands with people you know independently of them being in a band. What do you do if you think they’re not so great? There’s absolutely no delicate way to get around it.

the upwelling mercury lounge

Well lucky for me, The Upwelling were great. I’m not sure if they’d agree, but I found a lot of moments of the show to be very Coldplay-esque–soaring vocals, pretty melodies, but with a bit more straight up 80s pop rock influence. (Their bio says their influences include Pink Floyd and The Police.) You can check out tunes off their self-produced EP on their MySpace profile.

This week I decided I couldn’t classify Panic! at the Disco as being “emo” or “pop” or “emo punk” so I created a new genre of music for them: THEATRA-POP. I’m sorry, but you can’t call a band emo if they’ve got crazy circus performers in their act. I also thing Panic! is put together perfectly in terms of music, styling, and image.

What teenage girl WOULDN’T love a band of 19-year-olds with glossy hair and a style that is 1/2 Interpol and 1/2 Killers, who play music that has hints of 80s synth pop and punk, with lyics about sex, cheating, and being a “wet dream for the webzine“? It’s been scientifically proven that they are irresistable to anyone who loves slick pop. Genius.

Speaking of Panic!, in the latest issue of NYLON, they interview Fall Out Boy bassist and Decaydance honcho Pete Wentz alongside Panic!’s guitarist Ryan Ross. They talk about Pete’s blond dreadlock days, Ryan’s hatred for being labeled “emo” (thankyouverymuch), and Wentz’s love of Kelly Clarkson (yesssss!).

Also featured in the issue is a story on MisShapes kids, getting discovered as a model on MySpace, and an interview with The Raconteurs (and yes, Jack makes his obligatory “I kinda hate the internet” comment). It’s available for digital viewing right here.

nylon magazine panic
In dubious taste in music news, Teddy Geiger will be performing for free at the Target Children’s Day at South Street Seaport on June 10th. In addition to Teddy, Barney, Driver Daniel from Thomas the Tank Engine, Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck will be performing. Also on the guest list: Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Caillou, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Digit, Noddy, Piggley Winks â„¢ from Jakers!, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Zaboo. You can see why Jeff calls this event “Woodstock for 2-year-olds“. Brilliant.

Your Chance to be Karen O, Brian Chase, or Nick Zinner

Got a DV tape recorder, a white background, and a love of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Then you could be featured in their video for “Cheated Hearts”:


We want to see what you would do if you were playing us in our video for “CHEATED HEARTS” off our new album. We know our fans do it like no other, now’s your chance to put us to shame.

1) Send it on DV TAPE
2) Dress the part!
3) Blast the music in the background and play or sing over it…
4) Get lost in the song make it YOURS.
5) Got guitar? mic? drums? Use’em! Got no such things? Fake it, use what you
got around the house, be resourceful yeah!
6) Do as many performances as you need, we will edit it! Try and make them
outside, etc. Do the Nick, do the Brian, do the Karen O.

Rules and video release form HERE.

A “Promiscuous” Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake Sandwich

I love what I’ve heard of Nelly Furtados new album. The tracks are totally hot, and you can check out the videos for two of the most smoking songs off the LP, “Promiscuous ” and “Maneater”. For some reason Justin Timberlake shows up at the end of the video for “Promiscuous”, making for a Timbaland-Furtado-Timberlake sandwich.

And btw, Nelly look so ridiculously beautiful in both videos. Her body is ROCKING. I can’t believe she’s had a baby!

promiscuous timberlake

promiscuous timbaland furtado timberlake

WATCH: “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland

WATCH: “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado promiscuous

Alias On Demand Stole My Life

So I’ve got the cough/death thing that’s going around my office, which means I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting at home doing nothing but wearing jammies and drinking fruit juices.

Then on Saturday I decided to check out this thing I’d heard about on Digg Nation earlier on in the week–ABC’s full-length TV episodes on demand–online. Since I’m kinda a fan of “Alias” (and uh.. Michael Vartan..hellooooo hottie!), I decided to check out the last episode available…then I check out the first episode of the season, then the second, then the third–all the way until the point where I had watched about 8 consecutive hours of “Alias” on my laptop. That’s freaking sick! But oh so goooooood!

So if you feel the need to waste about 8-10 hours of your life, logon to and catch any previously aired episode of “Alias”, “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, or “Commander-in-Chief” until June 30. Oh and btw- It’s all entirely FREE. How awesome is that?!

PS- I do not work for ABC and no one gave me money to plug this stuff–it’s just all kinds of awesome and more TV should be available like this.

The Raconteurs and Muldoons Bring It On Home at Irving Plaza

So last night (April 7) was The Raconteurs’ first live American show open to the public. I didn’t know where I stood in terms of the excitement level before going it…although after eating that hamburger from the pizza place on 14th Street I did think there was the chance of me throwing up over myself, but luckily that didn’t happen.

But back to the excitement level–yeah kinda weird because here is this band I haven’t seen live yet, but I’m excited because I love the White Stripes, but…this band isn’t the White Stripes, they are The Raconteurs, which is a totally different ball of wax. So excited, but wary, I would say. After all, how am I supposed to know how well the band performs live without actually having seen them?

Another thing that had me on edge was something that I saw online before I went to the show. I read this post that said the following:

Tonight, I actually had the chance to see The Raconteurs at Irving Plaza. Yesterday, I was offered up a pair of tickets at face value but I turned them down. Yes, you heard me.

Since Jack White accepted money from Coca-cola in exchange for money, I feel that monetarily I cannot support Jack White. If I was on the list for the show, it would have been a different story as I would have only been an observer instead of a full out participant.

For space-saving purposes I’ve moved my debate of the above post to its new location after the jump.


When the doors opened, the guards said no cameras allowed and that they would have to be coat checked. Oh well…twas sad because they had some great lighting at the show.

The friends I was with settled right up front by the barricades of the stage, and as I went over to the merchandise booth to over 20 bucks for a limited edition Raconteurs poster (I have no problem monetarily supporting a band that has a member who wrote a jingle for Coca-Cola–btw I also wear clothing from the GAP, I eat babies, and I work for Halliburton), someone bought me a rum and coke for good humor. With each swill I reveled in the controversy. (I think Chris Martin just banned me from all Coldplay shows for writing that.)

the raconteurs muldoons irving
Around 9pm the lights dimmed and The Muldoons took the stage. Lead guitarist and composer Hunter is the ripe old age of eleven and singer/lyricist Shane is eight years old. They were both decked out in black button-down shirts (Hunter in short sleeves, Shane in long sleeves) and jeans. Hunter added some flare to his look by wearing white snakeskin-style boots and Shane donned a striped tie. Dad Brian Muldoon sat on drums and wore a red and black striped sweater and black beret.

They blew through what seemed to be a dozen 2-3 minute songs, none of which I caught the words to. Shane was an impressive front man, taking cues from Ann Arbor legend Iggy Pop in his wild stage mannerisms. Lots of wild jumping, lots of microphone stand grabbing, and lots of dropping to his knees, raising his guitar in the air and just letting loose. His little round cherubic face scrunched up has he shouted lyrics like “yeah yeah! always red and bllaaaaaaaccck!”.

His guitar skills seemed to be limited to minimal finger work and running his guitar pick up and down strings while relying heavily on the distortion pedal, but he’s eight years old, so I can’t find any fault with that because that sure is hell of a lot better than I could do.

Hunter was more restrained, content with the occasional move away from his mic stand, and a flamboyant guitar strum here and there. Dad Brian kept a careful eye on his two young sons as they wailed out there punk inspired rock ‘n’ roll.

During one song Shane made the ultimate rock star move of the night by ripping off his clip-on tie and throwing it to the floor. CLIP-ON TIE. How adorable is that?

It will be very interesting to see how this band progresses musically and lyrically as the kids get older. Let’s hope they still keep making music and don’t pull a Jordy on us.

After the show I got a chance to snap a photo of the family band. Shane ( age 8 ) and Hunter (age 11) just love their rock ‘n’ roll Doritos. Ad campaign, anyone?

the muldoons at irving plaza

Around 10 o’clock The Raconteurs came onto the stage which was set up with a light chocolate brown Raconteurs’ “R” logo backdrop covered by a sheer shimery overlay. Multi-tiered lanterns hung on either side of the stage. The band came out one by one, Dean Fertita on keyboards, then Patrick Keeler came on first and sat down at his drums, then Little Jack on bass, then Brendan Benson, then Jack White.

Unlike Jack White’s other band, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs have no dress code, each member sported his very own look. Dean wore a black (leather?) jacket, Patrick chose to sport a button down plaid shirt with a black vest and jeans, Little Jack looked like Crispin Glover’s lil’ bro in the dark-rimmed glasses, black parted-down-the-middle hair, jacket, plaid shirt, and pants, Brendan wore a mismatched flower print shirt with a v-neck sweater vest and jeans, Jack wore a black tshirt and red and tan plaid pants with a tan suede jacket with embroidered embelishments by the upper chest/shoulder area. His hair looked like a crazy mess, cut long in the front, shorter in the back, and tossed around in a wild, chaotic manner (below, photo by Martin Glenn).

the raconteurs irving

They started out with one of my favorite songs off the album, called “Level”. I really think this song works well live, it sounds grittier and more full-bodied. Right from the start, the vibe was quite different than that of a White Stripes show. I felt it was energetic, but more staid, perhaps because the album isn’t out yet so not everyone knew the songs. But this band has a completely different dynamic–you’ve got four (five including Dean on keys) established musicians coming from all different backgrounds melding together to form one unit. No one is the clear “leader” of the band–therefore the concentration of the audience is spread out in different directions.

The camaraderie between band members was blatant, especially between Brendan Benson and Jack White as they kept looking over at one another and grinning. During the “Yellow Sun” duet parts they glanced over at each other and eventually Jack came over to Brendan’s microphone stand and they locked eyes and nodded heads in time as they sang (below, photo by Martin Glenn).

the raconteurs irving

But out of all the guys in the band Jack White was definitely the most adventurous in terms of using the whole of the stage to his advantage. Like a child who couldn’t keep still, he moved around the stage in every which way: bumping into Little Jack as he played guitar solos, turning his back to the audience and playing to Patrick, throwing down his malfunctioning guitar and crossing the stage to bang out his solo on Dean’s keyboard for “Blue Veins”, and the aforementioned mic sharing with Brendan.

In fact, you could tell he was working so hard that he had started to bleed duing “It Ain’t Easy” as finger-wide red lines of blood could be seen on the white parts of the guitar body. Shane Muldoon could be seen in the stage wings the entire set, sitting on a set of steps, wearing a black and white Raconteurs shirt and sipping Coca-Cola (really he was) as he watched the elder rockmen burned through their 15-song set.

One of my favorite songs of the set (besides “Level”) was “Broken Boy Soldiers”–its clangy cymbals, twangy guitar riffs and a hypnotic galloping beat in combination with Jack’s piercing, electro-shock voice made for a captivating performance. Toward the end of the song every band seemed to go into a trance, intensely concentrating on their piece of the song.

When the band came back for their encore, Patrick picked Shane up and pulled him onstage, setting him down on the ground and letting him run back to the wings while Brendan announced that The Muldoons were the cutest rock band ever.

Jack ended the show by thanking everyone for coming to see “The Raconteurs, from Nashville, Tennessee.” (Photo below by Martin Glenn).

the raconteurs irving

All in all I enjoyed the show the music was solid and it was exciting to see how the band interacted with each other. As I mentioned before, the energy during this show was much different than that of a White Stripes show–and I thought that was a good thing.

This show more than most WS shows I’ve been to had a more “community” feel, probably because when Jack and Meg are on the stage, it’s all about them generating a vibe between the two of them and trying to make an explosive sound with just two people. During a Raconteurs show, it’s not as intense, it is more about 4/5 guys jamming together, blending their sounds, and letting things flow organically–not about trying to create spontaneous combustion by the sheer intensity of Jack White’s gaze (which is how WS shows sometime feel).

And of course the music is much more folky and subtle than the White Stripes hard rock ‘n’ roll sound, so there was no slam dancing or writhing bodies being thrown around in mosh pits (ahem, Roseland) at the show. Instead there was cheering, and hand over heads clapping, maybe the occasional foot stomp (below, photo by Martin Glenn).

the raconteurs irving

The vibe was upbeat, but not frantic. After having a frenzied and head-smacking experience at the Arctic Monkeys show at Webster Hall two weeks ago it was nice to be at a concert where I wasn’t in fear of death by stampede. The crowd was nice (however, the security people seemed a bit cranky at the rate they were flashing lights into the crowd and yelling at folks taking pictures) and I had a good time. I fully recommend checking the band out if they come to your town.

I know I usually post photos of the shows I go to but no cameras were allowed, so instead I had to do artist’s renderings during the show (below).

the raconteurs muldoons irving

The top sketch is of The Muldoons. The bottom sketch is a stick figure drawing of Brendan Benson which I labeled as being “drawn to scale.” Some folks have argued that I’ve made his legs waaaay too fat.

However, some folks were lucky enough to sneak in cameras. Check out the above/below photos that Martin Glenn was able to snap during the set, as well as a video of Brendan and Jack singing a portion of “Store Bought Bones” (NOTE: Please do not use Martin’s photos/video without permission. Thanks!):

the raconteurs irving

WATCH: “Store Bought Bones” by The Raconteurs, live at Irving Plaza

Here’s a link to a video that Favian posted on the Little Room BB:

WATCH: “Blue Veins” by The Raconteurs, live at Irving Plaza

Check out even more photos like the one above over at Amauriaguiar’s Flickr.

RACONTEURS SET LIST: Level/ Intimate Secretary/ Hands/ Steady as She Goes/ Together/ A House Is Not a Motel (Love cover) / Store Bought Bones/ Call It a Day/ Yellow Sun/ Broken Boy Soldier/ 5 on the 5. ENCORE: It Ain’t Easy (Ron Davies cover) / Blue Veins/ Headin’ for the Texas Border (Flamin’ Groovies cover)

The printed set list is inaccurate. It turns out the songs they really played is the same exact set list they did at the London show on March 23.

the raconteurs irving

For those of you who were not able to attend the show, the band will appear on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on May 19th.

Oh and some dude is looking for a tall, dark-haired girl who was dancing in the back on Craigslist.

On the way out, I spotted this lively rock ‘n’ roll pole debate on 15th street…It reads, “Green Day Rocks!” –> “Spsha” –> “Wrong F*ck head, they eat c*ck” –> “But OK Go is better!“. Hahaha.

After the jump, the NSFW/Not safe for children photo and my rant on Coca-Cola/ boycotts/ ethics/ Jack White.
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