Avril Lavigne Gets Dramatic in Butch Walker’s New Video

Have you ever wondered what Avril Lavigne would look like with dark raven hair? (Answer: Fabulous!) Or ever ponder what she’d look like in a scene mimicing Girl, Interrupted? (Answer: Fabulous!) Or what about how she’d look with runny eyeliner and broken heart (Answer: Still fabulous!) …while on drugs? (Answer: Ok, not as fabulous!)

Well now you can see for yourself, courtesy of Butch Walker‘s new video for “Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty)” where she does all of the above in her role as a drugged out, heartbroken, scenester.

avril lavigne in butch walker video

You may be wondering who Butch Walker is and why Avril Lavigne is in his video…the former Marvelous 3 frontman, who has worked with All-American Rejects and The Academy Is…, is producing Avril’s upcoming album.

WATCH: Avril Lavigne in “Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty)” by Butch Walker

Too lazy to watch the video? Check out these screen caps.

Butch Walker’s new album, The Rise And Fall of Butch Walker and the Let’s Go Out Tonites, is now out in stores starting…today!

Why Are the Strokes Desperate to be on the MySpace Top 10?

When I logged on to MySpace today and check my friends bulletins, I got kinda sad because I saw this:

strokes myspace plea

Ok please tell me that there’s some crazy intern at RCA writing these MySpace posts and not The Strokes creating these messages themselves. Please tell me the Strokes are not “skimming” MySpace to see how popular they are. Since when do rock ‘n’ roll bands care about being on the MySpace Top 10 Artists page? Hellz, I didn’t even know such a page existed. (Although I’m happy to see Panic! up there at number 2…uh…”indie”. HAhaha! And FOB at 12 “major”.)

Seriously, who cares about that stuff besides record execs who like to talk about the “MySpacing” of the music industry over drinks at the SoHo Grand and journalists who need to justify the reason why their editor is making them write about some unlistenable sh-tty unsigned band full of ugly dudes that happens to have 1 million friends on the ‘Space?

Not me. And I don’t like seeing my favorite bands beg! Note to whoever is posting this stuff on The Strokes profile–this is kinda not cool:


Today and tomorrow: visit our page over and over again, leave millions of comments, listen/add our songs to your profiles, and then post bulletins telling all your friends to do the same. Help us get on the Top 10 Artists Page!

Come on! The Strokes are so much better than this MySpace popularity bull crap.

Need a reminder of how awesome The Strokes are? Watch this vintage clip Fo sent me the link to:

WATCH: “New York City Cops” by The Strokes ft. Jack White (From the Radio City show)

The Strokes “You Only Live Once” Video Revealed

After much anticipation, the new Strokes video for “You Only Live Once” is available for your viewing RIGHT NOW!

It’s basically The Strokes playing in an all-white room, wearing all white, with mysterious black water coming out of various holes in the wall. Julian DANCES (and looks GREAT btw), and the ending…well…even though it’s a little Britney Spears “Everytime”, I love it!

WATCH: “You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

yolo video

yolo video

britney spears everytime

Raconteurs Team Up with Paul Ruebens

From the Raconteurs mailing list:

The Raconteurs have teamed up with Paul Ruebens, best known for his work as Pee Wee Herman, in a brand new video for their single, “Steady, As She Goes.” In this video, each band member plays an imaginative speed-racing hero in an old-fashioned soap box race, following the heroes on their cut-throat chase for first place. Ruebens plays an unscrupulous pit boss, stooping to low levels to ensure a win for his racer.

The video will premiere exclusively on Yahoo! Music on Monday, June 19th. You can also catch a debut live performance of “Steady, As She Goes” and an interview with The Raconteurs on Live @ Y! Music beginning today, Monday, June 12th, recorded live at Y! music studios last week.

UPDATE. Rayna emailed me the link last night:

WATCH: “Steady as She Goes” video by The Raconteurs