I still find Damian Loeb’s photolog intriguing. Kinda makes you wonder if he ever does anything WITHOUT Moby. And you know what? That 24-hour deli? I used to go there all the time…. remember the time when we had a fire in the building and it was so cold outside that we stayed in that deli for like an hour? Yeah…

Currently trying to read Mrs. Dalloway. Oh dear, wasn’t I suppose to read that… uh.. last year for 19th and 20th Century novel? Didn’t I write about that for my final paper? Ohhhh yeah… BS, BS, BS…

Guess who got an A- in Shakespeare!

Simon has a new design, and he mentioned Sophie. On a Ellis Bextor note, they freaking played her on WLIR last week and I was totally baffled. Why are they playing SEB on American radio!??!

I was just reading Greg’s site and I was thinking, would it be dope to write “2K2” as the date all the time? Like “January 1, 2K2”? I dunno.

Also, you know you’re really stupid when you’re driving home on New Years’ and you’re telling a drunk Jen that you’re gonna go back to the city next week and she asks, “What’s today’s date?” and you say, “I dunno.” and then SHE SAYS BEFORE YOU DO, “January 1st, duh.” Daaaamn. Maybe she should have been driving. Probably better judgement.

I totally heart Starsailor and their cover of Bill Withers “Grandma’s Hands.”

Awwww… James hearts David Kitt and The Strokes!

21/11/01 – James’s Top Ten of 2001

James Walsh yesterday revealed his top Ten albums of 2001 to ‘Allstar‘, they are as follows.

1. Charlatans U.K., Wonderland
2. Ed Harcourt, Here Be Monsters
3. Spiritualized, Let It Come Down
4. Elbow, Asleep in the Black
5. Ryan Adams, Gold
6. Mercury Rev, All Is Dream
7. The Strokes, Is This It
8. David Kitt, The Big Romance
9. Travis, The Invisible Band
10. Amen, We Have Come For Your Parents

Wrath of the Pete Yorn Fans

Aw. I was laughing good-humorously this morning after checking out a refer. It looks like I’ve run into some hardcore Yorn fans. Oh, and FYI… I’m not in art school, but I am a hipster. How do you know if you’re a hipster, everyone? You call other people hipsters.

But anyway, it’s nice that you guys took time out to scrutinize my taste. Kisses.

Question of the day: Am I too harsh on Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams? Is it the overgrown dark hair and guitars in hand that throws me off, or is it just the lack of inspiriational songwriting? Hmmm….

Rough Trade went crazy with their Top 100 list. Vincent Gallo?!? I’m sorry…. ::looks around confused:: I still don’t get it.

A Correction for Nick

Nick, it was Alan McGee who called Coldplay “music for bed-wetters.” Leave Jamesy alone. (BTW- Nick, change the html around your code for the “links” … you need to add “blogger/” in order for the links to actually link to the archive).