Wanna know what it looks like to rock out the New Year in Bruxelles? Link from OnePointZero (Blogging out in Belgium!). Dude- how many times have I thought of making a Snowhenge? Mmm.. Zero. Thanks Mr. Barrett.

I still find Damian Loeb’s photolog intriguing. Kinda makes you wonder if he ever does anything WITHOUT Moby. And you know what? That 24-hour deli? I used to go there all the time…. remember the time when we had a fire in the building and it was so cold outside that we stayed in that […]

I was just reading Greg’s site and I was thinking, would it be dope to write “2K2” as the date all the time? Like “January 1, 2K2”? I dunno. Also, you know you’re really stupid when you’re driving home on New Years’ and you’re telling a drunk Jen that you’re gonna go back to the […]

I totally heart Starsailor and their cover of Bill Withers “Grandma’s Hands.” Awwww… James hearts David Kitt and The Strokes! 21/11/01 – James’s Top Ten of 2001 James Walsh yesterday revealed his top Ten albums of 2001 to ‘Allstar‘, they are as follows. 1. Charlatans U.K., Wonderland 2. Ed Harcourt, Here Be Monsters 3. Spiritualized, […]

Wrath of the Pete Yorn Fans

Aw. I was laughing good-humorously this morning after checking out a refer. It looks like I’ve run into some hardcore Yorn fans. Oh, and FYI… I’m not in art school, but I am a hipster. How do you know if you’re a hipster, everyone? You call other people hipsters. But anyway, it’s nice that you […]