Hot gossip… what lovely too young to be married anyway British actor is calling it quits with his betrothed? MMMMmmm…

Gearing up for Starsailor week… Be nice to them, USA! They already have enough people slagging them off in the UK.


SHIT SHIT SHIT.. I just fainted.. RYAN ADAMS FOR BEST ROCK ALBUM. Having. Trouble. Breathing. Also best Male Country Vocal…

They’re all nominated for other stuff too… check it.

In weird Canadian rocker meets Alt-Country rocker news… Bryan and Ryan Adams meet. R. Adams is dissed by B. Adams. Canadians cheer but wonder, “when was the last time Bryan Adams had a ‘work commitment’?” And can we maybe pitch out a guess that a certain flaming queen will appear in the new vid? Hmmm… I wonder.

In kitty news- KITTIES ATTACK MOBY IN A STREET FIGHT! Ok, not really, but Moby wasn’t exactly a feline’s friend of late.

And most unimportantly, in Boy Band news, Nick Carter makes an ass of himself. Wait- that’s not news at all….

In Yeah Yeah Yeahs news:

Tuesday, Jan 15 @ Luxx in Brooklyn
our pals, The Candy Darlings’ last show! ever!
for this occasion-we will be playing under the name
“The Black Lashes”, and will be doing all covers. any
suggestions are welcome, but hurry.

In the dear lord category, Robbie hits the cinemas with Nobody Someday in the UK and Eire.

Hey, is the NME talking about that WS/HG track I have been listening to for the last month? I dunno…

In Aussie pop news, Kylie is getting a US release in February. Gayboys around the States squeal with glee then throw away their Madonna cowboy hats in favor of gold lame hot pants. Oh Kylie, I can’t get you outta my head!

And who decided Julian Casablancas was a hearthrob? Oh yeaaah… a bunch of British people.

Um… Oh, I watched St. Elmo’s Fire tonight.. Yeah, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. (Rob Lowe looks so cute in the film! And I still don’t get Judd Nelson.. never will.. and Sheedy is so innocent… who knew she’s grow up to be a coke-head lesbian?)

Did I mention I saw David Fricke of Rolling Stone at The Strokes show on the 30th? Ahem. Anyone else having an Almost Famous moment?

Radio alert… Sunday, January 13, 2002. Nick Hornby on WFUV:

5-7 PM, American Routes: Words and Music – From creation to criticism, American Routes explores the relationship between language and sounds, words and music. Rock and roll originator Chuck Berry, alt country traditionalist Gillian Welch, and New Yorker music writer and novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) give a variety of perspectives on the subject, with a mix of celebrated songwriters, storytellers, and literary heroes in American music.

Should I see The D at Roseland?

For those who haven’t decided what their resolution should be (mine are to be nicer to people and to lie more- hey, at least I’ll KEEP mine!), try this. I’m suppose to seduce as many people as possible. *Sigh* ANOTHER year of doing that?

Do I sense another Brownies run? Will whatshisname? David, was it? let me in for free this time?….Fri 2/1 21+ $10* 9:30 Wolves; 10:30 Yeah Yeah Yeahs; 11:30 The French Kicks

Oh holy shit.. OOBERMAN is playing NYC?!?! (And look, I can actually be at Brownies w/out having to even think twice!) : Thurs 2/14 – Sat 2/16 March Records Anniversary Showcase: Performances by The Ocean Blue; Barcelona; The Saturday People; Ooberman (UK); Allen Clapp; Kleenex Girl Wonder; Aden; My Favorite; Benett; Skating Club; Embellish (Aaborg, Denmark); The Cherry Orchard (UK)

I also saw some rerun on Conan last night (was it?) and it was the one with John Mayer on… who knew that a kid that looks like he fell out of Abercrombie high school sounds like an old man? The music was mediocre. Oh my god, I just looked at his bio and it ACTUALLY READS: ” His creative songwriting and warm stage presence establish him as a formidable musical force, and the smoky swagger of his voice at once evokes Sting, Dave Matthews and Jakob Dylan.”

In the diary section, you can see the conflicting nature of the Mayer-man camp… Both Coldplay and The Horror Known As Jersey Yorn appear on his top 15 of 2001 list. Adams gets an Honorable Mention.

Hmm.. interesting, playing Irving at the end of Feb. I’ll pass, but oh Ryan Adams, where are you? I’ll see you at Roseland, I will. That way my hate/love can be validated.

I love photologs. If anyone knows of a photolog where the person taking it lives in Central London, please let me know. One that’s updated quite frequently… Bloomsbury or Soho area?

Check out some cool pics of Ikara Colt and The French Kicks. has some new pics from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maxwell show.

Also some cool shots from various cities over at Urban 75. Ones featuring defunct Convent Garden shops with Travis posters plastered on, the corner of Lafayette and Canal, and a rainy Tottenham Court Road are particularly enjoyabe.

Ahem… for rockstars in training… the All-American baby Chucks.

Julian Casablancas, Lead vocals; The Strokes

Scanner/picture crazy. Finally developing some shots… like from Halloween with The Strokes. 3 new shots. [1, 2, 3]

Hey, I was too lazy to go to that Union Square thing when John Cameron Mitchell was there, but Lindsay went.. Which reminds me, I need the Hedwig DVD very badly. Michael Pitt is in it, you know.