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Starsailor at Virgin Megastore, Times Square January 8 @ 2:30pm. So that’s 3 instores in 2 days… and Letterman. These boys are driving me MAD.

AHAHAHHahahhah… and Awwww…


September 27, 2001, Thursday
By Andrew Perry

Boasting at least three of the crucial Brit pre-requisites – a shaggy fringe, blue denims and a bad hangover – he not only speaks so timidly that he often fails to register on my tape recorder, but is also the first (and last) person I’ve chatted to for any length of time who makes no mention of the atrocity at the World Trade Centre.

As Walsh struggles for things to say between bites from his bacon sandwich, I almost start wondering why we look to people whose essential aptitude is writing and performing melodies to provide us with the answers to big questions.

“I think it’s because Ash and Mogwai see us and Coldplay and Travis who say very little, and they’re thinking, ‘We do all this self-promotion, and these bands just come out saying, We’re nice lads from Wigan, listen to our songs. And they sell more records than us.’ The funny thing is, I don’t actually mind Mogwai. I’ve listened to their records and thought they’re pretty good.”


The Observer

September 23, 2001

Stephanie Merritt

He laughs nervously at the suggestion that his songs rely on an unusual maturity of emotion. ‘It’s because I worry about everything too much. I might be happier if I went out and got drunk all the time, or if I’d gone to university, but I don’t think I’d have fitted in. I’m not very clever. This was the only thing I was any good at, really.’

Check out the new Turin Brakes gear.

I’m sorry… Rolling Stone is really weird… Alfie (and FALKNER!!!) gets on Michael Ansaldo’s list.. and JEEP is NUMBER ONE on Steven Chean’s list!??!

Oh yeah, I think I need to mention once again that “Answering Bell” by Ryan Adams sounds a helluvah lot like “The Weight” by The Band.

Check the new look of NYU Home!

Music of the Moment: “La Cienga Just Smiled,” “Gonna Make You Love Me,” Ryan Adams; “Lithium,” Nirvana; “Grandma’s Hands,” Starsailor; “Fuck Her Gently,” Tenacious D; “Little Room,” The White Stripes; “Bad Girl,” Detroit Cobras; “Metarie,” Brendan Benson

I was watching A Clockwork Orange and I forgot that in that scene where… oh… uh… if you’ve never seen it, don’t read this part… In that scene where Alex is back at that house, the old man goes, “You’re a victim of the modern age.” Then Julian goes and gets the door. I find that creepy. Yes.

Oh my god. Beatnik Pad is so beautiful.

Jesus. I’m having a Ranch 1 craving. Help! It’s too far to walk to Union Square!

London london london… and Edinburgh… and Bath…

Woah.. trippy.

Yay Europe. I’ve got some travel pics of my own… you’ll see ’em once they’re sorted.

Woah.. anyone else get emo fever when they head over to Girls Suck? I’m hoping they know boys also suck. And HEY- ROBBIE WILLIAMS MUSIC IS NOT GAY, whatever fucked up chick said that. I mean that is if I’m reading this correctly and.. um… the GIRL was saying Robbie Williams was gay and… um.. not the boy saying it. You know that I had a moment where I had to think “oh my god, could this be me?” and then I realized I like Robbie Williams and I didn’t tell any boys that their music was gay in the begining of December… at least I don’t think so…Aww.. but the layout is so darn cute.

Music of the Moment: Rufus Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright

OH. MY. GOD. MTV is showing old Jackass episodes again. Yay!

Also, look out for Franny on MTV Cribs. Bless.

Brian presents a great example of how to display COMPLETE AND UTTER SPITE. It’s the kind of thing you feel like doing sometimes, isn’t it? Rock on!

You know, all these British people are all on about Friends Reunited. Ok, whatever.

How freaking cool is this? Photos and Trust. What could be greater?

Sniff… I miss Scotland.

A Strokes make-over gone wrong?

Yay photologs!

And for those of us who don’t know what a JAP is.. there ya go…. oh and also how to decode boys… see “boy in the band” ya music geeks.

Brient is the random link of the day.

Look, other NYU people re-discover Ray of Light while on break!

Also, I found the title of this entry by Andy unforgivably funny (is that good or bad? Good, I think).. January 12, Bowery… who else is going? Let me know. Boo-yah!

Linkies from Bryan. (Oh shit, I just realized Bryan also wrote “boo yah,” but he did it yesterday therefore making it look as though I followed suit, but I swear to god, I write Boo-yah often… and with a hyphen.)

I was too lazy to go to Guam and dine w/ David and pals. Sorry.

The last day at work…

Took the LIRR in
Got on one of those double-decker LIRR trains! So exciting

Go through Penn
Going through Penn

TP Headquarters
TP Headquarters

The fashion people know how to keep house
The fashion people know how to keep house


My desk
My desk… notice The Strokes and Coldplay on the window? How did those get there?

The Wall of Random Shit
The Wall of Random Shit