America’s Next Top…Model? Really?

I litterally gasped when I saw this picture taken at the Edun launch party! Lydia Hearst-Shaw (left) looks delightful, but what has happened to the most recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole? The ratty bangs covering her face are not doing much for her…uh…look. What would Nik think of this? Aw hell, she’s probably still laughing it up with Lil’ Jon.

edun nicole ANTM


Your Prediction: Who Made It to the Project Runway Final Three?

Now that the Project Runway final four have showed at New York Fashion Week, who do you think has made it to the final three? (As you may know, one of the kicked-off designers shows their collection as a decoy in order to conceal the identity of the final three since that episode hasn’t aired yet.)


chloe project runway show

chloe project runway show


santino project runway fashion show

santino project runway fashion show


kara janx project runway fashion show


daniel v project runway fashion show

daniel v project runway fashion show

Right off the bat I loved Chloe‘s stuff. There were some stunning pieces in there. I especially loved the gold mini-dress with jacket. I was also really shocked that Santino‘s collection was really subdued–aka, not looking like a Spin Art project. But in order to give his collection the full control-freak Santino spin, he actually sang and produced his own song for his runway collection. Oh if only it had been a full-length version of Timtino doing “Closer”!

However, Kara has got to give up the multi-colored wooley hats, and what the FUNBAG was up with Daniel V’s collection???!?! I really loved some of the pieces Daniel has done for the show so far, but his collection was so snooze bar! The colors were so muted, and besides the white jacket with beautiful collar (which totally reminded me of that gorgeous white Gucci coat from 2003), it seemed like he was totally coasting. Not to mention the resurfacing of the boob-shelf vest that he made poor Chloe wear for the makeover challenge.

Could Daniel’s poor showing be an indicator that he didn’t make it to the final three? Or do you think the un-Santino-like collection is a clear sign that Santino is “aouuuttt?


Does Heidi Klum have no love for last season’s winner Jay? And why is she getting snippy about getting snippy? More after the jump.

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Reality TV Is My Favorite Thing Ever

Whilst the War of Project Cuties rages on, I’ve continued to watch Project Runway. This episode was not dramatic (especially since Zulema isn’t around anymore to be RoboBitch), but nonetheless entertaining. If there was still any debate over Danny V’s sexuality, it was totally cleared up this week when he talked about how he only came out to his parents last year. Therefore Daniel V = Gay. How sad was it that Andrae had to go home this week? Granted, his dress did look like a “doormat” but I just wasn’t feeling Nick’s hoochie mama leaf dress.

But of COURSE the best part of this episode was Santino’s ridiculously SPOT ON impression of the beloved Tim Gunn! And I love that he conceived the idea of Andrae and Tim getting into a fight at Red Lobster. So brilliant. But what you didn’t see on the show was Santino doing an impression of Tim Gunn singing “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Haha! But wait–the fun does NOT stop there! Santino has a special remix version of Tim doing “Closer” on his Web site.

DOWNLOAD: “Closer” by Santino Rice as Tim Gunn (aka “Timtino”)


My other favorite reality show at the moment is #1 Single starring the adorable Lisa Loeb. Have you seen it? It’s on E! and it’s so much more fun to watch than THS. I told my friend Amanda today and she was all, “Oh no! Do NOT ruin my image of Lisa Loeb. She was my idol in middle school.” And I was all like, “Ruin your image of her? No! The show is so great. She comes off as being like this girl you totally just want to be best friends with. She’s so cute.”

Here’s the premise: Lisa is newly single after having been in a 7 year relationship. She moves from LA to NYC (Chelsea) in the pursuit of love, happiness, and some artistic inspiration. Watch her go on dates, wear thongs, and much much more!

I guess now would be a good time to mention that in middle school that I wrote a fan letter to Lisa Loeb and I was SO PSYCHED when I got an autographed picture of her in the mail. The photo had a phone number on the bottom and being the naive 13-year-old I was, I SO thought it was her home number for some reason. (In all likelihood it was her agent’s number.) So I called the number up and a woman who didn’t sound like Lisa answered, and I stammered, “Uh…is Lisa…there?,” and the woman was all, “Huh?” and then I hung up.

Check her out on, because some girl from Illinois named Lisa Helen Loeb has…and she doesn’t even wear glasses!

Lisa Loeb in Chelsea

Project Runway: The Myspace Edition

I was inspired by a comment left by someone claiming to be “Project Catwalk’sMatthew Bowkett on my “Project Cuties” post to do some searching for some “Project Runway” contestants on It should be noted that as of this interview with Andrae, “Project Cuties” contestant Daniel V. does NOT have a Myspace profile.

Oh, BTW, if you really are Matthew Bowkett, send me the link to your Myspace profile.

Anyway, here are the results and some commentary:

Are you at all surprised that Santino has the most absurd pictures in his Myspace profile? Andrae looks all happy, smiley, and shaved. Nick is 38 years old!??!?! Daniel Franco is straight. Zulema looks very pretty, but is anyone getting Glamour Shots flashbacks? (She also has an offical site.)

Not on Myspace, but they have web sites: Raymundo, Emmett “Vulgar” McCarthy, Kara Janx.

Saint SantinoZulemadaniel franconick from project runway

Your Challenge: Who Wins Project Cuties?

Aruuughh! I’m a little angry about this. Apparently the British have launched their spin-off of Heidi Klum’s “Project Runway” on Sky TV by having Liz Hurley host it and calling it “Project Catwalk.” (Her tagline is “I’m really sorry but fashion has no mercy.” Hah!)

But upon looking at the pictures I noticed there was just the cutest guy on the British version. IMHO, he makes Daniel V look like dog food. What do you think? Who’s cuter? Danny V or Un-named Cute British Dude? It’s like young Richard Ashcroft vs. the singer from The Thrills.

Oh and also, did you know there’s a freaking “Project Runway” magazine? Uh HUH.

Project Cuties

Adrienne Curry Poses for Playboy

Ok, something for the guys. “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Adrianne Curry (aka- the chick shacking up with Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight), is featured in the February issue of Playboy. Anyone who’s seen “The Surreal Life” or “My Fair Brady” will not be surprised by her decision to be in Playboy. In fact I’m happy that at least this time there is a reason why she’s naked. Who’s up next Yoanna, Eva, Naima, or Nicole? Although all of those pictures might not be the prettiest.

Adrianne’s got a rockin’ body although her boobs look kinda weird in one of those pictures, and I could do without the nipple tweaking. And hellooooo Photoshop. That cover could almost be an illustration! Head over to the Bastardly for the full set of shots (which are totally NSFW).

Cover after the jump. Sorta NSFW.

UPDATE: Jason just said “forget ‘America’s Next Top Whatever’, then he sent me a link to Jenna Jameson’s new reality Playboy TV show, “American Sex Star.” All I want to know is…what will the challenges be like?
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Daniel V and Andrae’s Dress Onsale

Now’s your chance to get a piece of Daniel “I’m so cute in an art school way” V and Andrae from “Project Runway“. As the winners of the Banana Republic challenge, their design is now for sale on the store for $268.00. You could also get the actual dress they worked on at the Project Runway Auction–current bidding is at $225.00.

I was actually one of those people who voted at the design challenge. Who did I cast my ballot for? The black and white dress by Zulema and Kara.  Apparently you can see me peeping over Tim Gunn‘s shoulder during the segment. Hah!

In the Weird World of Reality TV

Here are two things I discovered about my two favorite reality TV shows (“ANTM” and “Project Runway”) this week:

In the “duh, even I guessed it” category, Fashion Week Daily revealed that Nicky Hilton is the mystery socialite that the designers will be fighting to dress in this week’s new “Project Runway” episode. I kinda thought it was her b/c in the blurred out picture you can see that the girl has dark hair, and by the looks of bemused recognition on the designers faces, I just kinda assumed. But word on the street is that the producer’s first choice was none other than Miss Mini-Donald, Ivanka Trump. Oh shnapp Nicky Hilton and being second bested.

In the “what were they thinking?” category I have Nik, aka the girl who lost to Nicole on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.” Nik showed up on the arm of hip hopper Lil’ Jon on
December 31 at his “The King of Crunk” After Party at 510 Ocean in Miami Beach. Below is a picture to prove that this did indeed happen. Not shown is the picture of my confused reaction. Should ANTM-ers be drinking from the Pimp Cup? I’m not too sure about that.

Hong Kong’s Next Top Author?

Elyse Sewell

Um, how psyched am I to learn that everyone’s favorite smart, yet slightly snotty, America’s Next Top Model alumn, Elyse Sewell, is releasing her very own book!?!? It comes out January 19, 2006 on SCMP Book Publishing and it’s going to be based on some of Elyse’s blog postings but also featuring some previously un-blogged material. Sadly the book will only be available in Hong Kong. My Asia-bound friends holla back!

In related news, check out this story about the making of The Shins video for “Saint Simon” (in case you weren’t aware, Elyse goes out with Marty from The Shins). The video features the guys walking through a privately-owned reserve in Mexico that serves as the winter migration home for millions of monarch butterflies. Pretty damn cool.