Your Prediction: Who Made It to the Project Runway Final Three?

Now that the Project Runway final four have showed at New York Fashion Week, who do you think has made it to the final three? (As you may know, one of the kicked-off designers shows their collection as a decoy in order to conceal the identity of the final three since that episode hasn’t aired […]

Reality TV Is My Favorite Thing Ever

Whilst the War of Project Cuties rages on, I’ve continued to watch Project Runway. This episode was not dramatic (especially since Zulema isn’t around anymore to be RoboBitch), but nonetheless entertaining. If there was still any debate over Danny V’s sexuality, it was totally cleared up this week when he talked about how he only […]

Project Runway: The Myspace Edition

I was inspired by a comment left by someone claiming to be “Project Catwalk’s” Matthew Bowkett on my “Project Cuties” post to do some searching for some “Project Runway” contestants on It should be noted that as of this interview with Andrae, “Project Cuties” contestant Daniel V. does NOT have a Myspace profile. Oh, […]

Your Challenge: Who Wins Project Cuties?

Aruuughh! I’m a little angry about this. Apparently the British have launched their spin-off of Heidi Klum’s “Project Runway” on Sky TV by having Liz Hurley host it and calling it “Project Catwalk.” (Her tagline is “I’m really sorry but fashion has no mercy.” Hah!) But upon looking at the pictures I noticed there was […]

Adrienne Curry Poses for Playboy

Ok, something for the guys. “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Adrianne Curry (aka- the chick shacking up with Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight), is featured in the February issue of Playboy. Anyone who’s seen “The Surreal Life” or “My Fair Brady” will not be surprised by her decision to be in Playboy. In fact I’m happy […]