You Make the Call: Who Will Be Asked to Leave “Project Runway” Next Week?

…and why? Will it be Keith for submitting a portfolio of drawings of other people’s designs? Or will someone get kicked off “Project Runway” for…

…accepting money from the National Cotton Council of America in return for only designing in cotton?

…physically threatening another contestant?

…having 3 fashion violations on one outfit and failing to show up to their Fashion Police court date?

…not revealing a criminal record in his/her past?

…wearing white socks with sandals?

Harold Dieterle Wins Top Chef, but Has a Losing MySpace Profile

Yessss! I was so devistated when Dave was eliminated last week and Tiffani remained in the final, so you can imagine how happy I am that resident Top Chef hottie Harold Dieterle has won the title of “Top Chef”.

As much as I loved Harold on the show, his MySpace profile leaves me a bit…disturbed. Under his favorite music he lists the Beastie Boys, which is awesome, but then he continues on by saying “anything really……just keep the country away from me…”

ARUGH! I hate when people say stuff like that. Seriously, what’s wrong with country music? Fight it out with Jack White and Loretta Lynn.

It is what it is…I guess.

harold dieterle

Project Catwalk Gets a Winner

I just happened to think to find out who won Project Catwalk. Since I get burned CDs of the episodes from KF, I don’t really know when the show airs, so I’m a bit behind on this stuff. I haven’t seen the actual last two episodes yet, but now that I know who won, I really want to see it for myself. As you may already know, Mr. Matthew B (of “Project Cuties” fame) was one of the finalists.

But did he win? The spoiler after the jump…

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