Is Christopher Richardson the Hottie McHotstein of American Idol Season 6 or Just a Bad Justin Timberlake Impersonator?

Helloooooo! Who else saw Christopher Richardson–that Justin Timberlake look- and SOUND-a-like–during tonight’s American Idol Season 6 auditions? (What! I was doing laundry, ok?)

You know, the one wearing the green shirt and ::shudders:: tan shorts? He’s my new imaginary reality TV boyfriend. I hope he makes it to the next round…even though he said that he was singing a song that was “interpetated”. As Miss Paula Abdul said, “the girls are going to looooove him.” And hellz yes, she was correct.

And as we all hoped, he’s got a MySpace page…with only one friend. Wah waaaah. And judging by the photos, looks like he dressed up as JT and/or Robin Thicke (yes, as in Growing Pains Alan Thicke’s son) for Halloween or something. Compare with:

and this.

Will his nickname be “Chrissy Rich”? “Christoson”?

Missed Chris? Go ahead and watch his audition…
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Ilan vs Ted Allen on Top Chef

Hahahah. Ted Allen as guest judge in the quickfire challenge just threw Ilan down on the mat by dissing his ode to red. Methinks it’s because it’s required that when you come across your doppelganger that you do a fight to the death.

According to Wikipedia, spotting your doppelganger is an omen of death.

Err… here’s to hoping this isn’t the end of resident Top Chef hottie, Ilan.

UPDATE: Woah nelly! Top Chef smackdown with Ilan sticking it to Marcel and his foam.

Rating This Season’s ANTM and Top Chef

Anyone familiar with this site knows that I love reality TV. So it’s with much sadness that I have to report that this season’s reality TV shows seem to have lost some steam.

Case in point: America’s Next Top Model. Is it just me, or is this season seem really…lame? I can’t stand Tyra and her over-the-top acting, I’m so over Mr Jay and Miss J., I still have yet to see anything “noted” fashion photographer Nigel Barker has shot in a real fashion magazine, and Twiggy is Zzzz as per usual. (Oh how we miss you, Janice!)

I’m not sure if this sudden lameness has anything to do with the fact that Top Model is now on the CW, a network I still don’t understand. I can never remember if I’m supposed to tune into channel 9 or channel 11. I really miss the old UPN Top Model site, which was like 50x better than the one on the CW. Also, how come when I search for “America’s Next Top Model” on Google, the number one result is the CW page for 7th Heaven?!?!

This year’s crop of young wanna be catwalkers are alarmingly non-controversial. Melrose (aka- this year’s Lisa) is the close as the show comes to a polarizing figure. Where’s the DRAMA, girls? Where’s crazy Jade when you need her? Can’t someone eat someone else’s cereal bar or something? Judging from the not-so-subtle Flamenco outfit Tyra wears in the preview for next week, my guess is that the girls will be flying to Madrid (or at least Spain) for this year’s foreign location. Maybe someone will eat some bad paella and go crazytown on us all. Here’s to hoping…

Tonight I got caught up on a show I got hooked on to last year in my Project Runway withdrawal, Top Chef. Luckily for EVERYONE, Katie Lee Joel (wife of human wrecking ball, Billy Joel) has been deposed as the host, having been replaced by the much better (and by “better” I mean “capable of reading off of cue cards without sounding like an ESL student) model/ actress/ author Padma Lakshmi. Thank god!

Keeping up the tradition of resident hottie is Ilan D Hall, a line cook from NYC who is originally from Long Island. And through that linked Newsday article, I realized that he also has a Myspace profile (although it’s set to “private”). Hmm… does that bio ring any bells to anyone? That’s right, last year’s winner (and Season 1 hottie) Harold Dieterle was working as a Sous Chef in NYC and is originally from Long Island.

Tonight I saw the episode where Harold was the guest judge, and I gotta say, he was looking kinda…pink. Did someone forget to put on SPF 50 before heading out to LA?

But back to Ilan–he wears a small silver-colored earing on his right ear, which had me wondering if he was gay, but according to the internets, the “right ear pierced = gay” myth is fiction. Thoughts?

Also, should I feel weird that Ilan previously worked at Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Craft?

Bad TV Mondays: The Bachelor in Rome and House of Carters

Today was a bad TV Monday. Law and Order was a rerun on TNT, so I ended up watching the most mindnumbing shows ever invented: The Bachelor: Rome on ABC and House of Carters on E!

Ok, you totally need to watch at least 5 minutes of House of Carters, because it will be the most dysfunctional white trash yelling you will ever witness. That show is just a giant train wreck, and it was only the season premiere! All I saw was Nick Carter screaming and getting into a fight with Aaron Carter because Aaron was up late playing music and then all of a suddent Nick starts railing on Aaron for going out with Paris Hilton right after he told him [Aaron] that he broke up with her… Apparently he found a picture of Paris on Aaron’s phone–taken in HIS Cadillac!

Dude, I don’t know how all of that makes sense, or what that had to do with Aaron playing music loud, but it was a giant windstorm of CRAZY. And now I fully realize how bad Aaron Carter’s obsession with his brother is. I mean dating your brother’s ex is creepy once, but TWICE (and then proposing after 5 days–then breaking it off!!!!)? That is super insane.

Then Nick wouldn’t give money to his sister to fly and take care of their estranged mother, so she was yelling at him telling him he was a bad person. Seriously, it’s some of the most MESSED UP crap you will ever watch.

The Bachelor: Rome was pretty tame, but damn, them girls are annoying. Especially the one from TX who thinks she’s a princess or something. Now I know what those girls on My Super Sweet 16 grow up to be like.

Project Runway Fashion Show Assessment

If you don’t want to know what any of the final four’s collections look like, do not proceed after the jump.

On a side note, I happen to be shopping in NoLita on Saturday and stopped by the EMC2 event where Tim Gunn was signing bobbleheads and the Project Runway former cast members were puttering around. The line was respectable around 12:30, but when I walked by about an hour later it was ridiculous! The Bravo cameras were also there filming for who knows what.


Now to rip this year’s fashion show apart…

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