Canada’s Next Top Model = The Less Crazy Version of ANTM

Yesssss! There actually is a “Canada’s Next Top Model” and Jay Manuel (who apparently is Canadian) is the host!! You get a bunch of the same photographers, stylists, and guest judges (Nole Marin, Nigel Barker, etc) but for the low low cost of NO TYRA BANKS. The girls are actually ALL pretty, and one of […]

Who Will Be the Top Chef 3: Miami Resident Hottie?

Every season of Top Chef I’ve anointed/debated who the “resident hottie” should be. Season 1 was winner Harold Dieterle (who recently just celebrated his 30th birthday AND opened up his restaurant, Perilla, 9 Jones Street here in NYC). Season 2 was a toss up between winner Ilan D Hall and fan fave Sam Talbot. Now […]

The Dog Whisperer and Sky High Are Amazing…Debbie Does Dallas Again, Not So Much

Two tv/movie related things I discovered this weekend: 1. The movie Sky High. Holy crap. No, it’s not a movie about smoking the pot. It’s a totally cheese-filled and predictable, but an all sorts of awesome tween movie starring Michael Angarano, aka the cute kid who played Jack’s son of Will and Grace. You will […]

“What Happens If a Shin Has to Poop In the Middle of the Night” and Other Interesting On-goings Inside the Shins Tour Bus

Everyone’s favorite America’s Next Top Model alumni, super model blogger Elyse Sewell, recently met up with her boyfriend Marty Crandall of The Shins on their tour stops in Seattle and Vancouver. In a blog entry this week, Elyse answers a reader’s question regarding this photo: “But what happens if a Shin has to poop in […]

Things that Unnecessarily Made Me Feel Fat This Week

1. Watching the new VH1 “reality television” show, The Agency–which focuses on the lives of the agents that make up the high-end men’s and women’s board of the Wilhelmina modeling agency. A good portion of the first episode is comprised of talking about a teenage model named Chloe with loads of “potential”…except for the fact […]