Marty Crandall and Elyse Sewell to Be Free of Domestic Violence Charges reports: Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and prolific LiveJournal-er Elyse Sewell has been cleared of all charges of domestic violence against now ex-boyfriend Marty Crandall of the pop group The Shins due to insufficient evidence. Crandall will be arraigned on Wed, and it is assumed all charges against him will also be dropped as well. The couple were both arrested on Friday night after having a fight at a Sacramento hotel.

On Saturday, Sewell posted a detailed account of the argument on her LiveJournal blog
, which sent the blogosphere a twitter. Today Sewell posted the following in response to the intense media attention surrounding her and Marty’s arrest:

Update: The D.A. has rejected the case against me. I am free. I wish the same outcome for Marty and have no intention of pursuing any further legal action. I would not wish entanglement in the widening gyre of the American legal system upon my worst enemy.

It was incredibly naive of me not to realize that my blog entry about this incident would become tabloid fodder. That was not my intention. I consider the small circle of people who frequent this LJ to be a support group; the much larger world of tabloid readers is certainly not. I will never speak of this again, nor malign Marty in this space. And tomorrow this’ll be fishwrap.

Expect few updates to this journal in the next couple of weeks as I will be untangling the web of seven years of cohabitation with my ex-boyfriend, packing up my shit, and thickening up a plot to travel and work in more temperate climes.

In an interview with The Oregonian
, supervisor for the domestic violence unit of the Sacramento County D.A. Paul Durenberger expressed his surprise over the noticeable interest in the Crandall/Sewell case: “I’ve never heard of [Marty Crandall] before, but (the Shins) are probably not big for people like me, in their late 40s.”

Good luck to the newly incarceration-free ex-lovers. Stay out of trouble, kids.

Canada’s Next Top Model = The Less Crazy Version of ANTM

Yesssss! There actually is a “Canada’s Next Top Model” and Jay Manuel (who apparently is Canadian) is the host!! You get a bunch of the same photographers, stylists, and guest judges (Nole Marin, Nigel Barker, etc) but for the low low cost of NO TYRA BANKS. The girls are actually ALL pretty, and one of them (Rebecca) actually IS high-fashion. (She’s like a young Karen Elson.)

Become addicted:

This one is pretty great… crying w/in 30 seconds of the start of the video:

“What Happens If a Shin Has to Poop In the Middle of the Night” and Other Interesting On-goings Inside the Shins Tour Bus

Everyone’s favorite America’s Next Top Model alumni, super model blogger Elyse Sewell, recently met up with her boyfriend Marty Crandall of The Shins on their tour stops in Seattle and Vancouver. In a blog entry this week, Elyse answers a reader’s question regarding this photo:

the shins pooping

“But what happens if a Shin has to poop in the middle of the night?”

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Rating This Season’s ANTM and Top Chef

Anyone familiar with this site knows that I love reality TV. So it’s with much sadness that I have to report that this season’s reality TV shows seem to have lost some steam.

Case in point: America’s Next Top Model. Is it just me, or is this season seem really…lame? I can’t stand Tyra and her over-the-top acting, I’m so over Mr Jay and Miss J., I still have yet to see anything “noted” fashion photographer Nigel Barker has shot in a real fashion magazine, and Twiggy is Zzzz as per usual. (Oh how we miss you, Janice!)

I’m not sure if this sudden lameness has anything to do with the fact that Top Model is now on the CW, a network I still don’t understand. I can never remember if I’m supposed to tune into channel 9 or channel 11. I really miss the old UPN Top Model site, which was like 50x better than the one on the CW. Also, how come when I search for “America’s Next Top Model” on Google, the number one result is the CW page for 7th Heaven?!?!

This year’s crop of young wanna be catwalkers are alarmingly non-controversial. Melrose (aka- this year’s Lisa) is the close as the show comes to a polarizing figure. Where’s the DRAMA, girls? Where’s crazy Jade when you need her? Can’t someone eat someone else’s cereal bar or something? Judging from the not-so-subtle Flamenco outfit Tyra wears in the preview for next week, my guess is that the girls will be flying to Madrid (or at least Spain) for this year’s foreign location. Maybe someone will eat some bad paella and go crazytown on us all. Here’s to hoping…

Tonight I got caught up on a show I got hooked on to last year in my Project Runway withdrawal, Top Chef. Luckily for EVERYONE, Katie Lee Joel (wife of human wrecking ball, Billy Joel) has been deposed as the host, having been replaced by the much better (and by “better” I mean “capable of reading off of cue cards without sounding like an ESL student) model/ actress/ author Padma Lakshmi. Thank god!

Keeping up the tradition of resident hottie is Ilan D Hall, a line cook from NYC who is originally from Long Island. And through that linked Newsday article, I realized that he also has a Myspace profile (although it’s set to “private”). Hmm… does that bio ring any bells to anyone? That’s right, last year’s winner (and Season 1 hottie) Harold Dieterle was working as a Sous Chef in NYC and is originally from Long Island.

Tonight I saw the episode where Harold was the guest judge, and I gotta say, he was looking kinda…pink. Did someone forget to put on SPF 50 before heading out to LA?

But back to Ilan–he wears a small silver-colored earing on his right ear, which had me wondering if he was gay, but according to the internets, the “right ear pierced = gay” myth is fiction. Thoughts?

Also, should I feel weird that Ilan previously worked at Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Craft?

America’s Next Top…Model? Really?

I litterally gasped when I saw this picture taken at the Edun launch party! Lydia Hearst-Shaw (left) looks delightful, but what has happened to the most recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole? The ratty bangs covering her face are not doing much for her…uh…look. What would Nik think of this? Aw hell, she’s probably still laughing it up with Lil’ Jon.

edun nicole ANTM


Adrienne Curry Poses for Playboy

Ok, something for the guys. “America’s Next Top Model” winner, Adrianne Curry (aka- the chick shacking up with Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight), is featured in the February issue of Playboy. Anyone who’s seen “The Surreal Life” or “My Fair Brady” will not be surprised by her decision to be in Playboy. In fact I’m happy that at least this time there is a reason why she’s naked. Who’s up next Yoanna, Eva, Naima, or Nicole? Although all of those pictures might not be the prettiest.

Adrianne’s got a rockin’ body although her boobs look kinda weird in one of those pictures, and I could do without the nipple tweaking. And hellooooo Photoshop. That cover could almost be an illustration! Head over to the Bastardly for the full set of shots (which are totally NSFW).

Cover after the jump. Sorta NSFW.

UPDATE: Jason just said “forget ‘America’s Next Top Whatever’, then he sent me a link to Jenna Jameson’s new reality Playboy TV show, “American Sex Star.” All I want to know is…what will the challenges be like?
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