The New Ad Campaign for Dexter Season 2 Is Adorable

As you probably are already aware, I love the Showtime television show, Dexter. It’s a stylish, clever show, so it should be no surprise that the latest ad campaign for the program is just as impressive as the show itself.

dexter michael c  hall

Look how adorable Michael C. Hall (who plays the title character) looks in these ads. His cute little face glaring back at you, happy as can be with his brown eyes twinkling. He’s got a clean-cut hairstyle and polo shirt on–the epitome of the great looking guy-next-door. But then look closer, what’s that splattered on the right side of his face and body? Why is blood, of course! Delightful horrifying.

This season’s ad campaign is far less menacing looking than the first seasons, which featured Michael C. Hall devilishly glaring straight into the camera wielding a blood-soaked knife and posing pensively with detached body parts. Looks to me like the Showtime peeps want to play up the “fun” factor of the surprisingly humorous show about a serial killer who kills other serial killers.

To me, the ad campaign is perfectly matched up with the idea that on the surface, Dexter’s life seems like a picture perfect, upstanding citizen, but when you look closer, you see that something is not right–and you’re terrified to look even closer.

Here in New York City they are covering entire double decker tour buses with the splattered face ad, which I think is amazing. Nothing brightens up my morning than seeing a serial killer’s smiling face zooming past me on the way to work!

I can’t wait for the new season to start next week on September 30th!

Lily Allen as Amy Winehouse on Friday Night Project

I think I’ve vaguely heard of this comedy show called “Friday Night Project”–which is essentially the British version of Saturday Night Live, but with only 2 comedians (Justin and Alan) and the celebrity host. Miss Lily Allen was recently on the program where she portrayed Miss Amy “Won’t go to Rehab” Winehouse–beehive, tat sleeves, and all. Check out the end of the first video and the start of the second. Thanks to MV and HT for the links.

And for the rest of the program:

Canada’s Next Top Model = The Less Crazy Version of ANTM

Yesssss! There actually is a “Canada’s Next Top Model” and Jay Manuel (who apparently is Canadian) is the host!! You get a bunch of the same photographers, stylists, and guest judges (Nole Marin, Nigel Barker, etc) but for the low low cost of NO TYRA BANKS. The girls are actually ALL pretty, and one of them (Rebecca) actually IS high-fashion. (She’s like a young Karen Elson.)

Become addicted:

This one is pretty great… crying w/in 30 seconds of the start of the video: