Marty Crandall and Elyse Sewell to Be Free of Domestic Violence Charges reports: Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and prolific LiveJournal-er Elyse Sewell has been cleared of all charges of domestic violence against now ex-boyfriend Marty Crandall of the pop group The Shins due to insufficient evidence. Crandall will be arraigned on Wed, and it is assumed all charges against him will also be dropped as well. The couple were both arrested on Friday night after having a fight at a Sacramento hotel.

On Saturday, Sewell posted a detailed account of the argument on her LiveJournal blog
, which sent the blogosphere a twitter. Today Sewell posted the following in response to the intense media attention surrounding her and Marty’s arrest:

Update: The D.A. has rejected the case against me. I am free. I wish the same outcome for Marty and have no intention of pursuing any further legal action. I would not wish entanglement in the widening gyre of the American legal system upon my worst enemy.

It was incredibly naive of me not to realize that my blog entry about this incident would become tabloid fodder. That was not my intention. I consider the small circle of people who frequent this LJ to be a support group; the much larger world of tabloid readers is certainly not. I will never speak of this again, nor malign Marty in this space. And tomorrow this’ll be fishwrap.

Expect few updates to this journal in the next couple of weeks as I will be untangling the web of seven years of cohabitation with my ex-boyfriend, packing up my shit, and thickening up a plot to travel and work in more temperate climes.

In an interview with The Oregonian
, supervisor for the domestic violence unit of the Sacramento County D.A. Paul Durenberger expressed his surprise over the noticeable interest in the Crandall/Sewell case: “I’ve never heard of [Marty Crandall] before, but (the Shins) are probably not big for people like me, in their late 40s.”

Good luck to the newly incarceration-free ex-lovers. Stay out of trouble, kids.

Dexter to Air on CBS Starting February 17th

YEssss!!! Something good has come due to the writer’s strike. It seems as though the rumors are true! CBS has just announced that they will start airing re-runs of the first season of the hit Showtime series Dexter. The show, starring Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who kills other serial killers, will be edited down for the masses and aired on the broadcast channel starting February 17th at 10PM.

Prepare for the nation at large to fall in love with Dexter!

Fatrick from Fall Out Boy IS A MURDERER


Woah, I was watching the 2 hour season premiere of one of my most favorite shows ever (aka- Law and Order) tonight. I made it thorugh the first episode, but then realized at 10:30 I was also missing a new episode of Project Runway. As I flipped back and forth, I did manage to spot one PATRICK STUMP of FALL OUT BOY as one of the murderous kidnappers in the second episode. I could spot that combover a mile away–even while it’s hiding behind a defendant’s table.

Oh, and need I mention that JEREMY SISTO — aka the dude who “lost his Cranberries CD in the quad” in Clueless — is now one of the detectives on the show. OHSHNAP!

I <3 L&O.

Catching Up on Californication

Hello hello. I’m officially a “homester” (aka, a person who thinks it’s cool to stay at home all the time).

So what do I do to pass the time as a homester? I watch television, of course. Since we got Showtime to watch Dexter–which is now on hiatus–I started to dig into the “On Demand” list and decided to check out an episode of this “Californication” show I’ve been hearing about starring David Duchovny. The show is AWESOME. I blew through all 12 episodes of season 1 in a matter of days. The greatest part of the show is that the episodes got BETTER as the season went on and the characters got more and more complex.

It’s a great ensemble cast, everyone is on point–even if it is a little weird seeing the little girl from “The Nanny” (Madeline Zima) all growns up and exposing her naked boobies. Oh, and if this will make you watch the show–boobies are a big part of almost every episode. The boob ratio is very high since David D’s character, Hank Moody, is a lover of the ladies. (Also why everyone calls this show “The Sex-Files”.)

And if boobies and hilarious, witty dialogue weren’t enough for you, Madeline Martin, who plays Hank Moody’s young daughter Becca, is a DEAD RINGER for a young Meg White of the White Stripes. Seriously, it’s creepy. Oh, and in the show her character is way into rock music and she even fronts her own little garage band called “Kill Jill.” Perfect.

Contrast and compare:

becca californication

white stripes
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Boring for the Holidays

Yes I know, my will to blog has been slowly waining. Heck, it’s the holidays, time to relax and be lazy, right?

What did I do over the holidays? During Christmas shopping I fell in love with two cool local stores: Sweet Tater and In God We Trust. Note to friends: Expect a steady stream of presents from these two shops from now on!

On Saturday I had “Fake Christmas” with one side of the family. The BSB brought yummy Christmas cupcakes. Mmmmm… Me and the fam played Wii for a good portion of the night. I almost fell over playing boxing– I was punching so hard.

christmas cupcakes

Santa got me a television. I have been living without a TV for the last 3 years or so–not having a TV has forced me to be semi-social in order for me to be able to watch “my shows,” but now that I have a television of my own I have a fear that this is the beginning of the end. I’m probably going to break down and get–*gasp*–cable so I can really be a hermit for the winter.

I looked up the cable prices and DEAR BABY JESUS, Time Warner is SUCH a rip-off, but it seems like they are the only ones who service my area and have a cable/internet bundle that I’d want. Uuuughhhh. Time Warner = so evil.

Well maybe this will be a good thing. Now I can host TV and movie nights if anyone wants to come over. And my apartment has been relatively neat for the last month and a half thanks to house guests and family visits. This little crack house is becoming a crack home slowly but surely.

Over the last few days I’ve watched: Surf’s Up (adorable!), Funny Face, Alpha Dog (Justin Timberlake actually… not bad???), a good number of episodes of “Californication” on Showtime and “Project Runway Canada” on YouTube (Iman is scary!), one episode of The Tudors, and Hairspray (the 2007 movie musical- LOVED IT!)

I watched some Yule Log on the internet and then on Christmas Day I had a virtual Christmas (via webcams) with folks far away and then I went out to have a family brunch at the Mercer Kitchen.

the mercer kitchen

I still really want to see Atonement as well. I did a book on MP3 and it was really good.

Right now I’m hoping to start planning some trips for 2008–wow is it really going to be 2008 in less than a week’s time? That’s crazy!

But if you are going to be in town for the start of the new year, head over to the After the Jump Festival at the Knitting Factory. Good tunes, good people, good cause.

after the jump festival

Dexter Finale Leaks Online. I Hold Out

A few days ago I got an email from one of my Dexter-loving comrades letting me know that both episodes 11 and 12 were now available online on some offshore website–a week and two weeks before they are to air on Showtime. I was really dying to find out WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS, foaming at the mouth even–but I have managed to keep from watching the two episodes because the Backseat Blogger made me feel guilty. The conversation went something like this:

ME: OMG! Did you see? The last two episodes of Dexter are online! OMFG!
BB: Are you going to watch them?
ME: Um… YES!
BB: Do you also open Christmas presents before the 25th of December?
ME: Uh…yes? Don’t you want to find out WHAT HAPPENS?
BB: Well I like having something to look forward to.
ME: Oh… uh.. well… when you put it that way…

Call it a test in willpower. So far I’m holding strong, but after tonight’s episode airs I don’t know if I can handle not watching the ending. Oooohhh it’ll be hard, but I think I’m going to wait until it airs on TV.

What are you going to do?

Dexter Episode 10: OMG

Woah! We just ordered Showtime just so I could catch the last 3 episodes of Dexter for Season 2 as they aired. Holy crap, THIS SHOW KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! The last few episodes have been so awesome I think my mind will explode!

For those who have NOT seen episode 10 (“There’s Something about Harry”) DO NOT READ ON!

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Live Blogging Top Chef Finale

Ok, so I didn’t plan on live blogging the Top Chef finale, but I nearly crapped my pants when the sous chefs walked out for the final cooking showdown between Hung, Casey, and Dale. Holy crap! Rocco Dispirito (looking kinda foxy), Todd English, and Michelle Bernstein. Top Chef live finale is in Chicago, which is Dale’s hometown (hmmmm??).

Jude Law in this new movie, Sleuth, with Michael Cane, looking hot, WTF. I love that platinum hair. Too busy looking at how he looks to figure out what the movie is about.

Wait, where the hell are they going!?!? Where is Tom taking them?

Ooohhhsnnnaaappp! A forth course! They are so mean.

Ahhh… here come the old contestants. Hahahah Howie. I hope he doesn’t yell at Casey.

Ok commercial now. Enough of this Better Half. No matter how many times I see this effing commercial, I still cannot figure out how the show works. Maybe I’m too stupid to watch reality tv?
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