Crazy Supermodel Sighting of the Day

Just saw Ty Ty (aka Tyra Banks) with a ton of makeup on, Farrah hair, wearing a tan trenchcoat along w/ ANTM winner, Jaslene as well as two other model-y chicks wearing “MODEL CITIZEN” t-shirts w/ Tyra show logos on the back in Union Square. Just a bunch of gawkers, some policemen, security people and camera crew. North West side of the park.

UPDATE: Looks like it was for the Tyra Show. Celebrating her 600th episode.

David Cook: Goodbye Emover!

So I’ve sorta been watching American Idol every week, and I basically hate all the contestants except David Cook, who I lovingly refer to as “the Creed guy” because he totally sings like one of those dudes in some “rock” band from Canada or who loves Jesus. I missed this week but was pleased to see pictures and footage of the show which showed a remarkable change in David’s outward appearance: David Cook’s “emover” (aka the “emo combover”) has disappeared!


david cook


david cook
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Stellastarr* Gets Coco for Jezebel James

When you watch ads for the new Fox television show starring Parker Posey, “The Return of Jezebel James“, you might recognize one of the tunes playing–“Coco” by New York band Stellastarr*.

Apparently the character that “Six Feet Under” star Lauren Ambrose plays is Parker Posey’s (Sarah) sister–a wacky, carefree spirit named “Coco”–so the marketing department went crazy with the Stellastarr* song (which some theorize is not even about a person)–at one point even going so far as to have the lyrics flash across the screen, a sing-a-long style.

Unfortunately the reviews for the show are abysmal. Oh Parker and Lauren, how I was rooting for you both!

Artwork Fit for a Serial Killer?

Tonight on the way home from dinner I walked by the Merge Gallery, which was having an opening reception for their newest show. As I strolled by the window, I got a glimpse of the artwork–and stopped dead in my tracks.

The show was called “New Blood” and the artwork was made of blood.

The pieces instantly reminded me of America’s favorite fictional serial killer/blood splatter expert, Dexter, that I had to take a closer look. The work looked like giant Dexter blood slides–blood splatters caught between layers of clear resin and Plexiglas.

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Live-ish Blogging The 2008 Oscars

8:29PM: Sitting down with a quart of Ben & Jerry’s right now in front of the television, waiting for the Oscars to start. Will update when something notable happens.

8:35PM: Daniel Day Lewis, earrings on both ears… yay or nay? Colin Ferrel, how/why is he allowed at the Oscars?

8:36PM: James McAvoy! Sitting next to wifey and nominee Saoirse Ronan.

8:40PM: I love the joke about the black/woman President, “how will we know it’s the future?”

8:42PM: Jennifer Garner, why is there a giant piece of hair falling all over the front of your face? Girlfriend has never met a boob-squishing strapless dress she hasn’t liked.

8:52PM: Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. DID HE JUST SAY SH-T?? Or was it just “Shhhhhht”?
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Old Navy Commercial Makes My Brain Hurt, In February

Ok, so has anyone been going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS since Old Navy started airing those ridiculously ANNOYING ads for their spring fashions? You know, the one that has some winsome-sounding girl singing about how her “arms get cold, in February”?

These commercials are so cloying that I end up screaming at them the whole time, shouting, “MAYBE YOUR ARMS ARE GETTING COLD BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL WEARING FREAKING SHORT-SLEEVE AND SLEEVELESS SHIRTS!” since all the models in the ad are prancing around in such said clothing. Not a g-ddamn long sleeve amongst them!

But the most grating thing about the commercial has GOT to be the song. But who, dear reader, has manifested the annoying spirit of Blossom‘s Six LeMeure into musical form?
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Live Blogging: Tina Fey on SNL

UPDATE: Here’s the “Bitch is the new black” video, straight from the top. Read below to read my running commentary:

11:28PM: Yes it’s the first SNL since the writer’s strike has ended. The Backseat Blogger has decided that we should be live-blogging this event even though I’m feeling pretty lazy. So here we go…

11:29PM: Looks like the first skit is going to be a political parody of the Democratic debate.

11:32PM: Ok, so far no laughter. They are going with the angle that the moderators were all Obama supporters. Amy Poehler is Hillary, Fred Armisen is Obama. Armisen definitely has the Obama stare down.

11:37PM: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11:38PM: Cast credits rolling…The only new “featured” cast member is Casey Wilson
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Vampire Weekend on Letterman Tonight

Vampire Weekend was just on Letterman. If you saw the performance, you’d already know that they performed their TRL-approved single, “A-Punk,” off their recently released self-titled album.

As the performance was taped on Tuesday night, they were wearing the same clothes that folks saw them dressed in later at their Bowery Ballroom show. (See photo below, taken by Abby Braden.)

After performing a crisp, precise version of their song, Dave came over and told them that he enjoyed their performance very much, and that was it! Overall a good performance (albeit they seems a tad bit nervous), well done!

abbey braden vampire weekend

The Moldy Peaches on “The View,” January 21st

In order to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The Moldy Peaches will be making an appearance on The View on January 21st–surely due to the fact that the Peaches are featured all over the soundtrack of hit movie, Juno. That is SO crazy!

UPDATE: To see video of the Peaches on The View, check out this post.

According to Peaches co-founder, Kimya Dawson‘s Live Journal: “i am going to meet whoopi goldberg. that’s like owning 20 danny devitos. and you know how much i love danny. it’s pants poopin time.”

juno album cover

Never in a million years would I have imagined the rag-tag kooky group I saw for the first time at Mercury Lounge in 2001 (the openers were this small little band called the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) would ever end up heavily featured in the number one movie in America.
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James McAvoy Is a Lightweight

…when it comes to drinking, that is… Check out this preview clip from the Golden Globes Dateline special where Atonement star James McAvoy (and my favorite Scottish actor of the moment) reveals how his inability to drink large quantities of alcohol prevented him from becoming the “rocker” child he longed to be in his youth:

Sadly, due to the WGA and SAG boycott of NBC’s broadcast of the Golden Globes, you will not see dear Jamesy pick up his award, if he is to win for Best Actor.