THE END: LOST Finale @ The Bell House

Last night I gathered with a few hundred other folks at the Bell House in Brooklyn to watch the series finale of LOST. While dressed in leis and sipping on Dharma Initiative beers, with a recreation of an exploded Oceanic 815 hanging over head, the crowd laughed, cheered, and wept together, but I think each person was still in their own world. After an entire night of tossing and turning in my sleep, I still haven’t truly been able to work out “what it all means.” But as far as epic ending tv series episodes go, I thought the finale was pretty satisfying.

That said, I still can’t believe it has all come to an end.

For anyone who does NOT watch LOST, I apologize in advance. For pretty much the whole of the next week or two I’m going to be sprouting out random thoughts about LOST, continuing to work out what the ending means to me.

I didn’t think it would be this way, but I’m in shock…LOST has ended, the secrets have/have not been revealed, and that freaking creepy Crystal Castles The Ring-like ad (which pretty much turned me off of buying that album altogether) that played twice during Jimmy Kimmel Live will haunt my dreams for a long time.

What did it all mean for you? Are you sad now that it’s over?

More photos from last night:

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Good News: Skins Gets Picked Up Again

Rejoice fellow Anglophiles — the fantastic Channel 4 series (shown here in the States on BBC America) Skins just got picked up for two more seasons.

As expected, it will be a completely new cast of characters. Open auditions will take place in London and Bristol next month.

I’ve only seen seasons 1/2 with the man-pretty Nicholas Hoult in it and I was totally blown away by the program. So much better than it’s North American counterparts Degrassi or Gossip Girl, Skins is a show for teenagers, starring teenagers, but with some serious problems and fantastic acting.

Still waiting to see seasons 3/4, which I heard aren’t as great as 1/2, but looking forward to following the character of Effy — who was utterly awesome in season 1/2.

Upcoming Events: MGMT, Rushdie, and Dexter

Salman Rushdie (!!!) teams up with Dregg for a special collaboration for’s Liner Notes event on October 1st. Proceeds to to Housing Works. Tickets are $25.

There are a crap-ton of events leading up to the Season 4 premiere of Showtime’s Dexter on September 27th. Definitely have to check out la casa de Dexter at the Metropolitan Home Showtime House at 415 Greenwich St. in Tribeca, and the blood slide portrait of ol’ Dex being shown at Grand Central terminal. There are also events in LA.

Dan Deacon and MGMT are both playing free shows this coming weekend as part of Kia’s “Soul Collective”

MGMT play for free with The Drums and Amanda Blank the next weekend in Philly.

Things on TV That Make Me Happy

By chance I just happened to catch a rebroadcast of the premiere of Fox’s new show Glee and I LOVED IT!

When I first saw the trailers for the show, I thought it would be really bad for some reason — despite the fact that it contained all the ingredients of cheesy shows/movies I love: teenagers, high school, and singing. For whatever reason, I decided I was *too cool* to watch such a program, so I paid little attention to its premiere.


However, I read a few articles during the last few weeks with interviews with Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, both of whom have Broadway backgrounds (she: Spring Awakening he: Hair), which peaked my interest. So when I was channel flipping last night and saw that Glee was on, I stopped — only to catch some of the performances by the aforementioned actors.
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Gossip Girl Singing Faceoff: Leighton vs. Taylor

Looks like B and Little J are at it again–except this time in real life. Sensing a complete void in the actress-slash-singer market, Leighton Meester (aka GG’s Blair Waldorf) and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey) have come to the rescue, both unleashing their musical poweress upon the world in the very same week.

Let’s examine the contestants, and who won the war of the Gossip Girl singers this week.

Momsen struck first, with her band Pretty Reckless performing at The Annex on Tuesday…and judging by the available video (below), her growling vocals and saucy Courtney Love-meets-Debbie Harry onstage moves make for a surprisingly pleasing combination.

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