Why No Love for “Love Monkey”?

Last night I also caught 1 1/2 episodes of the canceled tv show, Love Monkey,” on VH1. Too bad this show was on CBS (a network I never watch) and didn’t seem to attract the ratings it was looking for because from the little I saw, the program was great.

Sure there were over-the-top artist placements (yeah, like Ben Folds is going to be right outside the NYC hotel you came out of AND be playing for the Queen), not to mention a Teddy Geiger overload (who looks like a cross between Chrissy from “Growing Pains” and what my friend Kelly calls “Non-John Mayer”), but as someone who is somewhat familiar with the music industry, I found it pretty true-to-life and funny. Tom Cavanagh is winning as the major label record exec who gets fired and dumped in the same day, but then gets hired by an indie label. And hoolllllaaa at Jason Priestley as the paranoid and neurotic doctor.

Interested in seeing more? Starting next week, VH1 will show the five episodes that didn’t make it, weekly at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Oh “Love Monkey,” we hardly new ya.

Best/ Worst IM Conversation Ever

In which my friend Alyse and I discuss what Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is up to…

miss modernage: fall out boy lyrics don’t make any sense
alyse:: um
alyse:: do they have to make sense?
miss modernage: ” she says she’s no good with words but i’m worse barely stuttered out “a joke of a romantic” or stuck to my tongue weighed down with words too over-dramatic tonight it’s “it can’t get much worse” vs. “no one should ever feel like..” ”
miss modernage: wHAt?
alyse:: what’s next? are you going to watch pete’s guest star run on one tree hill?
miss modernage: ohmigod he’s going to be on one tree hill??
alyse:: yep
miss modernage: i <3 peengate
alyse:: he’s in like 3 episodies
miss modernage: i’ll catch it on you tube hopefully
alyse:: yah
miss modernage: i don’t think i can stand watching that show
alyse:: they put it up there
alyse:: which is where i’ll recap it
miss modernage: i HATE chad michael murry or whatever his name is
alyse:: heh
alyse:: i hate sophia bush
miss modernage: dude i read that he’s dating some 17 year old
miss modernage: that played a cheerleader on the show
miss modernage: wtf
alyse:: so pete is going to be back on the show
miss modernage: i don’t know anything about these ppl

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Project Catwalk Gets a Winner

I just happened to think to find out who won Project Catwalk. Since I get burned CDs of the episodes from KF, I don’t really know when the show airs, so I’m a bit behind on this stuff. I haven’t seen the actual last two episodes yet, but now that I know who won, I really want to see it for myself. As you may already know, Mr. Matthew B (of “Project Cuties” fame) was one of the finalists.

But did he win? The spoiler after the jump…

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Oscar Updates by the Minute

Aw yeah! Right now I’m scooping someone’s wi-fi so I can blog and watch TV at the same time. Lucky me, because right now I’m watching the Academy Awards…I’ll be updating as long as the free wi-fi keeps coming. Here’s to the movies!

Uh oh. There’s some movie montage going on which basically looks like the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow movie posters. Is this a bad sign?

Opening.. Billy Crystal and Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Whoopi, Dave, Mel Gibson, Mr. Moviephone, Jon Stewart and Halle Berry, George Clooney. Big huge sign that says “JON STEWART” on the marquee for the people who are watching a movie awards show but apparently have no idea who the host is.

Um, is Catherine Keener checking her Sidekick behind Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Charlize not amused by sweatpants joke.

Why is Kiera Knightley sitting next to Jack Nicholson? Is it in his contract that he must sit next to someone under the age of 25?

Best Supporting Actor. STOP SAYING “OR” Nicole!! You’re killing me…OR I’m loving it.

Clooney gets the Oscar. Man, they start the playing the music right away now. I would love to see someone sing their acceptance speech.

Right now Ben Stiller is moving around looking like Kermit the Frog after eating too much candy. I’m laughing…but I’m not sure why. Is it the Jon Stewart effect?

It’s Reese looking adorable wearing a white and gold dress. I don’t know who designed it, but let’s just hope Kirsten Dunst hasn’t worn it first!

Helena Bonham Carter, what the HELL is going on with your prom queen/big country star hair and powder-blue bridesmaid dress? Oh my lord.

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America’s Next Top…Model? Really?

I litterally gasped when I saw this picture taken at the Edun launch party! Lydia Hearst-Shaw (left) looks delightful, but what has happened to the most recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole? The ratty bangs covering her face are not doing much for her…uh…look. What would Nik think of this? Aw hell, she’s probably still laughing it up with Lil’ Jon.

edun nicole ANTM


Karl Lagerfeld on Charlie Rose

Ok I just watched almost an hour of Charlie Rose asking designer Karl Lagerfeld and New York magazine (which BTW has the most stunning print and Web site redesign) fashion editor, Harriet Mays Powell, stupid questions. The entire 60 minutes went something like this:

CHARLIE ROSE: So tell me Karl, where do you see your place in the world of fashion?

KARL LAGERFELD: I do not think about these things.

CR: Karl, what is your greatest achievement?

KL: I do not think about things like that.

CR: So Karl, what message do you want people to take away with them after viewing your new collection?

KL: I do not think about things that way.

However, there was one shining moment when Charlie Rose got all US Weekly on everyone by asking the most out of left field question I’ve ever witnessed on the show:

CR: Karl, I heard you said something bad about Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, is this true?

[Karl Lagerfeld looks at Harriet Mays Powell with a perplexed look]

[HMP looks at Charlie Rose suspiciously]

HMP: No!

KL: No!

CR: Ahh, I just read it somewhere.

What the HELL is Charlie Rose talking about? Charlie is officially on crack. You really gotta feel for the poor intern or research assistant who has to put together the cards Charlie reads from during interviews. One might suspect that when he’s reading the questions out loud to the guest, that’s the first time he’s actually looked at the information on the cards.

Anyway, Lagerfeld is really into technology, so you can catch the video of the Fall 2006 collection shown in NYC as a video podcast (iTunes required). How cool is that?

Your Prediction: Who Made It to the Project Runway Final Three?

Now that the Project Runway final four have showed at New York Fashion Week, who do you think has made it to the final three? (As you may know, one of the kicked-off designers shows their collection as a decoy in order to conceal the identity of the final three since that episode hasn’t aired yet.)


chloe project runway show

chloe project runway show


santino project runway fashion show

santino project runway fashion show


kara janx project runway fashion show


daniel v project runway fashion show

daniel v project runway fashion show

Right off the bat I loved Chloe‘s stuff. There were some stunning pieces in there. I especially loved the gold mini-dress with jacket. I was also really shocked that Santino‘s collection was really subdued–aka, not looking like a Spin Art project. But in order to give his collection the full control-freak Santino spin, he actually sang and produced his own song for his runway collection. Oh if only it had been a full-length version of Timtino doing “Closer”!

However, Kara has got to give up the multi-colored wooley hats, and what the FUNBAG was up with Daniel V’s collection???!?! I really loved some of the pieces Daniel has done for the show so far, but his collection was so snooze bar! The colors were so muted, and besides the white jacket with beautiful collar (which totally reminded me of that gorgeous white Gucci coat from 2003), it seemed like he was totally coasting. Not to mention the resurfacing of the boob-shelf vest that he made poor Chloe wear for the makeover challenge.

Could Daniel’s poor showing be an indicator that he didn’t make it to the final three? Or do you think the un-Santino-like collection is a clear sign that Santino is “aouuuttt?


Does Heidi Klum have no love for last season’s winner Jay? And why is she getting snippy about getting snippy? More after the jump.

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I Hate the Grammys

I didn’t tune into the Grammys until 9pm, so I missed out on Madonna and Gorillaz. But it also seems as though I missed out on Coldplay‘s performance as well, where Chris Martin did his awesome Gollum from Lord of the Rings impression. Check it out, he’s such a funny joker, that Chris. Always the life of the party:

coldplay grammys

But I did tune in just in time to start projectile vomiting as Mary J. Blige sung “One” ridiculously out of tune with Bono. Seriously. It sounds like cats dying at the end.

Then I got to see Kanye West win for Best Rap album. Here’s a picture of him thanking his stylist for making his dream of being a gay mafia vampire (complete with black leather gloves) come true. “Look ma, no prints!”:

kanye west grammys

There was a really scary 2 minutes when a computer screen saver from 1992 and the giant video board from Coldplay‘s “Speed of Sound” video teamed up to attack Sir Paul McCartney during his performance. It was like no one could hear his screams but me. Here he is shouting for help:

paul mccartney grammys

I was terrified that Paul wasn’t going to make it, but then he stood up, grabbed a guitar and told the audience that he wanted “TO ROOOOCCKKKK!” and then I knew for sure that Paul McCartney is a freaking raving lunatic and I shouldn’t be worried for him, I should be worried for the safety of those around him. Here he is singing “Helter Skelter” at the freaking Grammys. I heard that Charles Manson was totally stoked.

paul mccartney grammys

When the Black Eyed Peas came on stage with the star of CBS’s “The Ghost Whisperer”, Jennifer Love Hewitt (who was looking more like the “Bad Hair Whisperer“), Taboo and Wil.I.Am called almost every Best Male R&B Vocalist nominee like Kanye West, Usher, and Jamie Foxx a “homie,” a “ninja”, or some other ridiculously unnecessary name, before making it very clear to everyone that the BEP are not BFF with Stevie Wonder, because they just straight up said his name with no further commentary.

I love me some Kelly Clarkson. I almost shed a tear when she won Best Pop Vocal album. J’adore. Clarkson is the only good artist to come out of American Idol. But one hint of advice: Girlfriend, don’t bring your purse onstage! It’s like your Antony from Antony and the Johnsons.

For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when that b-tch Joss Stone stole Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the Sly and the Family Stone medley:

joss stone grammys

joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Then I had to watch “Project Runway” and get pissed at Santino for putting Kara in that crazy-glued mauve jumpsuit. But yay Chloe.