Muse Take a Bow

Tonight I along with half of lower Manhattan (and a quarter of Long Island and New Jersey) saw MUSE at Hammerstein Ballroom. I’m still totally amazed at how such a TINY little man like Matt Bellamy can command the rapt attention of such a HUGE room.

Muse has a spectacular stage set up, with three large projection screens set behind the band, which used live feeds from cameras positioned in the venue to produce ginormous pictures like Matt Bellamy’s head, but about 30 feet tall.

muse hammerstein

It was fun when they panned the crowd and you could see all the supersweaty kids waving to themselves. (Was there like NO AIRCONDITIONING THERE OR WHAT?!)

Lots of oldies but goodies like “Time Is Running Out” and the first song that turned me on to Muse, “Plug In Baby”.

muse hammerstein

“Knights of Cydonia” was one of the encores…
muse hammerstein

On the way back to the subway Jeff pointed out the Project Runway window at Macy’s, so I had to stop and take a picture:

project runway window
Awww… Look! It’s the Keith dress. If you listen to Tim Gunn’s podcast, seriously, you’ll get so sad about Keith having to leave. Tim makes it seem like Keith was really bummed out on the show…but he did bring it upon himself.

You Make the Call: Who Will Be Asked to Leave “Project Runway” Next Week?

…and why? Will it be Keith for submitting a portfolio of drawings of other people’s designs? Or will someone get kicked off “Project Runway” for…

…accepting money from the National Cotton Council of America in return for only designing in cotton?

…physically threatening another contestant?

…having 3 fashion violations on one outfit and failing to show up to their Fashion Police court date?

…not revealing a criminal record in his/her past?

…wearing white socks with sandals?

I Hope Marissa Cooper Dies a Slow and Painful Death

Earlier today I along with several other editors/ bloggers/ writer people received an email with one purpose: “Save Marissa Cooper from the OC!!!!!!!!”. No big deal, right? I don’t even watch The OC nor do I care about Mischa Barton so I didn’t even pay attention. But then I received ANOTHER email from a different person…but with the same subject line and email text. Then another. Then ANOTHER. THEN ANOTHER.

I don’t even know how many emails I received with the same lengthy email detailing out why I should care about saving this Marissa Cooper person–who I understand to be A COMPLETELY FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I’ve had to put a spam filter on “Marissa Cooper” on my email to stop myself from accidentally reading this ridiculous message over and over again.

I replied to one of the emails stating that if I read about saving Marissa Cooper one more time I was going to jump out a window and to stop sending me messages because I have no interest in the TV show. To which the reply was, “i have the power to make the emails stop… please post a mention of our campaign on ur site and the emails will stop!”. I refuse to link to the site and their cause because as an American I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

These e-terrorists then amended their manifesto by adding that they “would like to apologize for the harassment you have received today by the spamming of the Save Marissa letter: but that in their “experience” spamming writers is “the ONLY way to get heard.”

I would like to publicly say that yes, if you spam a long list of writers and bloggers you WILL be heard. But this is what it sounds like to us:


And then we’ll end up talking about how annoyed we all are by your emails behind your backs and tell you to STOP IT because it’s just plain impolite to bomb people with emails about stuff they don’t even care about. We’ll then go on to campaign for the death penalty for Marissa Cooper and declare an assassination of Mischa Barton’s career.


Do You Love Hot Foreign Guys Kicking Balls?

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Harold Dieterle Wins Top Chef, but Has a Losing MySpace Profile

Yessss! I was so devistated when Dave was eliminated last week and Tiffani remained in the final, so you can imagine how happy I am that resident Top Chef hottie Harold Dieterle has won the title of “Top Chef”.

As much as I loved Harold on the show, his MySpace profile leaves me a bit…disturbed. Under his favorite music he lists the Beastie Boys, which is awesome, but then he continues on by saying “anything really……just keep the country away from me…”

ARUGH! I hate when people say stuff like that. Seriously, what’s wrong with country music? Fight it out with Jack White and Loretta Lynn.

It is what it is…I guess.

harold dieterle

Alias On Demand Stole My Life

So I’ve got the cough/death thing that’s going around my office, which means I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting at home doing nothing but wearing jammies and drinking fruit juices.

Then on Saturday I decided to check out this thing I’d heard about on Digg Nation earlier on in the week–ABC’s full-length TV episodes on demand–online. Since I’m kinda a fan of “Alias” (and uh.. Michael Vartan..hellooooo hottie!), I decided to check out the last episode available…then I check out the first episode of the season, then the second, then the third–all the way until the point where I had watched about 8 consecutive hours of “Alias” on my laptop. That’s freaking sick! But oh so goooooood!

So if you feel the need to waste about 8-10 hours of your life, logon to and catch any previously aired episode of “Alias”, “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, or “Commander-in-Chief” until June 30. Oh and btw- It’s all entirely FREE. How awesome is that?!

PS- I do not work for ABC and no one gave me money to plug this stuff–it’s just all kinds of awesome and more TV should be available like this.