Upcoming Events: MGMT, Rushdie, and Dexter

Salman Rushdie (!!!) teams up with Dregg for a special collaboration for SPIN.com’s Liner Notes event on October 1st. Proceeds to to Housing Works. Tickets are $25.

There are a crap-ton of events leading up to the Season 4 premiere of Showtime’s Dexter on September 27th. Definitely have to check out la casa de Dexter at the Metropolitan Home Showtime House at 415 Greenwich St. in Tribeca, and the blood slide portrait of ol’ Dex being shown at Grand Central terminal. There are also events in LA.

Dan Deacon and MGMT are both playing free shows this coming weekend as part of Kia’s “Soul Collective”

MGMT play for free with The Drums and Amanda Blank the next weekend in Philly.

For Dexter Fans: Is This Season Awesome?

Have you been watching this season of Dexter? As you probably know, I’m a fan. Now that there is only a mere two episodes left until the end of the season, I have to say, even though the season started off kind of slow, I think these last few episodes have been great and proved good things come to those who wait.

It seems as though I’m not the only one who’s an admirer of America’s favorite serial killer. Was recently walking by Martin Albert Interiors in the Flatiron District and I saw these crazy chairs:

Yup, these white chairs have red embroidered blood splatters! Look closely, the sign reads “Inspired by Dexter”!!

But back to talking about the show…

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you don’t want to know what’s been going on this season…
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Random Things That Happened This Weekend

1. Yesterday went to the ‘Sup magazine party at Lit. Couldn’t tell you the last time I’d been there. Couldn’t tell you the next time I’ll be there. Caught Titus Andronicus‘s rockin’ set (above). Nearly died of heat exhaustion. Wondered if I had a future in being a cocktail waitress at the downstairs bar. Stared at the shiny leggings-clad buttocks of several ladies. Had to leave before Au Revoir Simone‘s set otherwise would have passed out. Didn’t realize it was going to rain so I got SOAKED to the bone on the way home. Some DBs stole the cab I was standing in front off–hope they made it back home to Jersey OK.

2. Today saw wunderkid Hayes Peebles at Rockwood Music Hall. He played some pretty songs, some with a cello. He revealed he only learned to play the harmonica a week ago, just so he could use it in the performance. About half the packed house was under the age of 18, making me want to pass a note to someone after 8th period. A gaggle of giggle girls sat up front and I wondered which one had the biggest crush on Hayes…or if any of them were the sources of inspiration for the songs about girls.


4. Saw this awesome ad with mock magazine covers for Dexter Season 3 (above) and got excited. I LOVE DEXTER. It starts up again at the end of the month. Must. Find. Someone. With. Showtime. Or at least find someone to reliably upload it on the internets.
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Artwork Fit for a Serial Killer?

Tonight on the way home from dinner I walked by the Merge Gallery, which was having an opening reception for their newest show. As I strolled by the window, I got a glimpse of the artwork–and stopped dead in my tracks.

The show was called “New Blood” and the artwork was made of blood.

The pieces instantly reminded me of America’s favorite fictional serial killer/blood splatter expert, Dexter, that I had to take a closer look. The work looked like giant Dexter blood slides–blood splatters caught between layers of clear resin and Plexiglas.

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Dexter to Air on CBS Starting February 17th

YEssss!!! Something good has come due to the writer’s strike. It seems as though the rumors are true! CBS has just announced that they will start airing re-runs of the first season of the hit Showtime series Dexter. The show, starring Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who kills other serial killers, will be edited down for the masses and aired on the broadcast channel starting February 17th at 10PM.

Prepare for the nation at large to fall in love with Dexter!

Dexter Season 1 Finale: “The Truth Be Told”

Did you see it? Oh. Holy. Crap.

Discuss. Were your suspicions about some of the characters correct? What did you get wrong? What is going to happen next season!?!? As you can tell by all my punctuation, I’m in need of commiserating with my fellow Dexter addicts. Help me out by providing your review of this season’s ending. All must be examined and explained!


Unless you’re a nosy little bum…