Iceland Airwaves 2006: Thursday Night–Mates of State, AEla, The Whitest Boy Alive, and More…

It sure did take long enough, but welcome to Part 2 of my Reykjavik series. Read Part 1. OCTOBER 19, 2006 After seeing Hot Club de Paris at 12 Tonar, Rachel and I headed back to the hotel to get refreshed and some brief shut-eye. We headed out to the venues around 8pm. Rachel wanted […]

My Favorite Thing to Do Is Go Shopping at the Mall

This weekend I was in Washington DC/ Maryland for early Thanksgiving festivities with some very special people and riding around, looking at all the monuments and tourists stuff in the car was fun, BUT the most fascinating thing I did all weekend was go to a regular ol’ suburban mall in Maryland. Since I live […]

Iceland Airwaves 2006: Wednesday and Thursday; Sightseeing and Hot Club de Paris

NOTE: This is the first part in my much delayed “who knows how long this is going to take” series on my concert-going experience at the Iceland Airwaves festival this year in Reykjavik (yes, I finally learned how to spell it without looking it up), Iceland. Enjoy! OCTOBER 19, 2006 Yesterday I go into town […]

The Air Up There: A Visitor’s Guide to the Iceland Airwaves Festival

Every year at the end of October, hundreds of journalists (around 600 this year) and thousands of international music lovers break out their heavy winter jackets, hats, and gloves and flood the city of Reykjavik, Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves music festival. Although Reykjavik is the capital city, the population hovers just under 200,000 people–which […]

Return of the Blogger

Ok I’m still alive, but so so tired. I saw a freaking geysir today! I also saw this awesome band last night at NASA called Æla, and you should check them out. They sing in Icelandic, but they rock. I am falling asleep but I just wanted to say I’m still alive and kicking it. […]

Travel Tips and Prince Harry

If you’re in love with writing about traveling or anything involved about traveling, check out World Hum. Loads of links and interesting finds like an article about a woman visiting memories via visiting London, a Mr. Potatohead‘s travel adventures, and some guy that wants you to let him stay at your house. Prince Harry was […]