The Last Summer Blast: Beacon and Dia

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the “end” of summer had me taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and actually going OUTSIDE instead of chaining myself to my computer.

Today for Labor Day the BSB and I headed up to Beacon, NY and took in some artwork at Dia:Beacon, then roamed around the town. Beautiful, sunny, breezy weather had me in great spirits, and a fantastic food recommendation from a family walking down Main Street saved us from culinary despair. (Brother’s Trattoria in Beacon–yum!)

Patchy grass.

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Regift Your Christmas Presents

BsB here, bringing you a special post:
I love just about every bat sh*t idea the Crumpler folks have–whether it’s Beer for Bags, custom bags from underground artist or Regifting Day.

What’s “Regifing Day”? It’s an opportunity to trade in a “not-for-you” Christmas present from Aunt Flo in exchange for a pretty sweet Crumpler bag. You get a Christmas present you like, and Aunt Flo doesn’t know the difference. It’s a win-win situation. So go exchange all your gifts that don’t suck, but just aren’t right for you.

Re-Gifting at both stores on Saturday, January 5th:

SoHo Store
45 Spring st.

West Village
49 8th Ave

Back in the US of A

Hey guys. I’m back from my European adventure. If you have been wondering, I first visited Paris, France, then Aix en Provence (in the south of France), then stopped by Barcelona, Spain.

The pictures of the McDonald’s, the hip hop store, the night view from the Eiffel Tower, and Shakespeare & Co. were all from Paris. The mountain shot with the crazy sky was from Aix, and the shot of the Williamsburg bar was in El Raval in Barcelona.

Some interesting things that happened on my journey: The French rail and metro workers decided to go on strike last Wed, but luckily I left from Paris to Aix on Sunday, and then friends in Aix were able to hook me up with a bus (Eurolines) from Aix to Barcleona.

Then I got caught in an illegal anti-Nazi/anti-fascist protest/ police scuffle when coming out of a shoe store on the 5th Avenue of Barcelona. Luckily I was unharmed, but there certainly is nothing scarier than being in a foreign country, seeing a barricade of policemen and then hundreds of people running at you. You just start running–not caring to find out what you’re running away from.

I’m still waking up at 5am in the morning, so my body clock is all off. I have much to write about–and I can’t wait to go through my photographs.

All in all I had a wonderful time, but I am glad to be back in the US–where I’m no longer speaking in caveman language. Oh, and I’m looking forward to having an egg sandwich for breakfast!

This Is the Williamsburg of…


This bar we found played Placebo, The Strokes (Is This It), The Shins, Feist, and LCD Soundsystem–and was full of hipsters. We ordered the PBR equivalent, and 2 beers only cost us around 6 USD. Home away from home, no?

hipster bar

Please Help Send Sarah Away to College

Lord knows I’d be thankful to get my friend Sarah shipped out of the country any way that I can. It just so happens she wants to go to “college” to “advance her education” (read “go to Scotland” to “meet cute boys”), the only problem is she will lose all her scholarships and grants by following her dream of studying abroad.

As someone who greatly benefited from her experience studying abroad (holla London), I really want to help her out to get the funds she needs to attend university in Scotland–also this way I can use her as an excuse to go to the UK.

Please read on to find out how you can help…but for the super-lazy, just go to this page on Student and click the little button that says 10, then submit. Whatever you do, DON’T vote for the next picture (or any other photo) cause it’s NOT Sarah’s, and you will actually decrease her chances of winning the big prize!

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