Why ISN’T There a Subway Near Tompkins Square Park?: This and Other Questions that “RENT” Makes You Think Of

As you guys know, I love RENT despite it’s immensely hokey nature, bad acting (thanks Adam), and ridiculous premise. But check out this article by Jesse McKinley in the New York Times which touches upon some interesting ideas: Does RENT make you angry when you see the outside of Horseshoe Bar on 7th and B masquerading for the “Life Cafe”…which is a real place that is across the park on B and 10th? Why ISN’T there a subway station on the corner of Tompkins Square Park? Do RENTheads make the pilgrimage to the Life Cafe? Would real eVillage barflys see the glossy version of their neighborhood on the big screen? Etc.

Oh, and here’s a very grainy camera phone picture that I took when S.G. and I were walking past Horseshoe Bar while they were filming the exterior RENT shot on March 10, 2005.

When RENTheads Unite: Midnight Show at the Ziegfeld

Tonight I went to the 12 midnight showing of RENT. Yes, that makes this the 2nd time I’ve seen this movie in one week. The first time was at the world premiere.

But this time was just as fun. It was great to see it with such a responsive crowd. The most fun thing was seeing all the young teenage kids dressed up as the movie characters and/or decked out in RENT paraphernalia and homemade tshirts. And you can imagine the pandemonium that erupted when original cast member Anthony Rapp and newbie Tracie Thoms ran into the theater right before the film started.

Oh and totally unrelated, I saw Mercedes from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 2 at dinner.

Hooray geekdom! I’m so retarded tired.

UPDATE: The NY Times gave the movie a positive review. In addition to “RENT,” I’ve seen Walk the Line and “Jesus Is Magic” in the theater. Walk the Line, performances are better than the movie itself, which can be hokey, over-the-top and hard to believe through many portions of the movie, if not the whole thing. “Jesus Is Magic”…apparently I’m not really into Sarah Silverman’s comedy because I didn’t think it was as funny as I had anticipated.

Girl in catsuit

Her RENT tattoo

Homemade shirts

More homemade tees

Mimi, Mark, Roger

RENT tee

Anthony and Tracie

Just Take Me…Out Tonight!

As you may already know, I LOVE RENT! Like, a lot. Through the kindness of a really sweet person, I was fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of the movie at the Ziegfeld Theater tonight and the after party at Roseland.

I was a little nervous about seeing the movie because I’m such a HUGE fan of the stage musical, but I have to say I was not disappointed. I loved it. There were some great moments that Rentheads will really get a kick out of. I was so happy during the whole film. I’m not sure if it’s for everyone, but I adored it and I’m seeing it again next week at the midnight showing on the 22nd. Ok, are you now embarrassed for me? Sorry! I just have to geek out on this.

With arms wide open...

My favorite moment was during “What You Own” when they show Roger in Santa Fe. It’s amazing because it looks like they switched the real footage with outtakes from a Creed “With Arms Wide Open” and/or Britney Spears “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” video (above). Yessssss!

At the premiere I saw Sarah Silverman (who has a small but hilarious role in the film), Little Steven, Joey “‘Nsync” Fatone (Who has been “Mark Cohen” in the Bway production), the dude who played “Will” on Alias, and of course the movie cast, Adam Pascal, Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel, Wilson J. Heredia, Jesse L. Martin, Rosario Dawson, Tracie Thoms, etc. But I was most shocked when I saw noneother than the original stage “Joanne,” Fredi Walker!!!!!! That was the best.

During the actual screening of the movie, the cast, director, and family of Jonathan Larson were announced and made to show themselves. When the “new kids” Rosario and Tracie were called, they both stood up and whooped at each other and pointed back and forth, as if to say “no YOU are the best!” “no no, YOU are the best!” It was cute when Wilson and Taye were standing up and they kept pointing at one another as well.

The afterparty was a fancy event. There was a full catered dinner buffet and open bar. Roseland was decorated with “trash” and flyers and other assorted “RENT-type” decorations like broken TVs, wires, flaming trash cans, etc. There was even a “street musician” positioned downstairs by the bathrooms and coat check. All around the place were projections of stills from the movie, and also of the RENT logo and sayings like “Leap of Faith.”


RENT premiere

Anthony Rapp Gets a Nod on the Golden Globes — Waaahh?

jonny and chris

MTV is so lame sometimes. Like their new Handpicked album. Coldplay “Yellow,” Travis “Sing”… Five for Fighting, Yorn, Adams. Oyyyyyy… But we like the picture they put up on their website of good ol’ CP.

Which brings us to something more enjoyable. MTV2 premiere ThursdayKYLIE MINOGUE. Gentlemen, start your engines.

eve and ewan mcGregor

I missed Ewan on the Golden Globes. Ooops. And Russell Crowe just THANKED Anthony Rapp in his speech. First Adam on the Mandy Moore diary… now Anthony. Ok. Whatever. Apparently Anthony is doing some stuff with the Japanese cast of Rent… Yeah… I don’t get it either.. Go to his site to figure it out.