Duncan Sheik: Delivers His First Broadway Baby with “Spring Awakening”

Right before the holidays hit last week, I saw a new Broadway musical called Spring Awakening. I was excited to see the show for a number of reasons, namely because I haven’t seen a Broadway musical in YEARS and also because the music was written by my very first pop star crush, Duncan Sheik. Freshly […]

Omg. Worst Ever

I’m watching the Tony Awards right now and right now is a number from The Wedding Singer musical. IT IS TOTALLY GIVING ME AN ULCER. I’m embarrassed for America that such a thing exists. Oh, and why does Molly Ringwald have a lazy eye? Sweeny Todd number made me realize I will never really “get” […]

Lost Songs from the NYTW Version of “RENT”

April 23, 2006 will mark the 10th year anniversary of “RENT” on Broadway–which makes me feel really old. In honor of that I dug out some really old tape bootlegs of the original New York Theater Workshop version of “RENT”, hooked them up to my new analog output adapter and made some crappy mp3 versions […]

Why ISN’T There a Subway Near Tompkins Square Park?: This and Other Questions that “RENT” Makes You Think Of

As you guys know, I love RENT despite it’s immensely hokey nature, bad acting (thanks Adam), and ridiculous premise. But check out this article by Jesse McKinley in the New York Times which touches upon some interesting ideas: Does RENT make you angry when you see the outside of Horseshoe Bar on 7th and B […]