Seeing RENT One Last Time: “Hot Ticket” Taping

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, the long-running musical RENT will have its final performance on Broadway on September 7th. As a result, there’s been a slew of RENT-related events which have caused old-timer RENTheads like myself to come out of the woodwork. (One such event was the GMA Summer Concert series a few weeks […]

RENT on Good Morning America

This morning I got up at the buttcrack of dawn in order to get to Bryant Park by 6am. “Why?” you may ask? Because the current cast of RENT, alongside original cast members Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, were performing as part of the Good Morning America (GMA) Summer Concert series, and I had good […]

Oh Noes! RENT Closing on Broadway

I’m kinda gonna cry. After 12 years of being on Broadway, the hit musical RENT will CLOSE. The last performance perform at the Nederlander Theater in NYC will be on June 1. RENT will be the seventh-longest running show in Broadway history. [UPDATE: The run of RENT has been extended until September 7, 2008] As […]

Idina Menzel Rocks the National Anthem

Idina sang the National Anthem during the Giants/Patriots game last night. Unlike so many stars that attempt to sing the song, Idina sang it perfectly and beautifully. No off-key warbling for her–she’s a real pro. In case you missed: Thanks to Deb for the heads. PS- Anyone else disturbed by Tom Brady looking kinda hot? […]

Spring Awakening Wins Best Musical at the 2007 Tonys!

Hooooraayy!!!! Duncan Sheik is the proud winner of 2 Tony Awards!! I saw it last November in previews and LOOOVED it. The original cast recording was one of my top albums of 2006. UPDATE: Here are some videos of the performances/wins incase you missed them: Medley performance: John Gallagher Jr’s win: Best Musical win:

The Modern Age’s Top 10 Albums of 2006

Ok, so here it goes. I’ve put on my armor. I’m ready for your biggest and best pot shots… The point of this list is to single out the albums *I* enjoyed the most this year–this is not a list of what is cool in any way possible. It’s not an indication of what was […]

Broadway Breaks Up with “High Fidelity” By Saying, “It’s Not You…It’s Me”

As you may remember, in August of this year I totally had a hissy-fit that Will Chase didn’t know what Other Music was DESPITE being the lead in the Broadway musical adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel, High Fidelity. Well my hex upon the musical came to fruition: after only 14 performances, High Fidelity on Broadway […]

Critics…Critics Who Rate Critics

Time Out New York‘s latest issue takes New York critics to task by dissecting their knowledge, style, taste, and influence and ranking them. For music critics, The New Yorker‘s Sasha Frere-Jones comes out on top, with a 4.98, and New York Times critic (and favorite TMA villian–yup, still pissed about that Strokes review like 3 […]

More in Musical Moments: NPH and Jason Segal Do “Confrontation” from Les Miz

For anyone who ever loved Les Miserables, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal doing “Confrontation” on the Megan Mullally show. AMAZING, although I have to say a little part of me got embarrassed for EVERYONE who watched that. Link from Gawker.

Musical Moments: Kristin Chenoweth, Gearing Up for “Pretty Woman: The Musical”?

I have no other explanation as to why on EARTH the beloved pocket-sized Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth would wear over-the-knee WHITE hooker boots for a New York Times photoshoot other than the reasoning that it must be subliminal marketing tactic for a musical adaptation of Pretty Woman that she MUST be working on in secret. […]