Why Moquu Is My New Favorite App

An eagle-eyed reader tipped me off to a new app called Moquu that has some very special filter names. Check it out:

“Jumble,” “Sugar,” “Aluminum,” “Biscuit,” “Coffee,” “Blue Orchid”… anyone else sensing a pattern? Yup, the folks at Pangalaktik Media (the Budapest-based creators of the app) are most definitely fans of Jack and Meg — all the filters are named after White Stripes songs! If you needed any more confirmation, check out their March 11th tweet declaring their love of the Stripes.

Sadly no “Big Three” or “Icky Thump”, but I like your style Moquu, I like your style!

Things on TV That Make Me Happy

By chance I just happened to catch a rebroadcast of the premiere of Fox’s new show Glee and I LOVED IT!

When I first saw the trailers for the show, I thought it would be really bad for some reason — despite the fact that it contained all the ingredients of cheesy shows/movies I love: teenagers, high school, and singing. For whatever reason, I decided I was *too cool* to watch such a program, so I paid little attention to its premiere.


However, I read a few articles during the last few weeks with interviews with Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, both of whom have Broadway backgrounds (she: Spring Awakening he: Hair), which peaked my interest. So when I was channel flipping last night and saw that Glee was on, I stopped — only to catch some of the performances by the aforementioned actors.
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MGMT Played Entirely on iPhone Apps

Saw this @jenc‘s tweet re: this video of a group of girls playing MGMT’s “Kids” entirely on iPhone apps.

The group of ladies who are performing the song on their iPhones and iPod Touches are a British quartet called The Mentalists. The band, which was formed in 2006, cites MGMT among their influences alongside Jimi Hendrix Experience, Flaming Lips, and The Beatles.

The apps used on the video were Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite.

Call for Help: Missing CNET Editor and Family

James Kim, editor at CNET took a vacation with his family from on November 17th from San Francisco to Seattle, Washington. This family of 4 (parents James and Kati and their two young daughters, Penelope and Sabine) has been missing since Saturday in the Portland,Oregon/ San Franscisco, California area. They were supposed to arrive home in San Fran on November 27th.

Please take a look at the official site and Leo Laporte’s post and notify authorities if you have any information regarding their whereabouts.

UPDATE: Mother Kati and the two young daughters have been found alive and well in the wilderness of southern Oregon after more than a week of surviving with minimal provisions. Police are still looking for father James who left to find help on Saturday.

Is It Weird to…

…message someone you recognized on the street from their MySpace/ Flickr/ Friendster/ etc profile? It’s a funny little thing, this Internet, how you can be “friends” with someone online, but never meet them–and then when you DO see them in real life, it becomes totally creepy to go up to them and say, “Hey, I know you from MySpace. You requested to be my friend 2 months ago.”


Ouuuch. Apple’s Latest Ad Campaign

Hmm…anyone feel that Apple’s latest ad campaign featuring a “square” kinda middle-aged guy with glasses and a suit representing a PC and a “hip” scruffy, hoodies-t-shirt-and-jeans wearing dude representing a Mac is kinda…well…harsh and not at all funny? I’m sure there are a good number of disheveled young hipsters using PCs RIGHT NOW. Are you one of them?

Uh…did Steve Jobs just put a hex on my Mac for saying that?

View the Apple ads.

apple ad

The Pope Gets an iPod Nano

Oh yes. The Nano has reached the Pope. I hear he downloads illegally ripped German death metal.

A group of Vatican Radio employees gave Pope Benedict XVI a brand new iPod nano loaded with special Vatican Radio programming and classical music.

To honor the pope’s first visit to the radio’s broadcasting headquarters, the radio’s technical staff decided the pencil-thin, state-of-the-art audio player would make the perfect gift.

Ben Gibbard Totally Bummed Out about Apple Ripping Off Postal Service Video

As you may have heard already, the new Apple commercial talking about the inclusion of Intel chips is almost a shot-for-shot reproduction of The Postal Service video for “Such Great Heights.” It was shot by the same directors, but that is absolutely no excuse. I thought these kinds of negative press publicity stunts were only reserved for Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan.

The Gibbard himself is not pleased at all. See the note he posted on the offical Postal Service site:


A Note from Ben

It has recently come to our attention that Apple Computers’ new television commercial for the Intel chip features a shot-for-shot recreation of our video for ‘Such Great Heights’ made by the same filmmakers responsible for the original. We did not approve this commercialization and are extremely disappointed with both parties that this was executed without our consultation or consent. -Ben Gibbard, The Postal Service

Watch the side-by-side video and be amazed at the brazen duplication. Oh, and BTW, Apple is now heavily rotating in ads for the downloading of the Postal Service video–probably in an effort to make nice. But of course they have to do something jacked up, so they are serving up a censored version of the video. Everytime it’s supposed to say “Skyworks” the name is blurred out.

Pete Tong’s Advice for Apple, DJs, and the Music Industry

Check out this awesome interview with internationally known dance music DJ Pete Tong from Wired. He has some really interesting things to say about how technology is affecting the art of djing, how aspiring spinners can start gaining a following, and what Apple needs to do in order to keep folks like him feeling good about the company…among other things. Here are some highlights:

Be as entrepreneurial as you can; no one will do everything for you. There’s no better way I know to build a reputation as a DJ than to do your own thing, do something different, start your own night, get your own crowd. If you are getting 50 people to a bar on a Tuesday, people will check you out. Once you have a crowd, you have a scene, it’s human nature. Taste is the most important thing.”

“Things have changed so much. Bands can build an audience all by themselves. Market research has gone out the window, labels just follow the heat, really. They maximize artists who are already doing well. I think it’s really honest, actually. Almost everyone who arrives at a label’s door already has a story.”

“In terms of radio, podcasting‘s the most exciting development ever. For anyone with a niche or specialist reputation it’s manna from heaven… Podcasting is the next stage: You can grab it, download it to your iPod and subscribe to it. I just want to be in there to see where it takes us.”