Inappropirate Jokes

Want to hear the worst joke you could possibly tell someone you just met?

I had an ex-girlfriend who was deaf.

She broke up with me.

I didn’t want her to tell anyone.

So I broke her fingers


That one was for you, Julie. Say “bonjour” to France for me.

Finals HEeeelllll

I’m so jealous of people who have seen David Kitt live.

Today was truly the day from finals hell. French at 9:30, Digi at 2:30, Feature do at 12… not to mention my Shakespeare paper was due last night at 5… and I didn’t’ start Feature until 8pm.

Now I can breathe.

Frenchie Julie is coming to New York tomorrow, and we’re gonna hang out! Watch out kids, two wild and crazy girls on the loose- sans school, homework or senses!

I watched the Starsailor on Conan tape this afternoon. I totally heart Jamesy. He and I have a dimple in the same place- left cheek. Bless. I want my pic w/ him and the other James now!

Walking Around Today

Check it ouuuuut one of the new NYU Journalism websites. This one is called “Ripples.” At least it looks pretty….

Has it really only been 3 months? Je-sus.

I went to Food Emporium for the first time in ages. I got a Fresh Samantha. Yay. The last time I had one was… the Siren Festival!

I’m excited to see what Brits are updating! WooHOO.

Music of the Moment: “Good Souls” (Echoboy Remix), Starsailor

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of interesting linkage… very busy girl, with concerts- er- I mean FINALS and all…

If you see me walking around confused or acting semi-drunk, please just point me in the right direction.

I really wish I had sexy pics from last night to show you. The sexiness of the Martin will have to wait until comp is all revved up again. I apologize once again- but rest easy- they are sexy.

Oh shit, I have French class. Totally don’t want to go.

Netscape Is a Pile of Crap

Oh… to everyone that is having trouble with the rollover image gallery I have for that Strokes show, try using IE instead of Netscape. Netscape is evil and won’t read my commands… and it makes my page look ugly too.

Are Blink-182, 3EB, and Matchbox 20 Considered Music?

Dude- I’m in the computer lab, and the girl behind me was talking to the boy behind me and I nearly fell on the floor. She goes, “What kind of music do you like?” He goes, “What kind of music do YOU like?” She goes, “Oh I like Third Eye Blind, Blink-182, Matchbox 20… pop stuff like *NSYNC, Britney.” I nearly fell over in my chair and started crying. I’m resisting the urge to turn around and thrust some CD in her hand and scream, “For the love of god, listen to this… It’s for your own good.” Help!

Oh… and that Lamacq “Fanatics” docu is now on the site.

Blogging from Digital Journalism Class

I’m in Digital Journalism right now. The made us go to this site, Soulbath. It’s weird, but boys might like it.

I got a McFlurry craving just now. And now I’m thinking of London… where I had my first McFlurry. Aw.

The tech TA for Digi Journalism has a geeky Linux story in the Times today. Read it and push up those thick-framed glasses you got.

David made me go to this site… It’s in German. I don’t know.

Dude- magnetic poetry… er.. on the Internet… from the lovely people at Wagamama.

I’m on two separate computers right now… while someone is lecturing. Does this make me a nerd?

I had to do some sifting and directory searching, but I found this The Strokes review