Iceland Airwaves 2006: Wednesday and Thursday; Sightseeing and Hot Club de Paris

NOTE: This is the first part in my much delayed “who knows how long this is going to take” series on my concert-going experience at the Iceland Airwaves festival this year in Reykjavik (yes, I finally learned how to spell it without looking it up), Iceland. Enjoy! OCTOBER 19, 2006 Yesterday I go into town […]

Return of the Blogger

Ok I’m still alive, but so so tired. I saw a freaking geysir today! I also saw this awesome band last night at NASA called Æla, and you should check them out. They sing in Icelandic, but they rock. I am falling asleep but I just wanted to say I’m still alive and kicking it. […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…This Week

In no particular order: Trader Joe’s Holy smoke! I grew up with a Trader Joe’s near me, but for some reason I never went to it–probably because I didn’t cook. I just recently got back into *gasp* shopping at the supermarket to cook in my apartment, and one day after I’d been to Union Square […]