Help Me! I’m Trapped In (and Out of) My Apartment

Ok, so you know how it’s pretty typical that a blogger doesn’t want to go outside–that they just want to stay indoors and blog all day long? Well when a blogger wants to get outside, they generally want to be able to get out. Unfortunately for me, that is not the case this morning. I AM LOCKED INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Yes, that’s right–the door will NOT open, no matter how hard I try.

The Backseat Blogger came over and tried to help me open it from the outside. We even tried slipping a credit card through to make the latch unhook. NO LUCK. The BB had to go back to work so now I’m alone again. Alone alone. I am trapped inside my damn apartment until a locksmith or my landlord gets me out somehow.

It’s funny how a little piece of metal can prevent you from freedom. Damn you modern technology.

Luckily I went grocery shopping yesterday (which I never do), so I have some sustenance to tide me over. Unfortunately there are things inside my apartment that people in the outside world need, and I can’t get them out in a timely manner because I’m locked in.

So for now I wait for delicious freedom.



The family member with my extra set of keys now has to come to my building in order to let the lock guy in. The waiting and retardness continues.


My key ambassador and the lock guy have found each other downstairs. I CAN TASTE FREEDOM. It’s so close, yet so far away.


Er… trying the key did not work (of course). Now someone has to scale the fire escape and come through my window. This is a full rescue mission.
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Remembering September 11

I cannot believe it has been 6 years since 9/11 happened… so much has changed then, but the memory of that day still lingers on.

The New York Times has an interesting series of essays written by journalists who covered 9/11 for the Times.

Where were you, and what were you doing on 9/11?

Six years ago I was still in college, living in a 3rd Avenue dorm below 14th street. I had stayed up all night trying to finish my homework, so I had all my blinds shut and wasn’t watching TV. 3rd Avenue is normally a very noisy street anyway and I lived on the 2nd floor, so I didn’t even notice the sounds of fire trucks and emergency vehicles wailing down the street nor did I notice the increased pedestrian noise.

Around 11am I checked my computer (which had been on all night long) and saw some panicked IMs from people asking if I was ok. The night before I had put up this completely ominous away message–lyrics from Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic”–since I had been depressed about all the school work I had to do and unfortunately it still remained up. “Bones sinking like stones/ All that we’ve fought for/ All these places we’ve grown/All of us are done for.” I wrote back, “What are you talking about?” and they just told me to turn on the television.
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What I Did This Weekend

My internet at home had been down since Wed night, which totally blew. The first two days Time Warner insisted it was an “area shortage”. Then finally on Friday, they said it was just me and that I could book an appointment for NEXT Tuesday – Saturday. I was piiiiisssssssed. So I kept calling back until something opened up for Saturday, 2-6.

Around rolls Saturday and I’m stuck in my apartment from 2-6, waiting for the cable man to show up, and I have NO INTERNET. I was unsure what I should do for 4 hours with no ‘nets, so I started watching some DVDs I had from Netflix– Jesus Camp, and Evening Harder with Kevin Smith.

Jesus Camp scared the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. That one kid, Levi, with the rat’s tail hair was so intense and FOCUSED on spreading the word of Jesus… I was a bit terrified.

Then it gets past 6pm and still no cable man. I call up Time Warner and they’re all “your appointment has been moved to 6-9pm. WTF?!? How do they go ahead and change your appointment to an even LATER time and not even notify you. BOOO Time Warner and your craptastic customer service.

Finally the guy came around 7:30 and fixed my internets–and thanks to him I’m writing to you right now.

Sunday I decided to re-arrange my entire living room area, moving a bookcase from one side of the room to the other, and the sofa too…and basically moving every other lamp and piece of furniture in the room. Moving around all my furniture helped showcase the beautiful job that the Backseat Blogger had done hanging up my bestest birthday present ever–two giant C prints of two of my concert photos: One of The Sounds and one of Panic! at the Disco:


Aren’t they awesome?

Also on Sunday I checked out carpets downstairs at ABC Carpet and Home’s sale/remnant section. Holy crap! I never realized how expensive floor coverings are! If you have any good tips on floor coverings, send them my way. I was thinking of maybe doing the whole FLOR system thing–you know, the modular carpet squares you mix and match.

Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and scored some eeegggggcellent closet helpers in the form of “Freedom Rail“, which basically changed the way I keep my clothing. Brilliant.

Ok sleepytime now. Hope your weekend was just as productive.

TMA Archives: The Best of November 2001

I’ve been going through all my first posts, trying to categorize them and re-format them so they don’t look all wonky, and I’ve been reading some of THE MOST HILARIOUS posts ever.

You know, I started this site over five years ago when I was in college, and it’s just so amusing to read the types of things I was writing about and how I reacted to them. It seems as though in 2001 I *REALLY REALLY* liked The Strokes and White Stripes… Hahah. What a shocker.

Here are some of the more interesting posts I’ve come across. Relive “the good old days” with me, will ya?

The White Stripes signed their V2 Record deal in November 2001, taking them off indie label, Sympathy for the Record Industry.

The first time I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they were opening up for the Moldy Peaches at the Mercury Lounge.

I found a photo of Julian Casablancas’s parents.

I used to really hate Ryan Adams. Then one night I was so impressed by his idiocy that I began to like him. It’s amazing…you can see the exact moment I switched over to loving Ryan Adams.

I got stabbed at a Strokes show on Long Island.

Random Thoughts I Had on Fashion and Self Image…All Because of Lily Allen. This Post Will Make No Sense.

Recently I found someone came to this site on a search for “dress like lily allen”, and that got me thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe someone out there is actually searching for that!” So that got me thinking about Lily and fashion, so I did some searches of my own.

On a search for “Lily Allen fashion” I found a link to a MTV short about Lily talking about clothes. Ok, so I’m still not sure what “MTV Discover and Download” is supposed to be promoting besides confusion (a concert series? URGE?), but that video was part of a series ofshort videos of Lily Allen talking about her fashion style (be comfortable, wear brand new Nikes), her take on body image (she likes chili dogs, so what?), and her biggest promoter, the Internet.

Here are the clips:

Lily shopping at Wasteland, a LA vintage clothing store:

Body image (“Besides, I could never turn down a good hot dog”):

And her “checking messages” on the ‘Net:

It has been much rumored that Nike is desperate to sign Lily as a spokesperson based on her unabashed love of “trainers”. Said Lily about the brand: “I really like Nike trainers. I’m quite open about the fact that it’s like a guilty pleasure for me, even with the sweatshop aspect.” Err… not exactly what Nike has in mind for their next ad campaign, “A GUILTY PLEASURE…EVEN WITH THE SWEATSHOP ASPECT,” although if they did run that campaign, I’d be pretty impressed.

Now in the past I’ve commented that Lily’s jewelry is nothing that Puerto Rican girls haven’t been doing since the beginning of time (still true), but I haven’t yet commented on the ballgown + sneakers thing.

As a girl, I too understand that high heel shoes = uncomfortable and sneakers = more comfortable, so I’m fully in favor of wearing sneakers over shoes any day. Now where Lily can get away with being “quirky”, I have to agree with Fashion Style and Clothes when they plead with the rest of the world to NOT rock the Lily style. It looks cute on Lily, but dresses and sneakers makes me look like a retard trying to LOOK like Lily Allen.

I think it’s an important message to send to women, and especially young girls that it’s OK to look and feel the way that makes YOU feel good–to emulate fashion and style that reflects YOU, not some preconceived notion of how you think you’re supposed to look–whether it be Lindsay Lohan or even Lily Allen. Fashion and style is all about what speaks to you, and imitation is never the means to discovering who you are.

Now on the whole body image thing…I know we ALL have “Oh No They Didn’t” moments–where we totally have that urge to rip apart what another woman is wearing, or how badly her makeup looks, etc etc… it’s kinda unavoidable based on how many of us grew up saturated by media that is critical to how the female form looks. When I see terms like “thinspiration”–however tongue and cheek they may be, it makes me ANGRY and sad. No one should be starving themselves to be thin or rigorously counting calories every day.

Everyone in America feels fat, ALL THE TIME. Men, women, I’m sure even your dog feels fat because in the last 5 years, that’s all the media has been telling us, WE ARE BIG FAT AMERICANS. It is true that we do have a lot of overweight people in this country, and that’s not a good thing–not because people are “fat” but because it is sometimes unhealthy to be overweight and can lead to disease like heart disease and diabetes that can SHORTEN YOUR LIFE. Being bigger is FINE as long as you are in good health.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to all the ladies out there, keep on truckin’ on. And keep eating all the hamburgers you want.

Why Are Clothing Sizes So Out of Wack?

I’m so frustrated by clothing sizes. You know the drill–one designer’s 3 is another designer’s 0 is another designer’s 8. But what is up with this trend of SUPERTINY sizes? Banana Republic started selling size 00 in dresses and pants this year. THAT’S DOUBLE ZERO! Like how ridiculously small do you have to be to be smaller than “nothing” (literally)?

Rachel is in London right now, and I begged her to get me something from TopShop–aka “The Happiest Place on Earth”–and when she asked me what size I wore, I got all sorts of confused. Is UK 6 a US 2? But H&M sells size 4 which is a US 2 (I think). I looked at their website and saw that they too sold a size 4, which I assumed was the size I needed. But upon looking at my old TopShop stuff, looks like I’m a 6 and the size 4s are a completely new phenomenon–one that is disturbing quite a few people. How small is too small? Are retailers pandering to a thin-obsessed culture?

Granted, there is a huge tween market to be selling to–females stuck somewhere between being a girl and being a woman, their bodies in all sorts of awkward proportions. But I gotta say, walking into a store like Abercrombie (the tween line of Abercrombie & Fitch) and seeing minuscule size 10s with leg pant widths that do not even span the with of a dollar bill kinda disturbs me. Looking at the sales girls, all of 15 or 16 years of age wearing microscopic miniskirts and flimsy tank tops–I just scream in my head “WHY ARE THESE YOUNG GIRLS DRESSING LIKE ADULTS?!”–trying to imitate celebs like Nicole Richie. I dunno, there just seems to be something wrong with gangly bodies squeezed into tiny tiny hookers-in-training gear. But hey, if there’s a market for children’s beauty pagents, I guess there’s a slightly disturbed market for super-young sexy clothes.


Lily Allen Rips the NME a New One…I Applaud

Holy smokes. Although I think Lily Allen is a bit overrated, I do have to give some props to the lady for sticking it to the N.M.E. for not devoting the cover of the “Cool List” issue to the women who topped the list.

Frankly, that is a lot of bull, and Lily has a right to be a bit miffed, given the fact that NME have been making a big to-do about the fact that there are a lot of women topping this year’s list…but apparently they are not cool enough to put on the front of the magazine.

Everyone knows there’s sexism and stereotypes involving female musicians. Rock chicks are totally outnumbered by dudes, not only onstage, but in newsrooms, and in photo pits. There are great publications like Venus that make it their mission to focus on interesting and creative women in the arts, but the real hurdle to jump is getting people to give the same amount of respect and reverence to female and male rockers–on an even playing field. That means without the women being sexualized and lauded for how pretty they look, but also how well they do their jobs: Being ridiculously talented musicians.

Of course this is a constant battle–that men can be as ugly as sin (and even drug addicts, alcoholics, or worse) and still be successful musicians, but women have to keep up appearances if they want to survive/succeed. Off the top of my head, there are only a few women who I can think of that are allowed to be as crazy as they want, dress however they want, do whatever types of projects they want, but still comand a level of respect that people like Jack White are able to maintain. Those few women include Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Bjork.

In any case, I really have to agree with Lily’s slightly over-dramatic blog post on MySpace. Here are the best bits:

I was aproached by them [NME] again , with regards to the “Cool List Issue 2006” , five women had made it into the top 10 and, subsequently we (the women) were asked to pose for photos to be the main feature for the cover . As I said before , I vowed not to work with them again , but as the context was so important ie; a a strong female presence in music . I thought i might as well put aside my differences and do it .

I mean how fucking patronising ” you can still rock a crowd wearing stilletos ”
Is that all we are , stilleto wearing people , is that all he could say ,that we brought a ” new energy” to the music scene . Don’t make me sick, we’ve always been here you arrogant prick, this was your chance to actually show you meant it. And instead you put Muse on the cover. Cause you thought that your readers might not buy a magazine with an overweight lesbian and a not particularly attractive looking me, on the front . Wankers.

Seriously, do we really need another picture of Matt Bellamy’s mug this year? A man who was only the 27th coolest person in music? I think not.

Link from MV.

Happy Turkey Day!

Today is the day where everyone text messages me at 11am while I’m still sleeping. Their texts say “Happy Thanksgiving” but what they really mean is, “Please save me from my family and/or the people I’ve chosen to spend this holiday with”. Or maybe my friends are just enthusiastic about holidays before 12 noon.

In any case, I’m now semi-awake. Looks rainy out, so I’m sure that’s put a damper on the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and there’s a mystery beeping noise in the kitchen of unknown origin.

I saw Casino Royal last night. It wasn’t as A-MAZing as I thought it was going to be, I prefer movies like the Bourne Identity better, but it was pretty good and Daniel Craig is awesome and has crazy eyes.

I still want to know what happens in the 2 episodes of “Dexter” I haven’t seen (episodes 8, 9), but don’t tell me!

Gotta go put on my Sunday best…

My Favorite Thing to Do Is Go Shopping at the Mall

This weekend I was in Washington DC/ Maryland for early Thanksgiving festivities with some very special people and riding around, looking at all the monuments and tourists stuff in the car was fun, BUT the most fascinating thing I did all weekend was go to a regular ol’ suburban mall in Maryland.

Since I live in the city, I’m always really excited to have a car and to go to big huge malls. When we went to the Target, I almost had a nervous breakdown because they had almost the ENTIRE Behnaz line with every size available. I’d never SEEN so many specialty items in one spot. They even had the amazing black trenchcoat–and the only size available was an XS!! When does that EVER happen in the city?

Then I found this other store in the mall called Up Against the Wall, which totally BLEW MY MIND because not only did they have Beyonce’s House of Dereon line, but they also had the low-end Gwen Stefani line, Harajuku Lovers, and the low-end Heatherette line, which I think I knew existed somewhere in the back of my head. It was just funny to see them all in one place–I guess I never go to any stores where they carry that stuff, but I was fascinated by the fact that somewhere a Maryland teenager is walking around wearing Heatherette clothing.