Will Chase Commits Crime Against Indierockdom

As much as I love to support Broadway theater, and as much as I love the fact that Will Chase is a former cast member of RENT, I found his interview with New York magazine to be…well…upsetting. Will is going to be the lead role in the musical theater adaptation of Nick Hornby‘s uber-music geek book, High Fidelity.

Check out this embarrassing exchange between Will and writer Jada Yuan:

NY Mag: Have you studied the clerks at Other Music?

Chase: You mean, what other music do I like?

No, I meant Other Music, the store.

Oh, other music stores?

Never mind.

Will Chase is obviously not a method actor.

This Restaurant Is Making Me Cry

An entire restaurant devoted to Mac ‘n’ Cheese?!??!!? Holy crap, I’m about to cry. As you may know, M ‘n’ C is one of my favorite foods, so you can imagine how chuffed I was when I read about S’MAC, on 1st Ave and 12th Street, in New York magazine this week. SIGN ME UP!

Do You Think Andy Pemberton Is Behind All of This?

So SPIN Editor-in-Chief Andy Pemberton resigned yesterday and now SPIN.com is down for the count. Coincidence??? Hmmm…

When you log onto the site you get a lovely GoDaddy.com message telling you the site is “coming soon”. But don’t start gearing up your WhoIs searches, the domain is not available for purchase. It’s parked until 2010…probably when they’ll get around to covering news from 2006.

I like imagining that in a fit of rage, just before resigning, Andy ran through the SPIN hallways and pulled out all the Ethernet connections on everyone’s computer and threw his shoe at the site server screaming, “TAKE THAT YOU BLOODY MACHINE!” What? You don’t think so?

spin is coming soon

Come on SPIN, we hardly knew ya!

UPDATE: SPIN.com is back up. They were switching servers when the glitch happened. Ah computers, gotta love ’em.

Rolling Stone Discovers Those Funny Little Things Called “Blogs”

So there’s this thing I keep hearing about, something called “the internet.” Then there’s this other really neat sounding thing I also keep hearing about, it’s called “blogs.” I read all about it in Rolling Stone, because they have a new “blog” on the “internet”: Rock and Roll Daily.

All kidding aside, please read it because my friend Lizzie writes a lot of the stuff on there and she’s a genius and the most beautiful rock journo you will ever meet.

PS- Pete Wentz Hates Meeting Y’all On MySpace

While dispensing vital dating advice to Jane, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz made the following comment:

People meeting on MySpace, I think it’s just the most terrible way to get to know somebody.

GOLD! That is my favorite quote of the week. Do you agree/disagree with that statment?

Oh, and for the record, Pete prefers “chance encounters”…let’s just hope not of the George Michael kind. Hey, he’s kinda halfway there, don’t you think?

EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 19, 2006: To anyone reading this post, I’ve started a new Web site: SO MORE SCENE.com, where I talk about Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday and other bands of that nature, so please check it out if you like reading content just like this!

Live from NYC: The Reading Festival [Canceled]

Product Shop NYC presents: THE READING FESTIVAL

reading festival nyc

featuring Chuck Klosterman, Marc Spitz, Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn”, Andy Greenwald, Caryn Ganz, and more special guests to be announced


116 Suffolk Street (corner of Rivington)

Thursday, April 27th

7PM-9PM Event, Begins Promptly at 7PM

$5 Cover

UPDATE: Rothko will not be open tonight due to “structural problems”…this event is currently looking for a new venue.

FINAL UPDATE (Email from Product Shop NYC):

Hello –

I am very sorry to announce that tonight’s THE READING FESTIVAL has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, Rothko was shut down due to structure violations and we could not secure an alternate venue in time.

Product Shop NYC would like to thank Marc Spitz, Chuck Klosterman, Caryn Ganz, Sarah Lewitinn, and Andy Greenwald. Go buy all their fabulous books! We also want to thank our surprise music guest (whom we still are not legally allowed to reveal) for offering to play an acoustic set.

We’d especially like to thank you, the nearly 200 people who rsvp’d for the event! Stay tuned to Product Shop NYC for future kicks ass events.

The Strokes Begrudgingly Attend Rolling Stone’s Party?

According to reports published in WWD today, The Strokes have gotten into a tiff over money with Wenner Media over their compensation fee for playing Rolling Stone’s 1,000 issue celebration next week. It is rumored that Wenner originally made a verbal agreement for an undisclosed sum to the rock ‘n’ rollers but have since scaled back the amount offered.

A conflicting report from another snitch disputed that claim, stating the band tried to pull a fast one on Wenner and inflated their booking fee, to which Wenner bargained them back down to the original asking price.

It’s also rumored that The Strokes weren’t even supposed to be the headlining act, rather an opener to a more estabilshed rock group like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen. Who’s taking the place of the Heartbreaker and The Boss? Uh…Paul Shaffer, of course.