Vampire Weekend Hit the Glossies

New York City homies Vampire Weekend are quickly becoming as ubiquitous as MacBook Air commercials–currently gracing the cover of the music magazine for the “blawg-rockers”, SPIN and now they are featured in the new issue of Nylon magazine:

nylon vampire weekend
(Bigger photo on

The shots were taken at Tom & Jerry’s bar in the East Village by TMA friend Vorrasi. We were lucky enough to be on hand for the shoot. Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot:
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Does Lindsay Lohan Have Big Saggy Boobs?

Little did I realize that while I was watching Just My Luck last night on HBO that I would be checking out Lindsay Lohan’s naked breasts the very next day. It seems as though someone at New York magazine had the brilliant idea to let photographer Bert Stern recreate his famous Marilyn Monroe “The Last Sitting” photo shoot using La Lohan in place of the legendary blonde bombshell.

lindsay lohan as marilyn monroe

There are a few things that make me sad about this photo essay:

1. I hate seeing photographers who have done some amazing work in the bast totally biting off their own sh-t as they get older. Bert Stern has totally jumped the shark.

2. Whereas Marilyn looked like a beautiful mess in her photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan just looks like a mess in the obviously fake platinum wig, and a haggard looking face.

3. I’m not interested in seeing Lindsay’s boobs EVER AGAIN. It just seems so… desperate. Trying to be Marilyn + boobs + bad wig = disaster.

Debate over the sag of Lindsay’s rack, and a NSFW picture of her boobs after the jump.
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Post Chronicle Writer Jim Brogan Artlessly Re-purposes My Article

I woke up this morning to find my blog post about this weekend’s Marty Crandall/Elyse Sewell’s mash-up in Sacramento totally re-purposed without any attribution by The Post Chronicle writer Jim Brogan. (Thanks for the notes from readers who also noticed!)

Mr. Brogan has blatantly taken my January 5th blog post–swapping in synonyms every now and then–and posted it as his own.

Some examples:


OK, so fans of ANTM Season 1 will already know a little something about Elyse Sewell. For those who don’t, Elyse was the awesome chick from the first season of ANTM who famously hated all the other b-tches in the house and was bored out of her mind talking to all the vapid airheads she was forced to live with.

She was the cool chick with the short hair and was often seen wearing Shins t-shirts, since she was the girlfriend of The Shins keyboardist, Marty Crandall.

Since being on ANTM, Elyse has successfully been working as a model, mainly in the Asian markets (because Asians like dark-haired pale, skinny white people?) and from what I can surmise from reading her LiveJournal blog every now and then, her and Marty had an intense on-off relationship for a number of years.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

Fans of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model Season 1 will know Elyse Sewell. (See YouTube videos) For those who do not, Elyse was the gal from the first season of ANTM who famously despised all the other babes in the house.

Sewell often appeared completely bored and impatient yapping with the other vapid airheads she was forced to share a dwelling with. She had short hair and could often be seen wearing Shins t-shirts.

She and Marty would go on to have an intense on-off relationship for around seven years.


If anyone wants to spring $25,000, you can probably get really great seats to the next Shins show.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

If anyone wants To pony-up $25,000 for The New Slang star, you can probably get really good seats to the next Shins show.

Sound familiar, hmmm??

Yup, I thought so too.

You can let the Post Chronicle know how you feel about Jim Brogan’s story by sending them some feedback courtesy of their “Contact Us” web form or by emailing them directly at

Other publications like the Wilamette Week were capable of writing their own stories and giving proper attribution.

White Stripes to Release “Rag and Bone” Free with NME June 6

The Stripey love of the UK continues, with a very special release of “Rag and Bone,” the first release of material off of Icky Thump, being distributed free with an issue of NME on June 6.

According to NME:

The track will be pressed onto red vinyl, while the flipside will feature a etching designed exclusively by Jack White and will come in special gatefold packaging featuring more artwork by the band.

Following the exclusive release with NME, the band will then release their album’s title track, ‘Icky Thump’, as a single on June 11…

To get hold of the unique release all readers have to do is buy the NME which hits UK newsstands on June 6. Details of how those outside Britain will be able to pre-order this unique issue will be available nearer the time on NME.COM.

Want to know what the cover of the first single, “Icky Thump” will look like? Check it out on

Badly Drawn Boy and “Eat the Document” Author For Freez at B&N on March 7

In one of those perfect storm moments, Barnes & Nobel’s “Upstairs at the Square” series of free discussions with leading artists has totally hit the nail on the head with the pairing of British singer/songwriter/all around inspiring dude, Badly Drawn Boy with Dana Spiotta, the author of Eat the Document (the book, not the Bob Dylan documentary).

Another big win for this excellent event series.

Admission is free, and no tickets are required. Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The talkin’ starts at 7pm.

Rolling Stone to Reinvent the MySpace Wheel?

Nope, it’s not another reality television show. I haven’t put too much thought into this theory, but judging from a recent job listing for an Executive Editor at Rolling Stone in the New media department, it seems as though RS has ideas of a new website brewing. How do I figure this out? Well first off, check out the job responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Rolling Stone magazine seeks a digitally experienced Executive Editor to create a music discovery site that features new, emerging artists both signed and unsigned; and provide an opportunity for artists and music enthusiasts to interact with one another. Artists will be enabled to mobilize their fanbase, and consumers will be exposed to new talent. Responsibilities include developing, launching, and managing this new venture.

Hmmm…that kinda sounds like this other website I’ve been too–maybe you’ve heard of it–I think it’s called MySpace. Or what about But I’m guessing in the new RS venture, it will be more editorially driven–you know, like a…uh…blog? But with REAL reporting done by REAL editors with REAL words.

Or something…


And I Am Telling You…Jennifer Hudson on the Cover of Vogue

WIN! Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson is on the cover of the new issue of Vogue!!! This totally blows my mind. I can’t believe Anna allowed someone bigger than a negative zero on the cover.

jennifer hudson

Beyonce, however, is stuck being half-naked on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Yawn.

beyonce sports illustrated

Who’s stealing who’s thunder?

You realize when J.Hud comes out with a solo record, it’s gonna be HUGETASTIC.