A Tiny Pictures Speaks a Thousand Words

Here is a tiny tiny version of the cover art for the new Whirlwind Heat album, Types of Wood, that was sent out in an addVice email.

According to the Whirlwind Heat official Web site, the photo was taken by Terry Richardson and the model is Susan Eldridge.

When I first saw this image I said, “oh no they DIDN’T!” But then I had to deal with the facts and admit, “oh yes they DID.” Richardson is known for his sexually charged outré photography, and I believe this cover shot definitely reflects his signature style. The symbolism is obvious–it’s a wood bat, and she’s…er…lovingly licking it–but is it too much? You decide.

whirlwind heat types of wood

On a side note, I’m absolutely amazed to find out that someone has a very pretty in pink fansite devoted to Susan! For more photos of Susan (not slobbering up a baseball bat), visit the Golden Fiddle.

UPDATE: Here’s the Mama bear version, as found on their PR company’s site. Thanks to Amber for the link to this thread.

whirlwind heat types of wood

The Streets: Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

Tonight I went to a listening party at Fontana’s for The Streets‘ new album Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, which drops April 10 in the UK and April 25 in the US. See, the problem with listening parties is every time I go to one, I just end up talking to people rather than listening to the music. Bringing together publicists, label people, and music writers (not to mention the presence of alcohol) is kinda a bad idea if you have the intent of really taking note of the music playing. So basically I have nothing to report on the new sound of Mikey Skinner, who btw, is one of my favorite artists. I am a bad reporter.

However, what I can tell you is The Streets’ new single “When You Wasn’t Famous” drops in a month and 12 days. (I know this because the official Streets site has a countdown ticker.) One of the tracks on the album will feature a choir. And the video for “WYWF” was filmed with Skins in a rehab clinic. I know these things because I read the Streets blog on Myspace. You can too.

On a related note, you can check out photographer Ewen Spencer‘s show “Open Mic” for a return exhibition in London now until March 3, 2006 at the Social Sciences Building, City University, St Johns St, London EC1. It’s open 10am – 8.30pm Monday to Friday. Free admission. Can’t make it to the show? You can buy the book. It’s 64 pages and includes some words by Mikey Skinner.

Stellastarr* Seeks Couples Willing to Smooch for Photoshoot and DOP Try Out New Material

From me ol’ email box, a message from Michael Stellastarr*: The band seeks real-life couples to pose for an upcoming SS* single cover. Read on:

Hey everyone. Got a question for you…

This Saturday afternoon. 12:30pm – 3ish.
Stellastarr* is doing a photo shoot to make the Single Cover for our song “Love and Longing”.

And we need COUPLES or PEOPLE DATING to be in the photo–together.

The Image: Black & White photo. In central park. Winter time. Couple in foreground, full on kissing ­Hollywood style. In a romantic location where couples like to kiss. Many other couples in background. All are kissing the same passionate way. As a matter of fact, Everyone visible in the shot are happy couples romantically kissing.

The Effect: Observing the world in love. Everyone is in love. Are you? (i.e. Love and longing) We are looking for Classy, and hopefully bittersweet.

Photographer: Jasper Coolidge

Everyone who would like to be involved, please:

1. Email me back (michael @ stellastarr.com) saying you are in, and have a “date”. Sorry, but we are a horrible match-making service, and cannot find you someone to kiss. Plus the photo will look better if the subjects are actual couples.

2. Meet us Saturday Afternoon at 12:30pm at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Look for me. We’ll wait around for a few minutes for people to arrive, then walk to the location, inside Central Park.

3. Invite other couples. The more, the better.

What do you get out of it? You get to be on a stellastarr* single cover! You get to be in a cool, artsy photo. And hopefully have a nice Saturday afternoon in Central Park, making out with your significant other. Kinda romantic, isn’t it? (And it’s pleasantly happening right near Valentines Day)

The weather forecast is high of 50 degrees that day, mostly clear with 30% chance of showers. Just in case, bring umbrellas. That might be an interesting twist element to the concept.

Thanks to everyone who can help,

In other local band news, Dirty On Purpose are taking their show on the road again to 3 cities on the east coast and of course some hometown shows. Catch them on Feb 17th at Northsix (w/ Oakley Hall (ex-Oneida), Hopewell, Jaymay). They will be playing songs off of their upcoming April 2006 LP on North Street Records.

For My British Friends

Dear people who probably bought up all the Raconteurs 7″ vinyls today, just wanted to give you the heads up on this awesome showcase of live bands (The Long Blondes are playing!) happening in London this week. The concert showcases take place in conjunction with rock photographer Dean Chalkley‘s exhibition at the Spitz Gallery. He’s the man responsible for numerous great NME cover shots and photoshoots.

now stand tall

Speaking of great rock photos, Daniel Boud finally gave into to all my nagging and posted his photos of the White Stripes from Big Day Out.

Lou Reed Exhibits His Photography in NYC

Starting January 20th, music legend Lou Reed will have two similtaneous exhibits of his New York City photography. You can catch him at the Steven Kasher Gallery in West Chelsea and at the Gallery at Hermes.

All of the photos were shot on a digital camera, so maybe the next time you’re at a hipster concert and some old dude with glasses is snapping away next to you, you might want to think twice before rolling your eyes at him–maybe it’s Lou Reed. (I’m kidding…I think.)

Also, found this quote from a recent NY Magazine interview amusing:

Could the Strokes exist without you?

Of course they could exist without me. Everybody and everything could exist without me. For sure.

Lou Reed Snapper

Lou Reed Topple