Nickel Eye’s First US Show @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, CMJ 2008

Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture performed tonight with his new pet project/band, Nickel Eye. They played a number of songs, including “Back from Exile”:

and “Brandy of the Damned”:

Unless I missed something, no other Strokes appeared at the Music Hall tonight.

The first song the band played was my favorite… airy, with beautiful harmonies sung by Joel Cadbury and Jamie McDonald of South. (They flew over from England in order to play the show!)

The crowd was far from packed, but there were a good number of people there—surprisingly the crowd looked pretty young (were all the older-timers out in Manhattan?) with a disproportionate amount of Asian girls up in the front.

One blonde girl, who I think likened herself to being the Brooklyn version of Miley Cyrus was hooting and hollering at Nikolai the whole time, shouting out things like “I LUUUUVVV YOUUUU NIIIKOOOOLAAAIIII!” and “YOU HAVE A GREAT A** NIKOLAIIIIII!” Charming, as you can imagine.
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Bob Gruen’s Opening at the Morrison Gallery

In the midst of watching the new episode of Gossip Girl (Michelle Trachtenberg, really? Vampire Weekend‘s “Campus” playing during a Brooklyn scene?) I’m finding time to log in some quick updates during the commercial breaks.


Last Thursday I headed over to the new Morrison Hotel Gallery, now located on the Bowery in the former location of the CBGB’s Gallery. What for? The opening of rock photographer Bob Gruen’s new show, “Rockers,” which features photos of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, the White Stripes, and his famed photographs of John Lennon wearing that “New York City” tshirt.

Some famous faces popped in to take a look at the shots: Yoko Ono dressed all in black with shades and a floppy hat was in and out very early, and later Debbie Harry strolled in, all dolled up in a body-hugging champagne-colored floral dress.

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Vampire Weekend Hit the Glossies

New York City homies Vampire Weekend are quickly becoming as ubiquitous as MacBook Air commercials–currently gracing the cover of the music magazine for the “blawg-rockers”, SPIN and now they are featured in the new issue of Nylon magazine:

nylon vampire weekend
(Bigger photo on

The shots were taken at Tom & Jerry’s bar in the East Village by TMA friend Vorrasi. We were lucky enough to be on hand for the shoot. Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot:
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Does Lindsay Lohan Have Big Saggy Boobs?

Little did I realize that while I was watching Just My Luck last night on HBO that I would be checking out Lindsay Lohan’s naked breasts the very next day. It seems as though someone at New York magazine had the brilliant idea to let photographer Bert Stern recreate his famous Marilyn Monroe “The Last Sitting” photo shoot using La Lohan in place of the legendary blonde bombshell.

lindsay lohan as marilyn monroe

There are a few things that make me sad about this photo essay:

1. I hate seeing photographers who have done some amazing work in the bast totally biting off their own sh-t as they get older. Bert Stern has totally jumped the shark.

2. Whereas Marilyn looked like a beautiful mess in her photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan just looks like a mess in the obviously fake platinum wig, and a haggard looking face.

3. I’m not interested in seeing Lindsay’s boobs EVER AGAIN. It just seems so… desperate. Trying to be Marilyn + boobs + bad wig = disaster.

Debate over the sag of Lindsay’s rack, and a NSFW picture of her boobs after the jump.
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M.I.A. Looks Worse for the Wear in New Marc Jacobs Ads

I’m seriously pissed at Juergen Teller. First he made Meg White look a little bit like a dear caught in the headlights in his shots of her for the spring/summer 2006 Marc Jacobs campaign. Now he’s gone and made one of the most stylish and sexiest woman in today’s music scene look drab and lifeless. See the following shots of MIA for Marc by Marc Jacob’s spring/summer 2008 line.

mia for marc jacobs 2008

Ugh! It’s like no one involved in this campaign has ever heard of good photography OR Photoshop. It looks like MIA just stumbled into the set half drunk and asleep. I’m not sure how they managed to pick the most unflattering pictures of her as possible, but they’ve gone and done it.

mia for marc jacobs 2008

Sorry, you’re just not going to sell me on the whole “ugly is beautiful” thing. I already lived through the ’80s.

Crumpler Art Bag Auction

Aussie bag company Crumpler is having its first ever Art Bag Auction here in NYC. They are having two parties: one to open, September 21st, and another to close the event, September 24th.

The artists involved have designed one-of-a-kind high fashion messanger bags to be auctioned with all of the money going to Art Start and Like the Spice.

I myself have a Crumpler camera bag, and I absolutely love it. Their stuff is so well-made and looks good. Highly recommended.

crumpler auction

Justin Timberlake’s “Futuresex/Lovesounds” Is Totally “Retro”?

All the reviews are saying Justin Timberlake‘s new album, Futuresex/Lovesounds, is totally retro because it sounds like an old Prince album.

But how come no one is talking about the other blast from the past factor of the LP? Anyone else think that the cover of his album (shot by Terry Richardson) looks very similar to the cover of the New Order Retro box set, which came out in 2002?

Take a look…

justin timberlake futuresex/lovesongs
new order retro