March Madness: Alone, Together Lottery Ticket

You know how when people get up in age, they can turn into a crazy old cat lady? Well I’m realizing that after 20 days of consecutively posting about old Strokes memorabilia for Strokes March Madness month, I’m in the danger zone for being the archetype “crazy old Strokes lady.”

Despite that chilling possibility, I’m going to make good on my promise and keep posting these oldies but goodies until the end of the month.

I found this totally random Alone, Together lottery ticket in my pile o’ stuff. I can’t really remember what the ticket was supposed to win you. Maybe some special ticket to an upcoming show? A signed photo? A free hug from someone at Wiz Kid? Can anyone recall?

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March Madness: The Strokes Window Decal

I used to have this fairly large Strokes logo window decal stuck to my college dorm room window, facing a busy New York City avenue. It was my way of telling the world, that a Strokes fan was dwelling behind the constantly closed blinds.

I actually have no recollection of where I got the decal — I must’ve swiped it from a record store or something.

However, I do remember one time I heard a Strokes songs coming up through the vents in my suite. I totally freaked out, running out into the hallway, putting my ear next to all the neighboring doors, then inspecting the floor above me, but I couldn’t locate the source. It was only a couple months later that I figured out that the tunes were coming from the very cool owner of the shop directly below my room.

Every day in March I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archive. Please tweet or FB like if you enjoy where this is going.

March Madness: Nick Valensi @ The Vanderbilt

On November 29, 2001 The Strokes played a headlining show at a now defunct music venue on Long Island called The Vanderbilt. The openers were The Moldy Peaches and The Realistics and tickets were a whopping $16.50.

According to a diary entry I wrote at the time, the crowd was very young due to the fact that it was an all-ages venue. I remember the crowd was pretty intense, with huge dudes pushing tiny little girls in the front into the barricades. I also distinctly remember feeling a sharp pain around my buttocks during the show, and only later that night did I realize the vicious girl that was standing behind me had actually stabbed me with a broken drumstick that she caught during The Realistics’ set.

During the show things got even more rowdy and Julian Casablancas had to tell the crowd to “stop the fighting” and Fab Moretti stage dove into the audience… twice.

I was at the show with a couple friends, one of which was this crazy French girl I became friends with via the Internet. After the show she decided we were all going to sneak backstage, which we did with moderate ease, and while back there we managed to snag some shots with some of the band members.

Here’s a photo that was taken of guitarist Nick Valensi that night. He looks so young in this photo… and all sorts of confused.

Nick Valensi
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February So Far…

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been busy this month…

Running around Chinese New Year parades

Attending Super Bowl parties

And visiting the most magical place on Earth!