Tapes ‘n Tapes So Wish They Were VHS or Beta

Sorry, that was my obligatory bad joke of the day…

The Tapes ‘n Tapes show at Rothko last night was totally packed. I just barely got in right before they stopped letting people in–even if they were on the guest list.

I was curious to see them, in part because of BV’s semi-obsessive postings about them over the last week. (Get that man a life-long Tapes ‘n Tapes fanclub card.) I went in not expecting much. I ran into Jason, who was running the event, while on the line for the bathroom and I said, “so Tapes ‘n Tapes–are they cute at least? I saw some pictures of the internet and they didn’t look cute.” Jason insisted that they were somewhat adorable and that I should pay particular attention to the drummer.

When I went upstairs and got within view of the band, I could see why Jason had said that. The drummer was indeed cute in that totally nerdy indie rock way–small little sweater, thick plastic frame glasses, quiet demeanor, etc. (Think Counter Commons.) But I was it just me or was the dude who I call “the filler band member” aka–“the dude on keyboards” also really cute? He looked like Hamilton from the Walkmen‘s younger stoner brother as he looked spacey and shook the sleigh bells.

Right now half of you are rolling your eyes because you don’t want to read about how cute I think some of the guys in the band are or aren’t. You probably want to hear what I thought about the actual MUSIC the band was playing. Ok FINE.

Musically I found Tapes ‘n Tapes to be…unmemorable. As I left the venue I told Jason “I think I need to get a dick, because I didn’t get it. I mean it sounded like music dudes in college would listen to,” and you know what that means. Performance-wise the band was lackluster, as I anticipated. However there was one moment during the show that I found beyond amusing. Mid-way through the set the cute “filler band member” starts flinging himself across the stage, resulting in him falling across the stage. Then he proceeded to get up and do the same thing again, once again falling across the stage. It was like watching your pet fish jump out of the tank and flounder around on the tabletop. Brilliant…or an amazing physical manifestation of “filler band member’s” onstage boredom.

Oh well.


Tapes 'n Tapes

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More of Morningwood

No, it’s not a Suicide Girls event, it’s more photos from Morningwood‘s show at Bowery Ballroom.

I’d only seen Morningwood once before during Siren Festival, so this was the first “real” stage show I’d seen them do. I think that their album is very fun to listen to in the privacy of your own home, but as a live band they are a bit too gimmicky for me to need to see them more than once. There are only so many times I can stand through skinny white girls getting naked onstage before starting to feel all “daddy bad-touch” if you know what I mean. And there also only so many times I can stand next to barely 18-year-old college girls wearing ponytails as they sing “I wanna take off your clothes!” into my ears.



Racier pictures after the jump. May be NSFW.
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M-O-R-N-I-N-G-W-O-O-D Plays Bowery Ballroom

Dear Morningwood, I’m sending you my dry cleaning bill in a few days because when your troupe of undergarment-wearing dancers came and sprayed the audience with champagne you got it all over my silk shirt. Thanks. But the show was fun. The gaggle of 18-year-old girls surrounding me were having a blast throwing confetti. I still have the sparkles stuck in some of my body’s crevices.

The Exit also played, and I manged to catch most of their set. I was surprised how much they rocked. Really strong musicianship.


Turning Japanese: 50 Kaitens Rock the LES

Imagine if the Ramones and the Beatles decided they were going to form one band. Now imagine if they only sang in Japanese. Are you with me? Because that’s the only way I can describe the 50 Kaitens.

I saw them last night at Pianos and I was left utterly speechless by what I saw. They had an out-of-control frenetic energy, jumping around the stage as if something was going to electrocute them if they stayed on the ground more than 5 seconds. It was unbelievable.

Decked out in matching teal blue blazers, white shrits, black ties, and skinny black pants, they could probably give The Hives a run for their money in the style department. They made the most ridiculous “rock god” poses throughout the show, but in combination with Rodney Dangerfield-esque bug-eye facial expressions.

I honestly do NOT remember what I heard, or what even happened during that performance–it’s all a blur. But what I can say is that it’s a sight to be seen. They are fantastic entertainers, a remarkably tight band, and hysterically funny.

You can catch them again at Pianos on Monday…if you dare to be rocked.



More photos on Flickr.

Lessons Learned at “Calling All Kids”: Dudes Love Backpacks

I stayed up past my bedtime and headed over to Audrey‘s new weekly Wednesday night party at Sapphire, “Calling All Kids”. Going to this party is like hitting a fiesta at one of your friend’s apartments, except your friend’s apartment doesn’t have a built-in bar and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling…or does it?

How hysterical is the picture below of Ari clinging on to his bro Josh? (You know them from the band The Upwelling) It’s either brotherly love, or a mutual adoration of backpacks. You decide.

Ari and Josh

More photos on Flickr.



Well that was…fun?

UPDATE: Today (Wednesday) I tried riding my bike to work, a feat I’ve only attempted once before in the summer. Let me tell you this, it’s not as much fun riding your bike to work in the dead of winter. It took me 45 minutes to ride to work, which was shorter than the hour it took me to walk home last night, but I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing tomorrow if the strike is still on.

Tuesday Night Is Just Like Saturday Night with Diamond Nights

I’m really tired, but just wanted to say that Diamond Nights at Bowery Ballroom last night was awesome. They are getting to be such a great live band. It was such an “interactive” show–with Morgan making people sing along to “Saturday Night”, pulling up a gaggle of girls (and a few dudes) to dance on stage during “The Girl’s Attractive,” and for the finale, Morgan jumping into the crowd for the last song of the evening.

I took photos, some of which you can see on my Flickr account…ok I’m going to go pass out now.





Ryan Adams Loves Puppies

Ok, so today we established that the YYY’s Karen O loves kitties, but now I have to remind you that Ryan Adams loves puppies.

This past weekend I was walking in the West Village when I stoppped to look at 3 black-haired puppies that were in a pet store window. Only moments later, Ryan Adams strolled past the store and also stopped to look at the puppies. After taking a good look at them, I saw him go into the store and look at them from the partition. Through the glass I could see him gesticulating to the man who owned the store–pointing to one of the dogs and asking questions. After a few moments, he sauntered further into the store. Not sure if he bought the puppy and/or dog food.

The following photo was sent to me…it may or may not have been taken by the group of Japanese tourists that were also looking at the pups.

Does Ryan Adams want to know how much IS that doggie in the window?

Coldplay Superfan Strikes Again

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater 2005

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater 2005

Gwyneth and her posse

Tonight’s Coldplay show at the Beacon Theater was a bit better than last night’s Storytellers in terms of energy. Probably due to the fact that there were simply loads more people present to scream, cheer, and clap.

Set list: Square One, Politik, God Put A Smile, Speed of Sound, Warning Sign, Yellow, Low, Till Kingdom Come, Clocks, What If Encores: A Message, In My Place, Fix You

More later…I’m pooped!

More over at Product Shop NYC

Where Do I Begin?

Gosh, so much has happened in the last week, I don’t even know where to begin! So all of the following information is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Sondre Lerche at Irving Plaza 2004

Here’s one for your datebook! I was totally stoked to hear that my favorite Norwegian pop star (sorry Kurt Nielsen!), Sondre Lerche will be doing a special in-store performance at Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn, at 4 PM on Saturday June 4. And as we all know by now, Sondre Lerche has been living in BK for months, so think of this as a “hometown gig.”

Check out the new Web site for Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Please buy the new album, Cold Roses. I love Ryan Adams and I absolutely love this album. The song “Let It Ride” is fantastic.

The Shout Out Louds

The phenomenal Swedish pop band, The Shout Out Louds, returns to the Bowery Ballroom on June 8. I managed to catch them briefly in February and was totally surprised by how great they are live. And I suppose since The Dears are the headliner to this gig, there are going to be lots of sensitive souls in the audience.

This horrifyingly weird news broke while I was away as well… The Wedgie has married country singer Kenny Cheseny after a whirlwind courtship. WTF is going on there? I’m sure Jack White (who made a guest appearance at the LA Brendan Benson show–Link from Whatevs) is taking it in stride.

In other White Stripes news, they got themselves a new Flash-tastic Web site. Check it out! Link from the Tremelo. Also, the video for “Black Orchid was shot by Floria Sigismondi, not Michel Gondry…as the rumor mill reported.

Does anyone else find it odd that Natalie Imbruglia‘s latest song is titled “Shiver”? Am I the only one who remembers Chris Martin saying in a BBC Radio 1 interview many moons ago that the source of inspiration for Coldplay‘s song “Shiver,” off their debut album Parachutes, was Natalie Imbruglia? Chris said something about being a lonely sad student and sitting at home watching the Aussie soap “Neighbors.” He said he had a huge crush on Imbruglia, who starred on the show, and wrote “Shiver” based on some remote feelings for her–a girl he would never ever meet or have contact with, even though he felt like he fancied her quite a bit.

Of course after Coldplay became successful, Chris ended up meeting Natalie at Glastonbury in 2002, where they were quickly rumored to be a hot item. (Apparently false.)

Er…did I seem like a creepy Coldplay fan just there? Sorry about that, but it’s the perfect lead-in to my next item…

Coldplay are taking over NYC next week! The lovely British lads are dishing themselves out to ever huge conglomerate they can and doing shows for VH1 (Monday), AOL (Tuesday), MTV (Wednesday), NBC–for SNL…and playing a record 5 songs!!! (Saturday). I would love to somehow work my way in to the Monday gig. If you have the means, PLEASE LET ME KNOW by e-mailing coldplay4eva @ themodernage.org. I’m a huge huge CP fan…so much so that I actually call them “CP” in real life.

There are loads of other people begging for Coldplay tickets (and one dude just wants to impress his girlfriend), but I’m a time-tested fan…

Here are some CP moments in my life:

APRIL 2001

CP at Brixton

Here’s a picture from the first time I ever saw Coldplay in 2001 at Brixton Academy in London. It was the last date of their UK tour. I remember I was so pissed off that year because during the start of the year Coldplay toured the US for the first time ever, playing shows at Irving and Roseland, but I was studying abroad in London at the time, so I missed all of them.

JUNE 2001

CP at Radio City

Here’s a picture of Chris signing autographs after CP’s Radio City Music Hall gig. It was the last night of their US tour. Grandaddy, the supporting act were totally drunk and throwing stuff out of their dressing room windows onto the people standing by the sidewalk.


CP at Irving Plaza

CP did a great “intimate-ish” gig at Irving Plaza. JJ72 were the openers. They did two nights. One of these nights was also the first time I met two of the boys that would go on to be Surefire.


CP at Bowery Ballroom

MAKE TRADE FAIR” pimping hits NYC for the first time. Coldplay’s amazing gig at Bowery Ballroom. Future wife Gwyneth Paltrow was in the audience, sitting in the balcony, and when Chris sang “In My Place,” he sang it in her direction. It was like Romeo and Juliet. I think everyone vomited internally. Noel and Liam Gallagher were also in the audience and were in a jovial mood. Chris did a cover of one of their songs.


Chris and Tim at Jones Beach

Awww…Chris Martin and Tim Wheeler after their Jones Beach show.

Needless to say…I love Coldplay.

Ny2LON at Bowery

The Ligers and The Hong Kong hit Bowery on May 20.