Trendrr Analysis: Does Vampire Weekend Owe Success to Sweaters?

My friend Mark just started this awesome website called, which allows you to track and graph all sorts of different data, then slice, dice, and compare your findings at will. Want to track record sales of “Consolers of the Lonely” against the frequency of “internet downloading” on Google News? Just punch in the appropriate […]

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Tomson Has a Case of the On-Camera Giggles

I couldn’t help but be bemused by the most recent commercials for the Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend episode of Saturday Night Live happening this weekend. NBC are now airing ads featuring the four New York band members standing behind Amy and an SNL cast member, but instead of watching Amy Adams, who is usually the person […]

This Just In: Jack White Is at the Bowery RIGHT NOW!

Run, don’t walk! If you want to catch a glimpse of Mr. Jack White, who is surely supporting his lady love, Karen Elson and her new band “Birds,” playing at the Bowery Ballroom right now. Who else can you spot? Funny man Paul Rudd and the crew from the STELLA television show. Why are they […]