The Deli’s Best of NYC Festival

After the Jump is pleased to have had a hand in putting together Deli Magazine’s Best of NYC Fest, taking place at various venues in New York from May 6th – May 10th.


The fest is built around the Magazine’s annual Best of NYC issue which features a ton of local bands, many whom have played past After the Jump shows. The lineup for the event is pretty stacked, tickets are now on sale, and you seriously consider joining us there. Here’s what’s going on…
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Tickets for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Secret Show @ Santos 4/12

As Brooklyn Vegan posted, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are rumored to be doing a “secret” show at Santos Party House tomorrow. The band, who are performing tonight on Saturday Night Live, have not posted anything about the show on their official site, nor have Santos.

If you choose to believe what has been written on Brooklyn Vegan, there are about a billion possible scenarios tomorrow, BUT I put a call in to some folks, and to the best of my knowledge this is what you can expect:

There will be a show tomorrow (Santos can’t officially say who is performing), and the headliner of said show will go on at 10pm. There will also be an opener band who goes on an hour before at 9pm. According to my sources the only way to get in (minus being on some super special list) will be purchasing tickets at the door tomorrow. No word just yet on how many tickets, or what the cost is per tickets but “that’s the only way to get in.”

However, if you would like some alternative options on how you can get into the YYYs show at Santos tomorrow (Easter Sunday!), here are some suggestions:

1. The Ol’ Hiding in the John. Pack a backpack full of rations and hide yourself in the bathrooms after the Apache Beat/Violens early show OR the Four Tet DJ set late show tonight (see flyer below). Pray no one finds you, and surface only after doors have opened for tomorrow night’s show:


2. Pull a Sitcom-Worthy Stunt. The BSB wrote in this option: Put on some cooking gear and a white chef’s hat. Don a crazy curly mustache and acquire an over-the-top French accent. Carry a silver plater with a food cover up to the Santos door. Tell the door people that you are there “too feed zee Yeah Yeah Yeahszz!” When they tell you that they have no idea what you are talking about, start getting aggitated. “Do you knowhh whhhooo I am!??! Look at zee band’s rider. Zee Karen O getz VERY mad if she does not get her fois-gras! Do you want to see an aggitated Karen O?!” then push your way through security.
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Younger Than Jesus @ New Museum

Last night I got to go to the opening reception of the new show at New Museum, The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.

The show is a collection of work from artists from around the world, all born around 1980. It’s definitely full of exuberant, youthful work. Sometimes it’s a little too hip for itself (especially when you see so much “hip” conceptional work gathered together like this), but overall I thought the curators did a good job of including a wealth of interesting pieces.


Some of my favorite works were two pieces on the 3rd floor, one which was an enormous rainbow gradient print that was created by built-in settings in Photoshop, and adjacent to it was another winner, this time by artist Tauba Auerbach whose photographs are beautiful abstract compositions.

A buzz-making piece was definitely one that featured a bed occupied by a paid volunteer who takes sleeping drugs so that she (all the volunteers are female) can slumber during museum hours.


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Winter Wonderland in NYC

Last week you may have noticed a gigantic snow ramp appeared on the east side of Manhattan in the East River Park and wondered what the heck was going on. Well Red Bull was throwing a radical event called “Red Bull Snowscrapers” which had 16 of the world’s best snowboarders competing for a $100,000 prize purse.

One of the riders was probably the most famous snowborder in the world right now, the man known as the Flying Tomato, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White.

We sent some brave souls over to the man-made snow world in the freezing cold this past Thursday to snap some photos of White. Here they are:

Photo by MV

Photo by J Gould

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Seriously, I can’t believe that 2009 is right around the other side of tomorrow. There are about a billion things going on in this great city of ours, but I just wanted to bring your attention to one in particular.

If you are nowhere near the homebody that I am, you might be tempted to head out to the last night of the Knitting Factory on Leonard Street in downtown Manhattan.

On NYE, the club will be celebrating the legendary space in a three floor event curated by the Akron Family with friends Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick, Megafaun and more.


Tickets are on sale now, including a limited number of tickets for the best deal in all of New York City- VIP access, open bar and three floors of incredible bands all for $100.

Diesel’s Dirty Thirty Birthday: Get Tickets to M.I.A. Performance

I was looking up some ethical shopping stuff today (I know, totally granola of me) and read that Diesel Jeans were actually produced more ethically than Calvin Klein jeans. So with that in mind, I’d like to mention that Diesel Jeans is planning what sounds like an amazing party “event” on it’s 30th birthday…on the same day in 17 different cities across the world, one of which is our very own NYC.

The location of the October 11th party is “top secret” (er.. it’s Pier 3 in DUMBO) but will feature a truly star-studded musical lineup like M.I.A. and Hot Chip… and you can get tickets by stopping by the Diesel stores in NYC, or a number of bars/record shops in the city.

Oooorrrr… you can send an email to contest @ with the subject line “DIESEL,” and your name, address, and telephone number in the email body. I’ll pick 5 people who will each receive a pair of tickets delivered at your doorstep. (Sorry, you must be 21+.) That’s right, you + M.I.A. + free food + cotton candy. Sounds rad, right? (The giveaway has ended, sorry!)

If this awesome sorta SFW video is any indication, this fiesta is going to rock:

Also on October 10th, there will be some limited edition “Dirty Thirty” jeans for sale at the Diesel store for only $50.
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