Mercury Lounge = Begging Central

Catherine’s entry from Thursday cracked me up. Yeah… I think a LOT of people were doing the same thing last night as well. Tonight the Mercury Lounge becomes “I will do anything for a ticket.. no really, ANYTHING” central. WoohOO! Ticketholders, be prepared for a lot of propositions. Let the begging begin!


Starsailor fans in Chi-town. Check ’em on the 22nd at Virgin.

Tonight in the world of drunk.. on WFUV: “1-3 AM, The World Café: Ryan Adams is David Dye’s guest on this edition of the World Cafe. Ryan, formerly of Whiskeytown, brings his full band into the studio in support of his 2nd solo album Gold. The CD is aptly named, as it is one of the best albums of last year in David’s view.”

And hold on to your emo, kids- we have to draw the Gideon-line somewhere. (Who saw the new hair?)

Did I mention this before? The Dirtbombs hit NYC March 23 at Bowery. Holly Golightly and The Greenhornes 2 days prior, March 21 at the Mercury Lounge.

These Burgers…ARE Crazy

Just 5 minutes ago, walking home from the N/R and on Astor Place, I hear some guy behind me say to the girl he was with, “These burgers…. are CRAZY.” I instantaneously cock my head around and shoot a “I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT” look… it was kind of a “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD” meets “YOU’RE CRAZY” look.

For a split second I thought about explaining how I know the Moldy Peaches’ music and that’s why I shot the look, not the “you’re insane” look… but then I just kept walking.