Trying Out Kyochon Chicken in Midtown

Yesterday I went on a spring sale-fueled “shop ’till you drop” rampage, and in the midst of the retail action, I found myself in need of a snack in midtown Manhattan. I remembered hearing that there was a new competitor to the Korean fried chicken staple Mad for Chicken — situated directly across the street — so I headed over to try to find it.

What I found was the brand spanking new, futuristic-looking Kyochon Chicken outpost. With a red and white motif Jack White would approve of, the space was slick — with a striking red glass helix staircase and milky white counter tops. They was a team of girls handing out freebies to passersby. I tried out a sample of the Soy Garlic five-piece which cost me just over $6.00.

The chicken was ready in a matter of minutes and I received a bag with a packet filled with napkins, chopsticks, a wet nap, and one plastic glove (presumably to keep my hand from getting dirty while eating). I headed upstairs to find seating, but quickly realized that the upstairs level was steaming hot (someone get the AC working up there!) so I climbed back down to the main level and sat by the window.

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Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach — Perfect Together

Last night I went to the NYPL Live event featuring a conversation between filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach. I’ll be honest, I never was huge fans of either of them before going into the talk, but now consider me among the converted.

Their two hour long talk — where they divulged some of the details of the inspiration for their collaboration on their new movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the stories behind some of their previous work — was one of the most engaging, entertaining, and absolutely fun times I’ve ever had listening to two people speak.

Untitled 0 00 03-29

Hopefully I’ll have time to write about it more, but some of the most hilarious stories included a scene witnessed by Wes Anderson during a rehearsal for a concert organized by Sheryl Crow in which estranged best friends Keith Richards and Eric Clapton had an awkward moment, and another tale in which Wes and Noah were looking through the archives of Robert Dahl and Dahl’s son revealed to them a pornographic story idea that his father had written down. (“She needs a belly full of hot c-m.”)

Afterwards I was lucky enough to attend a soiree for the Young Lions donors at the library, where Wes and Noah stopped by to mingle with guests. Of course they couldn’t even get past the door jam, but they were very nice and kind to everyone who approached them to talk.

Short little video of some tiny video clips I took:

Diesel to Throw Another Super Party in NYC

So do you remember Diesel’s last blow-out party in NYC? This time last year Diesel was celebrating their 30th Anniversary and threw this amazing circus-themed party in Brooklyn where MIA performed (pregnant!) alongside TI, Franz Ferdinand slightly bored the crowd with a seemingly 15 hour long set, and free booze and carni food was served all night long.

Sounds like it was a good time, right?

Well put on your glow-in-the dark shoes (what? you don’t have a pair) and get ready to boogie — Diesel is throwing a “Flash for Fun” party next Tuesday (Oct 27) in honor of their new line of glow-in-the dark clothing (it’s not as bad as it sounds). The location is secret (for now), but if you want in, the rules are simple:

Go to 1 Union Square West & Ask For “The Baron” From Oct 19th – 27th and pick up a bracelet that will gain you entrance into the party. Dial the number on the wristband for the location.

Oh, and it’s not as mysterious or annoying as it might sound. We got word from someone who went and did the above that the folks at the store were nice about it and apologized for all the secrecy.

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Rodarte to Be Featured at Cooper-Hewitt Museum

The work of sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s fashion label Rodarte will be featured in “Quicktake: Rodarte” at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum from Jan. 29, 2010 through March 14, 2010.

This collaboration with Kate and Laura Mulleavy will feature a selection of pieces from the Rodarte collections, as well as a special installation in the Billiard Room of the Carnegie Mansion.

Rodarte NY FW08 2-5-08

Rodarte, Fall/Winter 2008 collection. Photo: Dan Lecca
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PHOTOS: Ryan Adams and Mary-Louise Parker Talk Poetry @ NYPL Live

Some photos just for now of the nearly two hour talk that Ryan Adams did on Friday with Mary-Louise Parker at the Celeste Bartos Forum at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library for NYPL Live.



The charming twosome chatted about Ginsberg, Frederick Seidel, the mob mentality of Internet haters, Ryan’s writer’s remorse about his first book of poetry, vitamin A salad, battles with addiction and alcoholism, and much much more. Updates to come!

PHOTOS: David Ryan Adams Morrison Hotel Gallery Show

On the way home tonight I walked by David Ryan Adams‘s opening party for his solo show on auction for Housing Works at Morrison Hotel Gallery on the Bowery.



Characters with tongue-in-cheek signs stating things like “The Bowery Is for Bums, Not Art,” “Joey Ramone Is Turning Over In His Grave,” and “Not Funny Mr. Adams.” Inside, the artwork was displayed on the walls and the room was decked out with the strings of the multicolor balloons cascading from the ceiling. Buddy Jessie Malin served as auctioneer of the paintings.
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Upcoming Events: MGMT, Rushdie, and Dexter

Salman Rushdie (!!!) teams up with Dregg for a special collaboration for’s Liner Notes event on October 1st. Proceeds to to Housing Works. Tickets are $25.

There are a crap-ton of events leading up to the Season 4 premiere of Showtime’s Dexter on September 27th. Definitely have to check out la casa de Dexter at the Metropolitan Home Showtime House at 415 Greenwich St. in Tribeca, and the blood slide portrait of ol’ Dex being shown at Grand Central terminal. There are also events in LA.

Dan Deacon and MGMT are both playing free shows this coming weekend as part of Kia’s “Soul Collective”

MGMT play for free with The Drums and Amanda Blank the next weekend in Philly.