Lessons Learned at “Calling All Kids”: Dudes Love Backpacks

I stayed up past my bedtime and headed over to Audrey‘s new weekly Wednesday night party at Sapphire, “Calling All Kids”. Going to this party is like hitting a fiesta at one of your friend’s apartments, except your friend’s apartment doesn’t have a built-in bar and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling…or does it? […]

Things to See, Do, and Buy in the Next Few Days

We will now “reprezent” to all our friends and people who we haven’t slept with/slept with/sleeping with our friends/thought about sleeping with/will never sleep with/will one day accidentally sleep with/related to someone we slept with/slept next to/are fundamentally against sleeping/like sleeping with bunnies/just like social incest… THURSDAY: The Stills, FREE in Battery Park (Tickets required, […]

This Past Week In a Few Paragraphs

The week that was started off last Thursday at Le Prom de Ultragrrrl thrown by SPIN (see right). Stepping inside Rothko, we instantly felt like we stepped into indie prom heaven. Boys in penquin suits and ladies in fancy dress. The Killers provided live music, all the while decked out in formal attire. It was […]