The Night of Unexpected Crooning

Man oh man. You ever have one of those nights where at the start of the evening you have absolutely no idea how much it’s going to rock? That happened today.

I just got home from seeing Sondre Lerche play a 32+ song set list at Bowery Ballroom. THIRTY-TWO PLUS SONGS I SAID. That’s a crazy marathon set the likes of which Ryan Adams would attempt. It was over 2 hours and 10 minutes of music. Dear Jesus. The reason why 32 songs were played? Because the majority of it was a first-ever performance of the songs off of Sondre’s new album–the one he hasn’t recorded yet, but the one that he and the Faces Down are soon going to be traveling to LA to lay down tracks for. Hottt.

The new material is awesome. The upcoming album is so Sondre Lerche’s dance/disco album. For real, some of those songs could have passed for We Are Scientists.

sondre at bowery ballroom 2006, march

sondre at bowery ballroom 2006, march

He didn’t do number 31, “No One’s Gonna Come,” instead he played “Lulu” a Norwegian children’s song. He and the Faces Down also did not do a conversation between 4 Norwegians.

More over at The Oh So Quiet Show.

Prior to getting to the Bowery I went to Le One Night Stand at Hiro where I witnessed Miss Audrey sing a bunch of Gainsbourg/Birkin songs. I couldn’t believe it! I thought she might be doing one, but she did like 4 or 5. So nuts. I loved it. Move over Nouvelle Vague!

audrey at hiro

Now it’s time for me to go to sleep. I’ve been standing since 8pm.

More later…

Le One Night Stand One Year Anniversary Show

Le One Night Stand party tomorrow night at Hiro Ballroom will be the one year anniversary and a tribute to the work of Serge Gainsbourg. Three local bands will be playing Serge covers from 8 to 11pm, and afterwards is the same great French-flavored pop-rock dance party.

Check it ouuuut! Then hit up the Sondre Lerche show at Bowery Ballroom, who has recently came out and said that Copy Control is kinda stupid.

le one night stand

Celebrity Spin

Check out the Village Voice cover story about “celebrity djs” written by Ms. Tricia Romano. She explores the world of rock star picking up extra cash, keeping themselves occupied from hookers and blow, and much more. My favorite thing about this article is that it concentrates on whether or not some of these rockers are “djs” as opposed to figuring out if some of these musicians are “celebrities.”

village voice celebrity spin

Actually, speaking of DJs, check out this video of DFA-family member The Juan Maclean doing a live DJ set last week in Seattle:

WATCH: The Juan Maclean performing in Seattle

Birthday Nation

This weekend I went to so many birthday parties. The following people celebrated their annual “old-day” this weekend: Sarah, Doug, Johnny, and Niki. I know the following people are having their day of old very soon, so happy early birthday Greg, Nina, and Dan! And my birthday is next week! Hooray Aquarius!

Here’s a photo of Sarah at her “guest-list only”, packed-to-the-gills birthday party at Orchard Bar. She may or may not be writing “It’s my birthday!” on her Sidekick.

sarah birthday

The Sounds New Album Gets All MisShaped

Check it out, it’s the cover of The Sounds‘s new album, Dying to Say This To You, which has a full-on girl power feel with MisShapes’s very own Love Leigh on the cover along with gal pal Alexis. (Yes, this is 100% real. You can catch it on The Sounds’s publicity page on Big Hassle.) Some words that have been used to describe this cover have been “racktastic,” “nippleriffic,” and “boobalicious.”

The album is really fantastic. I wasn’t a fan of the first LP, but this one has really grabbed me. I remember being totally taken with the music at the Hiro show they did in November where they previewed songs off the album.

I love “Don’t Wanna Hurt You.” There is nothing better than a bunch of Swedish guys singing “Don’t wanna hurt you/ Don’t wanna foook with your feeelinnngs.” They’ve keep their signature synth sound, but add a wonderful rock edge to it, which has really toughened up the vibe of their songs. I play the album on repeat all the time. No joke. I love love LOVE it.

But my only complaint about the album is the horrendous color balancing done on the photo (see below). I am absolutely not an expert on what is exactly right in terms of color correction, but I do know that when I look at the photo, the colors look all wrong. What’s up with the blue hair? Is this an Archie comic book? Where’s Veronica Lodge when you need her?


The Sounds, Dying to Say This to You

My version:

The Sounds, Dying to Say This to You



Don’t you think that’s a slight improvement?

P.S.- Thanks to Audrey for the head’s up.

Steve and Pedro’s Last Shout!

For nearly 8 years Steve and Pedro have been spinning the baddest blend of soul, rock, and pop at their weekly night Shout! @ Bar 13. But now they have left us to head off and open a new club in their hometown of Miami.

Knowing all of this, I absolutely had to head out and soak in the last Steve and Pedro Shout! yesterday night. All the kids came out to take one last shuffle on the dancefloors.

Jeppe from Junior Senior (He’s the bigger one with the ‘stache.) hit the decks spinning a fantastic mix of hip hop and pop up on the second floor. In fact, his set was so hot that he set off the fire alarm and everyone had to evacuate the floor. True story.

Everyone was crammed onto floor one, and even if a few toes were stepped upon I think everyone had a great time. I left a little bit before 4am, right in the midst of Pedro freaking everyone out with his awesome song choices like the Rolling Stones‘ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” But according to Hightower, the last song of the night was “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison.

Let’s hear it for the boys for giving NYC so many great nights of dancing and music and wish them luck!





More photos after the jump or view the full set at Flickr.

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The Cobra Snake Merchandising

Now would be a good time for anyone with a weak stomach to STOP READING THIS POST.

Call it the return of the technicolor blog tshirts, or Revenge of the Pink Is the New Blog Tees but Mark of has taken it upon himself to make sea green and hot pink t-shirts of himself wearing a striped bikini. They are very much in the same style as the t-shirts David “Whirlwind Heat” Swanson designed for Terry Richardson.

He’s selling it for $25 plus S+H. (Which stands for “Sh-ts and Hugs”…I think.) Don’t have the Hamiltons to drop? Don’t worry, he’s also hawking buttons and stickers.

Now is it just me or do you also think that American Apparel should probably be all over this crap?

Cobra Snake tshirts

Shout! at Bar 13 Has Its Last Danceathon this Sunday

Shout! @ Bar 13 has been an insitution that has been serving people without day jobs and NYU students since 1997. But now Steve and Pedro (your Notorious Shout! DJs) are closing the book on the party and Sunday is going to be the last Shout! ever with Steve and Pedro. Don’t believe me? Read it from the horse’s mouth:

Subject:steve and pedro’s LAST SHOUT!!!

Body:believe it, it’s true!

It’s time for the next chapter in the life of the NSDJs so this Sunday will be our last Shout!.

we did want to thank you for everything. you let us get away with murder. 1 hour long sets of obscure hi-energy funk-disco instrumentals? Not forcing us to resort to the hits? Letting us get away with things like old skool hip hop in the middle of a rock set and cheesy big 80s anthems before others sank their claws into them? Outrageous! In fact, nothing short of ***miraculous***! and that’s only the last three years! it’s hard to imagine a New York City today that would let something like that happen again. We were genuinely and truly lucky and grateful that you supported us in all our craziness… since 1997!

We’re going to miss you and shout! and we’re really grateful that you let us do what we did. We will never forget it. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no next chapter! Come say goodbye to us this sunday. Come early. Dance early. Party hearty. It will be fun, it truly is our last hurrah.

x o N S D J s, aka your friends Steve and Pedro