MisShapes and Friends Make It to London Fashion Week

If you checked out the Henry Holland’s House of Holland fashion show that took place during London’s Fashion Week, you may have spied some familiar faces–one Leigh Lezark (of The MisShapes fame) and one Jackson “I’m Not JT Leroy” Pollis strutted their stuff in the show. Sadly even their best pissed off faces (see above), […]

Get On Your Dancing Shoes: The Last Misshapes Party Is this Saturday

They said these good times couldn’t last, and I guess they were right because the MisShapes are hanging up their headphones and having the last ever weekly MisShapes party at Don Hill’s this Saturday. This week marks the release of their eponymous book, MisShapes, which features pages upon pages of fashionable party people (and the […]

Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box

I just got home from celebrating Village Voice scribe Tricia Romano‘s 5th year anniversary of her “Fly Life” column at a fabulous party hosted at The Box. Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had a little bit to drink right now, and I’m drogging blunk-ish. (Isn’t that sad? My instinct is to blog–even while slightly intoxicated.) One […]

Number One Socialite Tinsley Mortimer Loves Emo?

I found this invitation to uber-socialite Tinsley Mortimer‘s New Year’s Eve party particularly confusing…she’s hosting a shindig at Japonais, but the “special guest” isn’t so other similarly fabulous socialite, nor is it a famous movie star, but rather it is none other than America’s favorite emo punk rocker, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. What […]

Am I Too Old to Completely Enjoy SPIN’s Year in Music Party?

So as you might have noticed, for the last few months I’ve been Captain Super Boring, rarely going out to see *gasp* concerts and even less frequently going to dance/club nights of my friends. On one hand that makes me feel like a bad person, on the other hand I am an old lady and […]