More Old-Timey Talk: Party Like It’s 2003

The old fogey in me loves the spirit of this email:

Ok guys. It’s time to live life in retrospect. Things were easier (and much more fun) back then. This email isn’t about your run-of-the-mill party. It’s about the gathering of friends under the umbrella of a common cause. To take back the nightlife. To have a place in the East Village that’s devoid of douche. A place where you can hear the songs you used to f-ck to. The songs you remembered as you waited on that long bathroom line. This is something to fill the void in conversation when a friend asks you “what did you do this weekend?” or “what’s there to do in New York City on a Friday night?” But you know what? F-ck it. They won’t even be asking, because the point of this new incarnation of Stolen Transmission is that it will become a given. The given that Orchard Bar once was. Your friends will be there. And everyone else will soon want to be. Let’s make this one for the diaries.


Sarah and I went to check it out yesterday. It smells like Lit circa 2003. Aka, AWESOME.

3rd street between B and C (north side of 3rd).
11 pm til 4 am every Friday (as in, starting TOMORROW).

We will have a bottle of booze in the DJ booth (and can provide the same for any afterparty entourage). We also may or may not have our own private back room. Just sayin.

Quit your bitching and see you all there.

Love, The Tarts of Pleasure (circa 2004)

MisShapes and Friends Make It to London Fashion Week

If you checked out the Henry Holland’s House of Holland fashion show that took place during London’s Fashion Week, you may have spied some familiar faces–one Leigh Lezark (of The MisShapes fame) and one Jackson “I’m Not JT Leroy” Pollis strutted their stuff in the show.

leigh lezark misshapes henry holland

Sadly even their best pissed off faces (see above), combined with the fashion forces of “It” model Agyness Deyn, and Carrot Top couldn’t save Holland’s disastrous homage to all things 80s. I think there’s a good reason why neon leopard-print spandex hasn’t made a comeback until now. Here’s a hint–it’s hideous. But the worst offense was this black blazer with mismatched colored buttons and an unflattering sheen to it. Oh, and need I mention the resurgence of shoulder pads? So simple in it’s execution of repulsiveness.

The Last Night of MisShapes: A Roundup

It’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. As the MisShapes packed up their weekly party, the New York news outlets came a-runnin’. Check out the press that was done about the last regularly-scheduled ‘Shapes and/or the book:

New York Magazine did a piece where they mainly interviewed Geo and revealed some more personal information about the trio, but in general no earth-shattering new revelations.

The New York Times takes a stab
at explaining this whole “hot nightclub party” thing to its readers. The MisShapes and friends reveal that they are looking forward to doing something “normal” on their Saturday nights–like see a movie or throw a dinner party.

The Cobra Snake took photos that speak for themselves.

In related news, Canadian MisShapers try to imitate, but unable to recreate New York M-Shapers style. I think it’s because they don’t know how to snarl properly.

The new will launch on October 1.

Get On Your Dancing Shoes: The Last Misshapes Party Is this Saturday

They said these good times couldn’t last, and I guess they were right because the MisShapes are hanging up their headphones and having the last ever weekly MisShapes party at Don Hill’s this Saturday. This week marks the release of their eponymous book, MisShapes, which features pages upon pages of fashionable party people (and the occassional celebrity) and is rapidly slinking off New York City bookshelves.

Expect to see oodles of models and decked out downtowners coming out to give a last hooray to the party that inspired gayboys and tweenistas around the world.

I’ll be the one pouring out a can of Sparks on the sidewalk outside, for all the hipsters we’ll be leaving behind. But do not fret, the parties will still go on every now and again, but just no longer on a weekly basis.

What Shandi from ANTM Is Up To…Guitar Hero

The NY Times doesn’t care if she’s modeling, all they want to hear about is how often she plays Guitar Hero. In a recent story about Guitar Hero Nights as a bar/club draw:

Others players, like Shandi Sullivan, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” and a regular at Pianos, appreciate Guitar Hero more for the experience of dressing up and performing for a live audience.

After discovering the game in April at a friend’s apartment, Ms. Sullivan started coming to Pianos every Tuesday, and she even bought a PlayStation 2 to practice with in her apartment. At the bar’s weekly Guitar Hero party, she assumes a different rock ’n’ roll alter ego each time. She has been both Pat Benatar and Elvis Presley. Given her choice, though, she still prefers to rock out to Megadeth, and the game has turned her on to contemporary heavy-metal acts like Shadows Fall.

“I can’t wait until the ’80s version comes out,” Ms. Sullivan said. “Eighties music is my life.”

nytimes shandi antm

Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box

I just got home from celebrating Village Voice scribe Tricia Romano‘s 5th year anniversary of her “Fly Life” column at a fabulous party hosted at The Box. Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had a little bit to drink right now, and I’m drogging blunk-ish. (Isn’t that sad? My instinct is to blog–even while slightly intoxicated.)

One of the many fantastic acts that performed at the party was the stunning Pierce sisters of The Pierces. They are truly two of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life–so you can imagine how I almost lost my shiz when I realized they have ANOTHER sister, who looks just like them, who was watching them from the front row of the audience.

Now I know that many a faithful Strokes fan and/or reader of this website will be familiar with The Pierces by the mere fact that sister Catherine was the lady friend of one Mr. Albert Hammond Jr. (who was on hand at the event) I too only knew them because of the Strokes association, but I do have to report that I was pleasantly surprised by how great The Pierces really were.

the pierces

Their music is unique–the have a slightly vaudevillian edge to their songs (perhaps it’s all that accordion and the fact that the girls were decked out in show-stopping flapper-inspired outfits) and their vocals are very very pretty not only in recordings, but also when performed live. When singing in harmony, their voices seem to meld as one, creating a ghostly, ethereal effect. I really enjoyed their set, and would recommend checking out their stuff.

By the time they were finished with their half hour set, the crowd was clapping up a storm, cheering for more as master of ceremonies Murray Hill took the stage again.

the pierces albert hammond jr

Other amazing acts included Julie Atlas Muz, with her unreal giant bubble act, Angie Pontani’s sexy strip tease, Mike Albo’s hilarious ditzy girl rant, and The Wau Wau Sisters schoolgirls gone wild number.

Tricia Romano’s “Fly Life” 5th Year Anniversary Party at The Box murray hill

A big “Congrats” goes out to Tricia for 5 years of representing the club kids and for throwing a great, classy party.

Check out Gawker for more commentary and lovely photos by Nikola Tamindzic.

Listen to Music to Save a Kittie

Sarah aka “Ultragrrrl” is putting on a benefit show to support two really great causes that put abused and abandoned dogs and cats with foster families. The flyer pretty much says it all:

Permanent Me, Bright Light Fever, Monty Are I, Photo Atlas, and Ollie from the Oohlas will perform. The gig is on MONDAY at The Annex for 10 dollars.

Ollie from the Oohlas performing acoustic…. Here’s what to expect:

And here’s a video by the Photo Atlas you can watch here. (Windows media/ High)

Am I Too Old to Completely Enjoy SPIN’s Year in Music Party?

So as you might have noticed, for the last few months I’ve been Captain Super Boring, rarely going out to see *gasp* concerts and even less frequently going to dance/club nights of my friends. On one hand that makes me feel like a bad person, on the other hand I am an old lady and I reserve the right to be a curmudgeon.

But this weekend I took time out of my busy schedule of blogging about Fall Out Boy/ looking up NY state B&Bs/ adding movies to my Netflix queue/ ordering holiday gifts online to head out to 1. Baby Girl’s holiday party in Westchester 2. birthday party on the Lower East Side 3. Oohla’s acoustic set at Sarah‘s apartment and on Monday, 4. SPIN’s Year in Music party at Hiro Ballroom.

Baby Girl‘s annual holiday party was a blast, as per usual. I got to hang out with lots of old friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, which is always great. Not to mention all the tasty treats that filled up my belly.

When I got back into the city, I headed to Revolver on Rivington Street for my friend Jesse‘s birthday party. It was our one last night of illegality. Things will never be the same. When her roommate (and emo uberwriter), Emily, cut up the chocolate cake, they kinda looked like birthday cake turds, but they tasted deeeelish, so whatevs.

I popped over to Casa de Ultragrrrl to try to check out the Oohlas, but as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a WALL OF PEOPLE. Sweaty sweaty hipsters, but thankfully no smoking inside. Already pooped from lack of sleep and lack of oxygen, I headed out before the Oohlas got to play. (I’m old, remember?) But Audrey stayed, so check out what she had to say about their performance.

The next day I dragged myself out of my zombie-like state and headed up up up to Hiro Ballroom for the SPIN party where Girl Talk, Cold War Kids, and Gogol Bordello played. I missed the much hyped Girl Talk dance party, but I caught like 2 1/2 songs of CWK while I discovered that there was no more free beer, much to the sadness of…well…everyone.

I’d never seen Gogol Bordello before, but the SG told me that they were one of the best/ crazy/ ridiculous live acts he’d seen. They certainly did NOT disappoint. When they came on stage, everyone ran up to be part of the fray. Even Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (and resident DJ for the night) could be seen off to the side of the stage, looking on with absolute awe/ shock of the incredible spectacle before him (above).

It was a cornucopia of crazy on and off stage. Lead singer Eugene Hutz was dressed up like a gay circus pirate, with neon green and black skin-tight striped pants, a shmata with a System of a Down patch sewn on, black tshirt, and white button down gauzy shirt with yellow smiley faces running down the front. The crowd was basically apesh-t crazy, jumping ’round herky-jerky like a bunch of pogo sticks with Tourette’s, screaming back at Eugene every chance they got. I ended up climbing on the stage to steer clear of any elbow-to-the-face related injuries and so I could take photos, so if you thought you saw me up there, yup, it was me. Several times I thought I was going to get wacked with a bass guitar/ drum/ mic stand. Luckily I did not. Simply off the wall.

Who knew gypsy punk so so spirited and bad-ss??

By the time it was over I was indeed ready to go home, although I’m sure the night continued on without me…Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to not be so damn old…

Read more about the show on