2 Nights at Santos: Hedi Slimane and Misshapes

So for the last three nights I’ve been heading to Santos Party House (aka 100 Lafayette) for some fashionable parties.

On Friday night was a V Magazine celebratory party for designer/photographer Hedi Slimane’s new book, Rock Diary where PYT and recent Slimane muse Hayes Peebles played a solo set in front of the very stylish crowd. When a young fashionista squealed out, “You’re so sexy!,” I turned around and mentioned that Peebles is still a tender 15 years old, to which the girl shook her head and moaned, “Noooo!!”

Photo courtesy of the BSB

The next night was the Misshapes.com launch party, where the dark-haired trio of Greg, Leigh, and Geordon mingled with famous faces such as M.I.A. (and her new fiance), Sophia Lamar, and Benjamin Cho as well as the regular cast of Misshapes party revelers.

Guest DJ Lightspeed Champion was there as well, and a couple of my er… well lubricated… friends took it upon themselves to give him a hefty hug and hoist in the air:


Needless to say, the party was a fantastically fun event, with both Apache Beat and These New Puritans busting eardrums with their raucous sounds, and dancing fools taking advantage of the dance floor downstairs.

Misshapes.com Relaunch Party

How could it be possible that I’ll probably end up spending the next two nights at the venue I was at last night–Santos Party House, aka “100 Lafayette” aka “Santa’s Party House”?

Misshapes is back
to attack the party scene, having their Misshapes.com release party at the bi-level venue in Chinatown. Awesome local band Apache Beat will play as well. From what I saw last night at the S Magazine party, there are GINORMOUS speakers every which way, two bars on the main floor, and a performance stage. And there were neon hoola-hoop girls… which I don’t think come with the venue.

Info for Missssssssssshapes:


MISSHAPES w/ THESE NEW PURITANS & APACHE BEAT LIVE + DJ’s Lightspeed Champion, Aggy + Jacky, Ben Cho, Spencer Product, Sean March, Dimitry!!! OPEN BAR 10pm – 12am 100 LAFAYETTE – DOOR: Thomas. 10pm – 4am. NEW SITE LAUNCH. NO COVER.

Proprietor Andrew W.K. was seen mingling with the crowd last night, so perhaps he’ll bring his party hard on Saturday night as well.

Tonight will be a party for Hedi Slimane‘s new book, Rock Diary.

MisShapes and Friends Make It to London Fashion Week

If you checked out the Henry Holland’s House of Holland fashion show that took place during London’s Fashion Week, you may have spied some familiar faces–one Leigh Lezark (of The MisShapes fame) and one Jackson “I’m Not JT Leroy” Pollis strutted their stuff in the show.

leigh lezark misshapes henry holland

Sadly even their best pissed off faces (see above), combined with the fashion forces of “It” model Agyness Deyn, and Carrot Top couldn’t save Holland’s disastrous homage to all things 80s. I think there’s a good reason why neon leopard-print spandex hasn’t made a comeback until now. Here’s a hint–it’s hideous. But the worst offense was this black blazer with mismatched colored buttons and an unflattering sheen to it. Oh, and need I mention the resurgence of shoulder pads? So simple in it’s execution of repulsiveness.

The Last Night of MisShapes: A Roundup

It’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. As the MisShapes packed up their weekly party, the New York news outlets came a-runnin’. Check out the press that was done about the last regularly-scheduled ‘Shapes and/or the book:

New York Magazine did a piece where they mainly interviewed Geo and revealed some more personal information about the trio, but in general no earth-shattering new revelations.

The New York Times takes a stab
at explaining this whole “hot nightclub party” thing to its readers. The MisShapes and friends reveal that they are looking forward to doing something “normal” on their Saturday nights–like see a movie or throw a dinner party.

The Cobra Snake took photos that speak for themselves.

In related news, Canadian MisShapers try to imitate, but unable to recreate New York M-Shapers style. I think it’s because they don’t know how to snarl properly.

The new Misshapes.com will launch on October 1.

Get On Your Dancing Shoes: The Last Misshapes Party Is this Saturday

They said these good times couldn’t last, and I guess they were right because the MisShapes are hanging up their headphones and having the last ever weekly MisShapes party at Don Hill’s this Saturday. This week marks the release of their eponymous book, MisShapes, which features pages upon pages of fashionable party people (and the occassional celebrity) and is rapidly slinking off New York City bookshelves.

Expect to see oodles of models and decked out downtowners coming out to give a last hooray to the party that inspired gayboys and tweenistas around the world.

I’ll be the one pouring out a can of Sparks on the sidewalk outside, for all the hipsters we’ll be leaving behind. But do not fret, the parties will still go on every now and again, but just no longer on a weekly basis.

This Week In Fame: MisShapes Become 2-Dimentional, Jackson Is “It”, and Matt Damon Surprisingly Fanworthy

Man, today was the day for laughing at the concept of “fame”. It’s funny when people you know become well-known. When I saw this cover of BPM with MisShapes gracing the cover, I nearly pooed myself. I couldn’t believe it! What a twilight zone experience.

The article goes on to reveal that the MisShapes are working on a graphic novel for DC Comics Vertigo imprint in addition to their MTV Book deal, and international globe-trotting. It makes no mention as to what the MisShapes will be doing in graphic form–will they be fighting against symmetrical haircuts, or become a super-powerful fashion police troupe? I kid, I kid. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it!


In other MisShape-ian news, the Village Voice‘s Tricia Romano has done a piece on the oft-described “blond MisShape”, Jackson Pollis. The kids on Oh No They Didn’t have an extended (and quite heated) debate over whether or not Jackson is “hot or not”.

And in the pure fame as humor department, listen to this Onion Podcast in which a local man is “surprised to hear himself tell Matt Damon he’s a ‘big fan’.”

To the Victor Belongs the Viktor & Rolf for H&M

A few times a year, women and gay men around New York City gather to push each other around, knock each other over, and engage in elbow-to-elbow combat–all for the sake of fashion. Recall events like the Great Barney’s Season Clearance Debacle of 2004 and the Prada Sample Sale Massacre of 2001–incidents that forever changed the history of shopping.

Today, another page in the Big Book of Fashion Combat has been written as a result of the unveiling of the Viktor & Rolf line for H&M.

People lined up outside H&Ms all around town, with fashionistas (and even a MisShape or two) staring each other down and counting down the minutes until the stores opened. As soon as the crowds were let in, items flew off the rack–with the much-coveted V&R wedding dress and the trench coat as the first pieces to go. Women hovered over H&M sales assistants as they tried to replace clothing onto the racks. Ladies would shout, “What size is that?!!?,” and then snatch it right out of the clerk’s hands.

Those that got there first horded all they could, lugging around piles of clothing in their arms as friends scoured further through the racks. Glass decorations got knocked to the floor, smashing into a thousand pieces, girls tip-toeing around the carnage as a man tried sweeping up the mess.

Those lucky enough to score items got their wares packed up in white and black Viktor & Rolf for H&M bags. Lots of people had TONS of bags filled with V&R goodies, and they waddled down the street with their spoils.

More reports on the Manhattan madness over at Radar Online, The Fashion Bomb, Fashion Wire Daily

Similar scenes of madness occurred around the country…and the world. Check out first-hand accounts at sites like Catwalk Queen, Fashion.PSFK.

Check out this hilarious scene from the V&R launch in Amsterdam:

And check out these pictures of Viktor & Rolf’s crazy Milan store.

Don’t know who Viktor & Rolf are? Get your learn on:

Musicians like Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright have performed at V&R shows.