Diesel to Throw Another Super Party in NYC

So do you remember Diesel’s last blow-out party in NYC? This time last year Diesel was celebrating their 30th Anniversary and threw this amazing circus-themed party in Brooklyn where MIA performed (pregnant!) alongside TI, Franz Ferdinand slightly bored the crowd with a seemingly 15 hour long set, and free booze and carni food was served all night long.

Sounds like it was a good time, right?

Well put on your glow-in-the dark shoes (what? you don’t have a pair) and get ready to boogie — Diesel is throwing a “Flash for Fun” party next Tuesday (Oct 27) in honor of their new line of glow-in-the dark clothing (it’s not as bad as it sounds). The location is secret (for now), but if you want in, the rules are simple:

Go to 1 Union Square West & Ask For “The Baron” From Oct 19th – 27th and pick up a bracelet that will gain you entrance into the party. Dial the number on the wristband for the location.

Oh, and it’s not as mysterious or annoying as it might sound. We got word from someone who went and did the above that the folks at the store were nice about it and apologized for all the secrecy.

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2 Nights at Santos: Hedi Slimane and Misshapes

So for the last three nights I’ve been heading to Santos Party House (aka 100 Lafayette) for some fashionable parties.

On Friday night was a V Magazine celebratory party for designer/photographer Hedi Slimane’s new book, Rock Diary where PYT and recent Slimane muse Hayes Peebles played a solo set in front of the very stylish crowd. When a young fashionista squealed out, “You’re so sexy!,” I turned around and mentioned that Peebles is still a tender 15 years old, to which the girl shook her head and moaned, “Noooo!!”

Photo courtesy of the BSB

The next night was the Misshapes.com launch party, where the dark-haired trio of Greg, Leigh, and Geordon mingled with famous faces such as M.I.A. (and her new fiance), Sophia Lamar, and Benjamin Cho as well as the regular cast of Misshapes party revelers.

Guest DJ Lightspeed Champion was there as well, and a couple of my er… well lubricated… friends took it upon themselves to give him a hefty hug and hoist in the air:


Needless to say, the party was a fantastically fun event, with both Apache Beat and These New Puritans busting eardrums with their raucous sounds, and dancing fools taking advantage of the dance floor downstairs.

Misshapes.com Relaunch Party

How could it be possible that I’ll probably end up spending the next two nights at the venue I was at last night–Santos Party House, aka “100 Lafayette” aka “Santa’s Party House”?

Misshapes is back
to attack the party scene, having their Misshapes.com release party at the bi-level venue in Chinatown. Awesome local band Apache Beat will play as well. From what I saw last night at the S Magazine party, there are GINORMOUS speakers every which way, two bars on the main floor, and a performance stage. And there were neon hoola-hoop girls… which I don’t think come with the venue.

Info for Missssssssssshapes:


MISSHAPES w/ THESE NEW PURITANS & APACHE BEAT LIVE + DJ’s Lightspeed Champion, Aggy + Jacky, Ben Cho, Spencer Product, Sean March, Dimitry!!! OPEN BAR 10pm – 12am 100 LAFAYETTE – DOOR: Thomas. 10pm – 4am. NEW SITE LAUNCH. NO COVER.

Proprietor Andrew W.K. was seen mingling with the crowd last night, so perhaps he’ll bring his party hard on Saturday night as well.

Tonight will be a party for Hedi Slimane‘s new book, Rock Diary.

House of Campari: St. Vincent

Last week was the XYZ Affair, this week the musical ante was upped with the House of Campari offering “A Night with St. Vincent” aka- Annie Clark.

She did a nice little set, comprised of songs from her debut album (“Marry Me,” “Paris Is Burning,” “Jesus Saves, I Spend,” “Your Lips Are Red,” “Now, Now” ) and her cover version of “Dig a Pony” by the Beatles.

Great little intimate set. Annie Clark is adorable!

st vincent

st vincent
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Diggnation Live Show in New York

I possibly spent my Wednesday night in the nerdiest way possible–at a taping of popular tech podcast, Diggnation starring hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Long-time listeners of the podcast will know that Diggnation often does live shows in their home state of California, but they have also taken their show on the road to places like Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. So it’s been a long time waiting for the very first New York Diggnation show, so as soon as I found out about it I knew I had to go.

Little did I know that when I arrived slightly after 6pm (when the flyer said the doors were opening) at Studio B in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, there would be a line that literally wrapped around the block. Apparently more people are interested in two dudes, a couch, and their laptops then say… your old roommate’s crappy noise rock band. Who’d’ve thunk it?

diggnation line

The fire marshal came to the venue and looked around for quite a while. The venue usually fits around 1200 people, but for some mysterious “sewage problem” reason, they only had room for 600, so literally hundreds of people (and by “people” I mean 592 dudes and me and 7 other girls) were left outside to wait and hope that they would eventually be let in.

Kevin and Alex came out to apologize, as did Digg CEO Jay Adelson. Brian Brushwood of Rev 3’s Scam School came out to perform a few of his tricks, Sarah Meyers from Pop17 got in trouble with the PR list ladies for handing her pass to one of her friends, and Digg Meet-up posters were handed out.

After the fire marshal left, the coast was clear and they let the remaining people into the venue. A little after 8:30pm, the show started and the crowd roared!


It was a lot of fun watching them tape a show live. I can’t wait to see the results!


More coverage of the sausage-fest that was: Daymoon Design, Alley Insider, The Social at cNet, APP Scout, the Analytics Guru, Style by Mary, gPowered, Toddspell, and many MANY other likeminded nerds.
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Par-tay Tonight

The Music Slut is throwing a party tonight at LES venue Club 205.

music slut

9pm Marxwall
10pm Alan Astor
dj Brad Walsh!

It’s an electronic dance extravaganza!

And to celebrate these amazing groups, we are giving away pairs of tickets to see The Long Blondes, Adam Green, The Teenagers and The Cave Singers at the party in addition to gift bags filled with all sorts of goodies!

Start Time:
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 8:00pm
Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 12:00am
Club 205
205 Chrystie St. @ Stanton